Sunday, February 6, 2011


Alright loyal followers, I have settled on a title for the story!
And I have started a blog for it, with a bonus*
You'll have to go to the page to see what that bonus is!
And I hope that you guys will follow it like you did with this story!

It was so much fun to write out my Sid story!
I was proud of myself for actually following through and finishing it!

I know I said an epilogue would be coming... but I think I'm going to just end it with the chapter that I posted.
But I promise, there will be some info in this new story at some point, so you'll know if anything new happens with Sid and Mel!! And the other characters that you got to know and love*

So here you go, the page for the new story:

Hope to see a bunch of you jump on the follower train*

Rebel Heart out!