Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chapter 16: Another One Bites The Dust

I've gone over this in my head... if you feels it's missing something I apologize, but after consulting my wonderful 'editor' we both decided it's up to snuff* Hope you all enjoy!

She stood there dancing around the living room with Erin, Amanda, Vero, Kelsey and Heather. This was her third meeting with more than just one of the WAGs and she was surprised and comforted by the fact that they seemed to be such down to earth women. There hadn’t been any snide remarks, and Mel knew that she had Vee to thank for that! She hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Brooks’ ex, but had heard enough to know that she was glad the greedy little skank was gone.

Mel was seriously hoping to hook Amanda up with Brooks, but ever since that night when she and Sid were still in Philly, she and Amanda hadn’t been able to really connect aside from the occasional txt. Tonight was the first night that everyone had been able to be in the same place at once! And they were celebrating more than one thing. As they all stood around cheering and laughing Mel thought about when she had arrived earlier that evening.

“Hey ladies!!! Guess who’s going to be moving home in a we… Oh god! What’s wrong?!” Vee and Kelsey had tears in their eyes and Heather was holding Kel’s hand. Mel noticed that Erin and Amanda weren’t present. “Is it Erin and Amanda?? Did something happen?”

“No, it’s nothing bad,” Kelsey said while she wiped the tears away with her free hand. “Just, look.” Mel grabbed the paper. She skimmed over the contents. There were different percentage levels and words she didn’t understand. But she caught the words amniotic fluid, weeks along and call for ultrasound. Then she saw Kelsey’s name at the top of the paper.

“Oh holy shit, you’re pregnant!!!!! Does anyone else know yet? Does Tyler know? Ahhh…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!” She quickly, but carefully, dove onto the couch and tackled them all in a fierce hug. Kelsey just laughed as the tears started to fall again. They were all sitting there hugging when the doorbell rang and Mel heard her friends hollering through the wooden barrier. Vero yelled for them to come in and five minutes later they were already set up in the dining room.

The damn table looked like a command center for a military base and each girl had some sort of book in their hands, be it baby names, shower themes, nursery palettes, etc. Kel was fourteen weeks along and had no idea how she hadn’t realized before. But with the boys in and out so much, she’d barely had two words with TK since the playoffs started, and had just attributed no monthly visit as a side effect of stress for him. When he called right before the game, Heather had to threaten that Jordan would beat TK up if Kel told him anything.

Now, waiting for phone calls and texts, they were all relaxing in the living room. Kelsey had just run to the bathroom with a bout of late night morning sickness when her phone started vibrating on the coffee table. Heather took the initiative and answered it for her. After telling TK that she had just ran to the bathroom and that she’d have her call back, her phone rang. It started a chain reaction, and soon everyone was talking. Everyone but Amanda. Melany kept the call short, telling Sid to enjoy the celebration and get home quickly. He just laughed into the phone and promised her a fun late night or early morning romp. As she hung up, she crossed the room to where her friend was standing.

“Have you guys talked since that night?”

“Nah, I don’t even know if he remembers what happened. He was pretty wasted.”

“Maybe you should just text him and congratulate him.”

“We had crazy sex Mel, we didn’t pour our hearts out to one another and exchange phone numbers.”

“Oh… well… you should come with us to the airport! That’ll jog his memory!” She nudged Amanda’s shoulder, adding a look that screamed ‘you know you want to.’ “C’mon… do it… come with us. I refuse to take no for an answer.”

“God you’re annoying… you know that right?”

“I do. And you love me regardless!”

“True. I don’t know why I stick around with you though, you’re kind of hopeless.”

“No, I’m a hopeless romantic. And I know that when Brooks sees you his brain’s gonna go ‘click’ and he’s going to drag you off!” She didn’t tell Amanda that Sid had mentioned that Brooks wanted to see her again. That he remembered everything. And that he was pissed that she’d just left that morning without waking him. They were both in for a surprise. And Mel couldn’t wait to see how it ended. “Now, let’s get you ready chica!”

Vee had already gone upstairs to change, deciding that another dressed up welcoming party was the perfect idea. In no time at all they were ready and waiting for the txt that said they were getting ready to land. Once those messages came everyone hopped into separate cars except for Amanda, who rode with Mel, and they made a caravan to the airport parking lot. They were almost there when Amanda turned toward her.

“This is a bad idea.”

“No it’s not. Why would you think that?”

“He’s not going to remember me, and then what am I gonna do? I can’t just go home with you and Sid. Or anyone else… this is stupid!”

“Hey, have I ever led you down the wrong road before?”

“… No…”

“Then shut up, and just wait and see what happens.”

They pulled up beside Erin’s car and got out to talk with the ladies, still pouring over Kelsey’s good news. When they saw the bus coming with all the guys onboard, Mel felt Amanda grab her arm. She gave her a smile and then had to force herself not to run to the doors as Sid stepped off. He was talking to Tanger, and then looked up, a huge smile beaming from ear to ear.


“Hey woman! Why aren’t you running over here to me,” he yelled playfully. Tonight couldn’t have ended sweeter! He was so happy to be back, and when he got off the bus he felt her gaze roaming over him. Tanger elbowed him. “What?”

“She’s yelling back at you,” Tanger told him. Sid looked up and saw Melany standing there, a hand on her hip, staring at him with that fake annoyed look. He bumped fists with Kris once more before dropping his bag and jogging over to where she stood.

“Hi there stranger,” he heard her squeak out before he collected her in his arms and picked her up, spinning her around and listening to her laugh. “Put me down you fool! We need you healthy for the conference finals!” He just laughed back and placed her on her feet once again, relishing in the feel of her still pressed close to his body. He was about to kiss her senseless when he heard the yelling start. Looking up he saw Brooks towering over a blonde who was staring daggers at him. His buddy had his hands clenched in fists as he barked at the woman.

“Of course I remembered! Why wouldn’t I?

“You were shitfaced!”

“I wasn’t that drunk!”

“Oh please, you called me by her name… twice!”

“You called me by his too ya know!”

“It was a complete accident…”

“So was mine! Now, we’re gonna go talk about this!”

“There’s nothing to talk about you stupid jerk!” Sid watched as Brooks’ eyes glittered with challenge and he pulled this Amanda to him, pressing his lips to hers in a demanding kiss. No one moved. No one made a sound. Even Coach was waiting to see what happened. As Brooks pulled away it was like he noticed for that they were all here and he was in a public place.

“Tell me again that we have nothing to discuss,” he bit out as an almost challenge. Then, moving quicker than Sid had ever seen, Brooks threw her over his shoulder and stalked to his car. Sid heard Amanda cursing him to the depths of Hell for embarrassing her like this and he took a step toward his teammate. He felt a hand on his arm. Looking down he saw Melany shaking her head, biting her lip to keep from smiling too big.

“She’s fine.”

“He can’t get really…”

“No, she’s perfectly fine. Trust me. Take a closer look.”

He did. He watched Amanda’s face as she was man-handled by the big brute. She was smiling! Well, I’ll be damned! Boy, he’s gonna be in for a big surprise! He turned back to his girl, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Okay, so now that the excitement is over, let’s go home babe. He’s given me my own ideas to try out on you.” He heard Mel laugh as they started back toward the vehicle. He nodded at Flower and Vero as Melany waved at Geno and Erin. He spotted her car for the first time when they came to a stop beside it. “Why didn’t you just drive my Range Rover?”

“There’s no way I’m driving that thing right now! Could you imagine if I wrecked it or something? No one really knows about us yet… that would cause a nice big stir!”

“Okay, okay… you’re right. So can this thing get us back to the house quickly?”

“Of course,” she smiled at him. “I’ll have us back in no time.”

True to her word, she had them in the driveway in seventeen minutes. Sid had his hand on the dashboard and was staring at her with wide eyes.

“Do you drive for NASCAR on the weekends or something?!”

“Nope. I learned to drive on back country roads. And since I’ve been going back and forth between here, Flower’s and Geno’s… I’ve figured out the bends here.”

“I want to meet the person crazy enough to ride in that vehicle when you were learning.”

“That would be my mom,” she laughed out loud.

“Good. I wanted to meet her anyway,” he quipped. And he surprised himself that he truly meant it. He had learned a lot about Melany during their hotel encounter, and he wanted to meet the woman who’d raised her to be this zany, fun-loving person that he was pretty sure he was falling for.

“Hmmm, do you think you can at least wait until morning? You told me you had some idea or something.” He saw the look in her eyes as she ran one finger down his tie.

“That’s right. I do.” Sid stepped out of her car and waited patiently while Melany did the same. She stepped around toward him and he grabbed her, capturing her lips in a kiss that in no time had her melting against him. He crushed her to him, enveloping her in his arms. Sid felt his cock hardening quickly in his pants and he honestly didn’t think he would be able to make it all the way to his room.

Listening to her growl and claw at his jacket, he didn’t know if she’d make it either. But they couldn’t just rip each other’s clothes off here in the driveway… He saw the pool house to his right and took a page from Brooks’ book, tossing his girlfriend’s pliant body over his shoulder and trying to walk calmly toward the little bungalow. He didn’t see Mario & Nathalie standing at the window, nor did he see the thumbs up and laugh they let out when Mel smacked his butt.


She flipped her hair over her head and winked at the Lemieux’s before she let loose and smacked her palm flat against one of those fabulous ass cheeks. She heard Sid gasp and then growl as his grip tightened on her thighs.

“I’ll remember that Melany.”

“Oh, that’s what I’m hoping Mr. Crosby,” she replied, laughing lightly as he jostled her with each step. What she really wanted was a repeat of that morning in the shower when he lost it. And with all that energy in his system from the win tonight… hell, she could practically feel the excitement pouring off of him in waves.

As they burst through the entrance Melany felt light-headed as Sid flipped her back over to her feet before closing and locking the door. Then he took her hand and shoved her up against the wall, his hands working her jeans apart as he attacked her neck with a vengeance. She didn’t know if he took her whimper as good or bad, but he released her skin and ran his tongue over the outside of the bruise that had to be forming on her neck already. Making sure he knew she was enjoying it, she pushed his head toward her breasts, moaning as he nipped through the layers of clothing.

“Mmmm… Sidney… stop being a fucking tease.” Melany felt him chuckle as he pressed his lips back against her neck before whispering in her ear.

“You don’t like it when I tease you? Do you just want me to take you?” He reached up with one hand, taking one of hers from his head and bringing it down, holding it against his thickened length. “Is this what you want baby?” Sid closed her fingers around him and she felt him shudder. “Tell me you want me.”

“Yes, I want you.”

“Tell me what you want from me.”

“I want to feel what we felt that morning in the shower. I want your damn control to vanish and for you to take me, these hips slamming into mine as you fuck me. You get all domineering like when you’re on the ice and I just los--” Before she could finish her little taunt Sid had her spun around, her tits against the wall and his cock pressed against her ass.

“So you like it when I do things like this,” he said into her ear as he ground against her.

“Yeesss,” Mel moaned, her fingers fisting and unfisting like a cat that was being rubbed in all the right places. He must’ve noticed because the hands that were glued to her hips came up, taking her hands and linking them around his neck. She smiled, knowing why he’d done that. Now her back was bowed, her ass pushing against him more. He trailed his fingers to the hem of her shirt, shoving it up and pulling her bra down, her breasts spilling free. He roughly pawed at her flesh, all the while still grinding against her.

Melany knew that he knew the affect he had on her, but she couldn’t stop the chills that ran down her spine as Sid shoved a hand down the front of her jeans, under her panties. She heard the low chuckle.

“God, you’re so fucking wet.”

“Only for you,” she moaned as he rubbed lazy circles over her clit. “Oh, mphhh, Sid…”

“So wet,” he murmured again as he slipped two fingers in-between her folds. Melany dug her fingers into the back of his neck as she bit her lip to keep from screaming for him to just fuck her already. “Hmmm, does my little slut like this?”

Instead of being insulted at his words, she shivered again. He didn’t really think that of her, Mel knew that. She moaned again, knowing that he had felt how she’d spasmed around him when he’d said that quietly. He stopped his ministrations, leaving his hand and pushing her back against the wall again.


Sid wanted nothing more than to tear her pants off and push deep inside her sweet depths, but he had to make sure that she knew he didn’t… that he wasn’t…

“You know I don’t honestly think that about you, right?” His voice was rough with need, but he wouldn’t do this unless he was positive that she understood it wasn’t real, it wasn’t what their relationship really was.

“Of course.”

“But you want it, don’t you? You gush when I talk like that…”

“Sidney… what I want is for you to fucking fuck me!” He laughed, his face buried in her hair. He started moving his hand again, sliding back and forth of that little bundle of nerves, enjoying the gasp and then moan that escaped her lips.

“Oooo, such a good slut. So responsive to my touch. And so demanding. What do you want from me?”

“Your cock,” she whispered.

“And where do you want it?”

“Inside me,” he heard through her clenched teeth. Sid knew she was working her way toward an orgasm as she spasmed around him again, shudders racking her body. But he wanted to hear her say it.

“Inside you where?”


“Tell me where Melany.”

“”Pleaaassseee,” she moaned as she humped against his fingers.

“Be a good little slut and I’ll give it to you… just tell me.” He knew she was gonna break soon, so he used his free hand to unzip his pants. He didn’t waste time actually dropping them to the ground, just fished his throbbing hardness out, praying she gave in sooner rather than later. “Melany…”

“God, put your fucking dick in my pussy!”

Sid pulled his fingers from her pants and grasped the belt loops of her jeans with both hands, shoving them and whatever flimsy panties she had on down to her knees.

“Hands against the wall,” he ordered as he removed them from his neck. When she did as he asked Sid gripped her hips. Then, with both of them still mostly clothed, he stepped behind her, shoving himself between her slick lips. Groaning, he felt her stretching around him. “God, you are so damn tight!”

Sid lost himself inside her, relishing in the friction caused every time he moved in and out. He set a rough pace, the sound of his hips smacking against her ass a constant pattern. Knowing he wasn’t going to last nearly as long as he wanted, Sid moved one hand back to her clit, her screams and moans like music to his ears.

“Such a dirty girl, loving me just taking you here against a wall. You’ve been thinking of nothing but having me inside you since I called, haven’t you?” When she didn’t respond he pulled his hand away, smiling when he heard her moan of protest. He brought his hand down on her ass, the sound echoing through the room. Sid felt her tense and wondered if maybe he’d gone too far.

“Do it again,” he heard her whisper.

“Did you like that,” he asked, his palm making contact once again.

“Fuck yes… spank me…”

Sid’s hand rained down, peppering her right cheek repeatedly as he stared down at the red-tinged skin as he sawed in and out.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Well, that wasn’t very nasty,” she said playfully, her eyes boring into his over her shoulder. She wants nasty, I can be nasty.

“Turn the fuck back around then and we’ll see how nasty we can be.” He saw her smile as she turned back around, splaying her fingers against wall and pushing out her ass. Taking her hips in his hands, Sid thrust deep. He thought about this series, the battles that they’d gone through to take it to seven games. Then the blowout tonight. They had been a force to be reckoned with. He remembered the feeling as time had run out. All those emotions, he funneled them into his thrusts, his movements fast and hard. He could hear her babbling incoherently, her screams bringing him back to the present.

Sid could feel his release creeping up as he pistoned against her. He felt her tighten around him and he pulled Melany back against him. He jerked as his he came hard. He sunk his teeth into her shoulder a little harder than normal, using it to try and keep down her name as it poured from his lips.


That’s gonna leave a mark. Every time that Sid lost control, he got physical. And it was glorious. Not that she was in pain or anything. No, he’d never hurt her, she was sure of that. But this dominance and masculinity… it literally made her tingle with pleasure. Some day though, we’re switching places.

Even now, after the rough and tumble way he’d taken her, Sid was gently caressing the area he’d bitten. His hand moved under her shirt, the tips of his fingers rubbing over the marked skin as he brushed his lips along her jaw, apologizing repeatedly.

“Really Sid, I’m okay. Hell, that was amazing if you ask me!”

“Well, I enjoyed myself thoroughly as well…”

“Then shut up,” Melany laughed. She felt him sigh as he held her, mumbling something about hard-headed females that made her chuckle. Then, slowly, Sid retracted himself from her body and Mel had to bite her lip to keep from moaning and starting the process all over again.

Sid helped her out of her pants, his lips brushing her hip. She couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down her spine. Melany felt his breath lightly caress her as he snickered. He stuck his tongue out and traced the rigging that ran to the masts of the ship tattooed on her side. She tunneled a hand through his hair as she watched him, his fingertips moving almost reverently over the ink. Next he stood, his hands going around to undo the clasp of her bra. After pulling her shirt over her head he slip the straps of lace down her arms. She stood in front of him, feeling extremely underdressed.

“Why am I the only one naked?”

“I was just enjoying the view.”

“Well, I think you should stop ogling me and get to stripping.”

They both laughed as Melany helped him out of his suit. She smiled as Sid grabbed a blanket off the chair by the door and wrapped it around them both. He suggested they catch some sleep but she felt like she was too keyed up to crash. Five minutes later she was lying on top of him, almost passed out as he drew lazy circles across her back. She wished it could be like this all the time. But, with the conference finals looming in the distance, and the possibility of another Cup run… things were only going to get more stressed-filled.


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