Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chapter 43: Save The Last Dance For Me

Lil' Miss QFD got back to me quicker than I expected. So here you go dear readers!
The final chapter!!


Eerrrrrr! Eerrrrrrrr! Eeerrrrrrr! Wake up babe! Is the sun shining through our windows? Did you miss me last night?

Sid read the message again. His smile was stupid. He knew that. But it refused to leave his face. Our windows. They’d been in the house how long now, and that was probably the first time he’d ever heard her use the term ours. He felt giddy. It was like the Cup day. His hands were shaking and he felt a little dizzy.

“I’m getting married today.”

It sounded good coming from his lips. He chuckled and finally dragged himself out of bed. Turning to look in the mirror, he noticed the sticky note attached to it. Bright yellow. Hard to miss. Walking over, he peeled it off and read it.

I knew you’d stretch and then look this way. Good morning Sidney. Today’s our big day, are you excited?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chapter 42: When The Lights Go Down

Sorry it took me so long ladies. I think we were all hit by the Blocker Bug recently. But I like how the beginning of this came out. And I hope you like the... other parts... hahaha!!
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Very close to the end now!


That was it. The end of an era. The end of a season.

Mel stared down as the boys all shook hands with the Canadiens. It was a tough pill to swallow. The reigning Stanley Cup Champions being brought down in the semifinals. Sure, not every team could pull off back-to-back championships… but she’d wanted to believe that her boys could do it.

As Montreal skated off the ice to celebrate their victory and the fact that they would be moving on to the conference finals, she watched as Sid skated around the defeated group. He must’ve been telling them something, because a few smiled at him. He slid around the ice until he was directly in her line of sight.