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Chapter 27: Baseball, Parades and Shopping, OH MY!

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It was harder to get out than I thought it should be!

Breakfast was a hit, and Sid didn’t do anything vengeful after Mel had left him alone with his mom to have ‘The Talk.’ But that was what worried her the most. He wasn’t getting her back right away, which meant he was planning something, and she would now have to be on her guard until he enacted whatever scheme was going around in his curly head. Which reminds me, he needs to trim that shit a little. It’s going to ‘fro out soon if he’s not careful. Then again, that would be amusing to see.

They had made it to the ballpark, did the show for the cameras and were now relaxing as the game progressed. It was the middle of the sixth inning and she was still so lost in thought that when Jordan plopped down in the seat to her right Mel nearly jumped out of her skin. Sid just chuckled on her left and she turned to glare at him.

“What’s a matter babe? Little jumpy right now?”

“Of course not,” she replied smoothly. “Just thinking.”

“Well, you should know that I don’t plan on doing anything to get back at you.” This did make her jumpy.

“You aren’t? Why don’t I believe that?”

“I decided to take the upper road this time. Be the bigger man,’ he said with a smile. She glanced warily at him but he honestly did look innocent. And not that fake innocent that he does when he’s trying to get away with something.

Jordan had reached around her to hand Sid the bag of peanuts he’d grabbed when they put up a kiss cam on the jumbo screen like they do at the Igloo. Mel was about to look up at the screen when Jordan mumbled something.

“What,” she said as she turned his way.

“I said don’t kill the messenger,” he laughed. Then the arm that was behind her hauled her close and he ducked his head and planted his lips on hers. Shocked beyond belief, Mel pushed at him as his words ran through her head. Then it hit her. Sidney. Two can play at this game.

She grabbed Staalsy, her fingers knocking off his ball cap and tunneling through his hair as she kept her lips on his. She didn’t press for anything, never opened her mouth, but she felt him tense up. Then, smacking him on the back of the head like Gibbs from NCIS, she tore her mouth away and sat back in her chair.

There was laughter and cheering all around them. Max and Geno had their phones out and were pressing buttons in what she assumed was a video message of what had just happened. Billy and Eats were just shaking their heads and laughing, and Jordan had a huge ass smile on his face. Mel peeked at Sid.

He was trying awfully hard to hide a grin. He thought that he was so sneaky, then she’d tried to throw him a curveball, and he didn’t even seem angry. Well, she had one more trick up her sleeve. Putting on her game face, Mel turned to him, but not before winking at Jordy and Max. In a quiet voice she started her acting.

“I can’t believe you’d do that Sid. Of all the low down… you could’ve chosen anything else. But no, you embarrass me in front of everyone like that. And look at Jordan, he’s so ashamed.” Please look ashamed.

They both glanced over at the blonde giant and he put his face in his hands like he was truly upset over what he’d done. Mel knew he was really just trying to hide his smile, but it would work for her ruse. She faced Sid once more.

“That was low Crosby, really low.” With that said she shoved past Jordan and started up the steps to the main level where all the vendors were. She couldn’t keep the smile from her own face as Billy suggested that he chase after her and beg for forgiveness for playing such a dirty trick. The others chimed in and she heard the telltale sigh and then scuffs as he jogged up the steps to catch up with her.


Fuck, I didn’t mean to piss her off. I thought she’d take it as a joke, as a payback. Sid followed her up the steps, watching her ass sway in her shorts. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but even dressed in his shirzee with a pair of white Bermuda shorts and flops, she looked beautiful.

At the top of the stairs she stopped and looked around as if deciding where to go, then he followed her as she stalked over to a secluded corner, more like an alcove of sorts. He caught up to her and spun her around to face him as he trapped her between the wall and his body.

Sid peered down at her, preparing to apologize but he stopped. She was smiling. She was…

“Oh sonofabitch… you aren’t mad at all.”

“I’m not mad at all.” She was still smiling. “How about we call a truce? I left you with your mom, you had Staalsy kiss me. We’re even. Deal?”

She was holding out two fingers in a unanimous sign of ‘truce’ but he just shook his head and stepped closer to her, pushing her hand out of the way so he could press against her.

“I’ll only seal the deal with a kiss.”

“I just kissed your teammate, you dork. Do you really want to kiss Jordan?!”

Sid just laughed and stuck his hand in her pocket, fishing around for the Chap Stick that he knew she always carried. When he heard Mel gasp he smiled. Then he grasped the little tube and pulled his hand out, bringing it between their faces.

“Here, one quick cover and I’ll be satisfied. Unless you were slippin’ him some tongue… in which case, I think you should be punished.” As he said the last part he watched her eyes widen slightly. A blush crept up her cheeks and he knew she was remembering the night in the hotel.

Mel grabbed the tube and tugged the cap off, sliding the Chap Stick over her lips before placing it back in her pocket. Sid pushed her against the wall and held her head gently.

“Now, I’ll make that truce,” he said as he bent down and touched his lips to hers. He heard her sigh right before contact and then, as his tongue swept into her mouth he collected the moan that came from her throat.

He growled as she sucked on his tongue, her arms winding around his neck. They stayed like that for what felt like hours, their tongues dueling, they’re lips moving over one another’s. He could’ve kissed her for eternity. But a tap on his shoulder brought the real world back into perspective. Sid looked over his shoulder to find a Jordan standing there.

“No, you cannot kiss her again.” Staalsy laughed and put his hands out in a gesture of ‘no, no’ and the three of them laughed.

“Coach says that if we want to avoid the crowd we should leave now. And unless you want to be mobbed by a huge group of people, I suggest we take him up on the offer. The rest of the group already started out, but I figured someone should come try and find you two.”

“Thanks Jordan. You’re such a sweetheart,” Mel told him. Sid looked at her and caught the conspiratorial wink she threw at the giant. He just made a tsk, tsk noise and wrapped an arm around her.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m a big ol’ softy. Let’s not tell everyone though… ok? Max already tried to get me in trouble with Heather. I’m going to kill him.”

They all wandered out of the ballpark, meeting up with the rest of the group at the big bus that they had brought. Once they were back at Mellon Arena, Sid held the door open as Mel climbed into his car and they drove back to Mario’s to get ready for the parade the next day.


Mel met up with Vero and Kelsey in the player’s lot. The sun was already out and it was going to get hot as the day wore on. With Kel being almost five months along now, she was so not amused at the thought of sitting in the bed of a truck while the sun beat down on her. Tyler had brought along the umbrella from his patio though, and the guys rigged it up so that she could relax beneath it while the parade made its way through the streets.

Erin was talking with Geno’s parents and trying to explain how everyone was excited to see them as well, and not just their son. It was an amusing conversation to watch, filled with hand gestures and frustrated expressions on all the faces. Finally she grabbed Gonch and dragged him over to help. In no time at all everyone was smiling again and Geno’s mom was patting Erin’s cheek after she’d smacked Geno in the back of the head for not helping with the confusion.

Mel watched the exchange and smiled, happy that for once everything was going right. Amanda and Brooks showed up with about five minutes to spare, looking like they just woke up. Thank god someone had thought to bring extra jerseys since Brooks had actually forgotten his. Manda just smiled sheepishly, adding a ‘my bad, but it was totally his fault’ comment that had their little group laughing.

They were all getting ready finally when Sid came up behind her, his arms around her waist, his head on her shoulder. She could smell his cologne, feel his chin gently digging into her flesh. She’d opted for a halter top like V and just the feel of his skin against hers was enough to make her sigh. There was a Stanley Cup Champions shirt waiting to be tossed over top what she had on, but Mel refused to put it on and get hot until it was absolutely necessary.

“Tonight we don’t have any obligations. No parties, games, interviews… nothing. How about we just watch a movie and pass out together in bed?”

“It’s a date babe! Now, let’s get this show on the road so that we can’t get home and work on that relaxing. Oooo, and we can hang out by the pool for awhile!” She heard him groan.

“No pool, I can’t take it!”

“Why are you being a little whiner?”

“Because if we go to the pool…”


“You’ll have on nothing but that silver bikini. And I won’t be able to think straight. And I’ll probably drown!” He’s so dramatic. She smiled and glanced around for Max. When she finally saw him talking with Duper and Tanger, she called out his name.

“MAX! Come here!”

Max came jogging over in his man capris and shades, asking in a rather scratchy voice what he could help her with. When she questioned him about the voice he just coughed out a laugh.

“It’s nothing. Just too much partying and alcohol! Now, what can I do for you?”

“Don’t you think that Sid and I should do a little lounging at the pool before we veg out in front of the TV?” Sid was still behind her, his arms still linked around her middle and she could feel him shaking his head no.

“Are you going to wear the silver thing?”

“Yes. It’s my bathing suit, what else would I wear??”

“In that case… no, you’ll probably kill him…”

Mel wrenched herself free of Sid’s arms and threw her arms in the air with a disgusted sigh as she walked off in search of Vero again. She found her friend standing beside the truck they would be riding in, along with Flower and Sid’s parents. The two talked about random things until it was time to go and Sid was standing beside her once again.

“So, small pool party after the parade?”

“Oh, you don’t want to see me in my suit on your own… But a group of people seeing me in it is fine?”

“I’ll have to behave myself if there are other people around.”

“Pfft, didn’t stop you the other night,” she scoffed. She heard V snicker as she eavesdropped on the conversation. Then she made an ‘I’ll keep quiet’ gesture and hopped in the bed of the truck.

“Get in the truck and be good and I’ll do that thing you like with my tongue later tonight,” he whispered in her ear. Mel practically dove into the bed, sitting down next to Vero and smiling hugely as she pulled the t-shirt over her head.

“What did he… never mind. Forget I asked!”


Sid was the last to climb up into the truck. He heard Vero asking Mel what he’d said to get her up there so quickly. Then they both laughed and he smiled as the parade got underway. He and Marc were in the final vehicle in the long line of people.

Geno was in the car in front of them, the Conn Smythe trophy nestled on the roof of the vehicle. The guys were sprinkled throughout the caravan and as they moved along he chuckled when Billy jumped out of the car he was in and started running down the street high-fiving people.

It started a chain reaction and it seemed like half the team was running around. They were slapping hands with fans, taking pictures, just being goofballs. And they deserved it. They’d earned it. All of them. Marc turned to him, breaking through the thoughts in his head.

“Don’ you wish we could go join them?”

“I do, but you know if we do that… we’re going to get mugged! There’s no way. I can’t believe Max hasn’t been pulled aside by some crazy fan yet!”

“Well, once we get round the bend… if it’s not too bad… “

“I like the way you think Flower. We’ll hop out too.” They smiled at one another and then Sid caught Mel’s eye, giving her a wink while standing up as they prepared to turn and head down the main street. He felt light-headed the moment he noticed the fans. They. Were. Everywhere.

Thousands of people were lining the street. He sat back down beside his friend as Marc practically choked on the water he was taking a drink of. He heard the whispered ‘sacrebleu’ and dropped his own ‘fuck me’ as his eyes took in the immensity of the crowd surrounding them. Inside the parking decks they were three-deep at least, the sidewalks were crammed and the rows in the side streets had him completely amazed.

“I can’t… can you believe… look at all those… Jesus.”

“Mon ami, we cannot get out of this vehicle,” came Flower’s hushed and frantic whisper. Sid just nodded as he smiled blankly. He was glad he had his sunglasses on, because he was sure he had that ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look right now. Mel moved over and grabbed his hand.

“Breathe babe. Can’t have you fainting on us all today.” He glanced down at her and was so choked up. All these people had backed them during the season. Okay, sure, there was a chunk who just wanted to come here now that they’d brought home the trophy… but for the most part, these were their fans.

“It’s just crazy.”

“This is what it means to be a champion. You guys have brought the Cup back to Pittsburgh. Everyone just wants to show their appreciation.”

Sid smiled at her, leaning down to place a kiss to her forehead, smiling when he heard her happy sigh. They were going to go shopping after this, get some new clothes for Mexico. She insisted that she had everything she’d ever need, but he was so happy right now. He wanted to spoil her. And seeing her in bright, colorful things that he helped pick out would definitely appeal to him.

“Shopping after speeches?”

“I told you, I don’t ne--”

“Love me?”


“Then shut up and let me spoil you for once.”

“I’m just not comfort--” Sid pulled her chin up and placed a kiss to her lips. He licked the cherry lipgloss off her mouth for a moment and then released her, his forehead against hers.

“Shut up. You will try on outfits, you will let me buy a few of them and you will like it. And we’ll probably grab a smoothie, which I will pay for. Okay?” He stared at her, his eyes practically glaring at hers. He didn’t move until he felt her nodding her head.


That man is too pushy. Good thing I kind of like him. Mel smiled to herself. She didn’t just kind of like him, she wanted to marry him and have his babies and… WHOA! Stop that right now! You’ll freak out yourself and him. She was caught up in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her knee. Turning, she smiled at Trina who’d scooted over beside her.

“Just let him do this.”

“I just… I’m not used to people taking care of me.”

“It’s not like he’s buying you a car dear. Besides, he’s paying for Mexico.”

“No he’s not! I refuse to let him. If that’s what he thinks…”

“None of us expect anything different. Melany, you’re his girlfriend.”

“Exactly. I’m my own person, I’m not his. I mean, I’m his, but I don’t want him to spend all this money on me. That’s not why I’m dating him!”

“Oh please, I know that! Everyone knows that! You’re the most refreshing thing that’s happened to him recently. Now, let him spend a little of that money he’s got, it’s not like he’s doing anything with it.”

Mel looked up at Sid. He had moved back beside Flower and they were giggling like a couple of girls. Marc was holding onto Vero’s hand and Troy and Taylor were propped against the side of the truck. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the party. They were about to go up on the stage and as they hopped out of the bed, she took her spot on the side of Trina.

“He’s going to fight me about it if I tell him I’m paying my portion isn’t he,” she whispered to his mom as Paul Stiegerwald started talking. Trina just glanced her way with that patented ‘what-do-you-think’ look that all moms had. Mel sighed and dropped her head.

“Listen dear. Enjoy the parade. Talk to him about it if you feel it’s necessary. But honestly, it’s not a big deal. I bet you even Troy would agree with me.” She brought a hand up and rubbed Mel’s shoulder for a second.

“Troy… TROY…” Sid’s dad turned at her stage whisper and laughed.

“Yes Miss Melany?”

“Do you… what do you think of Sid trying to spend money on me?”

“Is this a trick question,” he asked, laughing again. Looking at her, he sobered up at the serious look on her face.

“Of course not.”

“Melany, is this about the conversation in the truck?” She nodded meekly. “For the love of… yes I agree with him. I’ve come to the dark side and I kind of like having you around. I’m sure that we’ll have disagreements. But this, pay him back later if it bothers you, but men like to spoil their women from time to time you know.”

Mel let out a laugh as Trina elbowed him, mumbling about how they like flowers and things sometimes too. Taylor made a gagging noise before giggling as her dad pulled her into a hug. They were all right, which was something she didn’t think she’d say about Troy.

“Fine. Sid’s paying. I still don’t like it,” she grumbled. Troy leaned in close and pulled his sunglasses down some so he could look her in the eye.

“Buy him something in return then,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “If you can think of something that he couldn’t buy himself.”

“Oh, you’re going to give me grief for as long as we’re together, aren’t you?”

“Someone’s gotta keep you in line and on your toes.” They both smiled at one another and Trina clicked her tongue as she shook her head at both of them. Then she smiled ruefully.

“You two be good.”


They both laughed as the innocent question came out together. Trina shook her head again and pulled her husband up on the stage as Stieggy asked for them to come up and drink from the Cup like Geno’s parents had just done.


After some of the guys talked into the mic and ‘We Are The Champions’ had been played a few times, Sid grabbed Mel and pulled her onto the buses that would take them back to the arena. He wanted to get to the mall before it got any later. Not that they didn’t have a couple days to shop… he just wanted her all to himself for awhile.

They were riding in his car, silent for the first time since the Cup had made it to Pittsburgh from Detroit. He reached over and took hold of her hand.

“Okay… so, now that you’ve agreed to this shopping spree… what are you planning on buying me?”

He bit his cheek to keep from smiling when he heard her gasp. He hadn’t been sure at first, but that response… he knew now that she was going to try and get him something in return for all of this.

“I-I’m not… ugh. You’re the suck. I can’t get anything past you, can I?”

“No, but you’re welcome to try. Besides, what did you think you’d get me that I don’t already have?”

“I’ll think of something mister, you just wait and see.”

Sid threw his head back and laughed at the look on her face. She was so adorable. Of course, now she was glaring at him… Crap.

“Babe… I’m not laughing at you. Come on, we’re here now.” He turned off the car and slid out of it, running around to open Mel’s door. She was still sort of glaring at him, both arms crossed over her chest. A chest that was now on display thanks to only the halter top she was once again wearing. Sid licked his lips, practically drooling at the flesh that she was putting on display.

“Sid?! Are you listening to m—Sidney! Stop staring at my boobs!”

“I wasn’t!”

“Why, you little… Come here!” He let out a little shriek as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him close. He gulped as she ran one finger down his cheek. “Want a better look baby?”

“You’re evil. And I love it. Now, come find something sexy to torture me with in Me-hee-co. And I’ll get reacquainted with that lovely chest of yours later.”

She growled and leaned forward, biting gently on his lower lip. Then she was walking beside him as they perused the hangers in several stores. He talked her into several outfits, a couple more bathing suits and had to restrain himself as she modeled some new lingerie.

He figured the tightening in his groin was fair and sat there gripping the chair when she came over in a black satin teddy that shimmered in the dressing room lighting. Thank god for private dressing rooms. He had pulled the chair into her room when she’d moved onto the sexier stuff.

“Do you like this one?”

“M’hmm.” It was the only thing he could muster out of his mouth.

“Do you like it more than the blue one?” Oh god, the blue one.

“It’s… Ahhh… more clingy than the blue one.”

“True, at least I could fit panties on under that one. This one’s a little too snug don’t you think?” She turned and bent over a little. Sid could see there were no lines and hardened at the thought of her not wearing any underwear right now.

“So, you… ummm… you couldn’t wear the matching panties?”

“Nope. Do you think it’s alright without them? I mean, it’s a lot smoother this way I think. Right?” She grabbed his hand and ran it over her butt. He clutched her cheek and heard her let out a soft moan. He groaned as well. I’ll show her.

“Let me see. I think I like it better. Hold on.”

Sid shot out of the chair and pulled her ass against him. One hand stayed on her hip, but the other went up to one of her breasts, encased in a tiny amount of satin. Hearing her gasp, he palmed the fleshy mound while grinding against her.

“Yeah,” he whispered in her ear. “This one is better, I can feel your nipple harden through the fabric. Oh, but the fabric wrinkles easier.” He tweaked her nipple as he looked in the mirror. “See, it’s all crinkled up from that little touch.”

The saleslady took that moment to knock on the door.

“Do you need any other sizes or colors? Anything I can get you?” He whispered for her to answer nicely, then chuckled as Mel had to clear her throat a couple times before she found her voice.

“No thank you. I’m almost done in he-here.” His teeth sunk into her shoulder as his palm pushed gently against her pussy through the material of the teddy.

“Okay, well you just let me know if I can find you anything else. Did Mr. Crosby leave you to fend for yourself?”

Sid slipped his hand under her skirt and pushed one finger between her soaking lips. He pushed inside her, feeling how wet she was. He could feel her knees quake as he began thrusting slowly in and out.

“H-he,” she cleared her throat again. “He did actually. Something about leaving me to fend for myself while he went to look at video games. Something for him to toy wi-with.” And he did toy with her. First he added another finger, smiling as she clutched the arm he’d thrown around her waist. Then he used his thumb, pressing against her little button and hearing her throat catch.

“Men,” the lady laughed through the door. “Well, like I said, if you need anything, just hit the buzzer by your door.”

“Th-thank you.” Sid heard the footsteps as the clerk walked away. He pulled his fingers out, flipped the material up and undid the zipper of his shorts. He grunted as he pulled his aching cock out and thrust into her depths with a groan.


“Bend over babe.”

Mel felt the breath leave her slowly as Sid thrust into her a few times. As she bent over and put her hands against the mirror, Sid grabbed her hips. His thrusts were brutal, the tempo fast. He was like an animal and Mel bent her knees a little more, relishing in the pleasure as she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Ah, ah, ah. Open those eyes for me,” he murmured.

She did as he requested and bit her lip at the pure desire that was written across his face. His eyes were intense and there was a muscle in his neck that was bulging as he pushed inside her again. His fingers dug into her skin and Mel arched her back, placing a hand on his hip to steady him.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight in Mexico. I don’t even know if I’ll let you out of the room. I just want to stay buried inside you the entire trip.”

“Gah! Sid, fuck! You feel so big!”

“Shhhh! I’m supposed to be checking out video games,” he whispered harshly.

There was no way she could remember to be quiet. Public place or no, he was hitting all the right spots, the lights were flashing behind her eyes and she wanted nothing more than to scream out his name. Knowing how bad that would be was the only thing stopping her though, so instead, she bit her lower lip until she felt blood.

Sid was pistoning in and out harder and her legs were getting sore from the ninety degree position she was currently in. He didn’t seem to be letting up though and Mel almost fell as his hand slid down to play with her clit. The breath whooshed out of her lungs and she turned, staring at him as she whispered to him.

“Motherfuck… I’m going to… harder Sid… oh god!”

She felt her muscles convulsing around him and bit on her lip again in order to try and keep from calling attention to them. But he was perfect. Her fingers clawed at the glass but she couldn’t grasp anything. As her upper body slid down farther it changed the angle he entered her with and a brand new flow of sensations hit her.

Her body trembled as she stayed caught up in the feelings. Mel heard Sid groan as his fingers clenched into fists in the skin at her hips. He thrust a few more times before she felt his release deep inside. The little jerks that passed through him as he came inside her in the climax of their quickie aroused her even more, drawing a strangled breath from her throat.

“You are going to be the death of me Melany.” He sounded completely exhausted and she bent her arm against the mirror, leaning her head against it.

“Right back at ya babe,” she told him with a shaky breath. Sid just blew out a laugh as he pulled himself away from her spent body and she shivered as she felt each ridge and vein slide out of her. Mel heard him zip up his shorts again and cursed him for being able to just zip up and be done.

He didn’t have to worry about the cum running down his thighs, the mixture of their juices that would do nothing but pool in her panties and feel incredibly uncomfortable until she could change. If she could throw on her clothes quickly and get to a bathroom maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.

Sid took her arm and pulled her up, the material falling back over her ass, and held her against him as his lips sought out hers. The kiss was heavenly. He poured his heart into it and she forgot about wanting to find a bathroom. In fact, she forgot about everything as Sid pushed her back against the wall, his hands running through her hair, bunching it up as his tongue slid over hers.

He mimicked the movements he’d just performed on her pussy, and one hand roamed, groping her breast and moving down to play with her sensitive areas once more. Mel jerked against him and she ran kisses from his lips down his jaw, nipping at his chin and sucking for a second on his neck, feeling his pulse throb as he massaged her tortured flesh.

“You’re a mess you know.”

“You seem to forget sometimes to wear a goddamn condom.”

“You’re on the pill,” he said matter-of-factly.

“This is true, but it would keep me from being ‘such a mess’ after you’ve had your way with me.” Sid just smiled and pulled a napkin out of his pocket from the smoothie joint. He gently ran it over her folds a couple times before folding it and placing it back in his pocket.

“Give me some credit. I helped clean up the mess I made,” he smirked. Mel felt like poking him in the eye. He helped her get dressed and then let her walk out of the dressing room first with her pile of purchases. She didn’t watch for him, just headed straight to the checkout. The girl had just started ringing up her things when she felt Sid wrap his arms around her and press a kiss to the spot behind her ear.

“I’ve decided I will let you spoil me for the day babe.”

“Great,” he purred in her ear. “Please tell me you’re getting the black one.”

“Of course, you said you liked that one… when I pulled it off the rack…”

Mel watched the cashier smile to herself as she rung up the items. She was just about finished when she let out a sigh.

“Oh no! It looks like there’s something on this one.” The woman held up the black teddy. “Somehow it got wet here and there’s a rip in the seam. Let me go find you a new one.” She started to walk away but Mel heard Sid chuckle in her ear.

“It’s okay ma’am. It’s not going to last on her long anyway.”

“Are you sure? I’m betting we have one that doesn’t look like it’s been used already. In a dressing room. By two very passionate, young people.” Mel buried her face in her hands with a groan and heard Sid laugh out loud this time.

“I’m positive. This one’s special. And I’m sure you were mistaken,” he said as he put his credit card on the counter. Mel looked down and saw two hundred dollar bills under it. Does he really think that a bribe will stop her from blabbing to everyone that she heard Sidney Crosby get it on in a dressing room?!

“Oh, I’m betting I was mistaken as well sir, and I don’t need that to keep me from thinking anything else. Huge Pens fan, but not a big gossip gal. Besides, I’ve watched the two of you together, and you didn’t do anything different from any other couple in love. Besides, who would believe me?”

She smiled at the two of them and handed Mel her bag of clothes. She managed to squeak out a ‘thank you’ before turning and walking toward the door. The woman called out to them one last time before they reached the doorway.

“Could I ask one favor though?”

“Anything,” Mel heard Sid reply.

“Would you autograph a piece of paper for my son? He’s eleven and would possibly love me forever. I’m not asking as a bribe or anything. Just as a fan!”

“Sure! I have a better idea. Hold on.” Mel watched him disappear around the corner and just shrugged her shoulders at the clerk. He was back two minutes later with a couple shirzees with his name and number on them. “What size?”

“Oh… ummm, medium would be fine. I doubt he’ll actually wear it, but that would fit him fine. You don’t have to do that though! Really, a paper wou--”

“Trust me,” Mel laughed, “You won’t win an argument against him. I’ve been trying that all day. He’s very stubborn. What’s your son’s name?”

“Marcus. He’s a fan of the sport. Actually a really big Staal fan. Not that he doesn’t like you Sid!” They all got a good laugh out of that and Sid promised to tell Jordan that he’d found someone who actually thought he was a good player. Mel watched him scribble a personal note onto the 8 of the shirt and then sign beneath it.

That was something she never got tired of. Every time he did something like this, or stopped to sign for a fan, she fell in love with him a little bit more. He was such a great guy to those who looked up to him. After handing Bonny the shirt, she’d learned the name while the woman gushed about her son and his love for hockey and baseball, Mel put her hand in Sid’s and they walked out to the car.

“Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?”

“You have. And have I ever told you how much I’m in love with you?”

“Hmmmm, I don’t think so.”



“I swear to god, when we get home... I’m tossing you in the pool.”

She just laughed and turned on the radio, finding some country music to listen to. Martina McBride was singing ‘I Just Call You Mine’ and Mel felt her heart practically burst at the perfection of that song. It was exactly how she felt about Sid. Leaning over, she placed her head on his shoulder as her arm leaned on the center console of his car.

“I love you Sid.”

“I love you.”

“Can I call you mine?”

“As long as I can call you mine.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said and then relaxed against him as they drove back to Mario’s.

Two days later they were sitting in their seats after boarding their flight to Mexico to meet up with their group. Sid had put his arm around her and Mel had curled into his arm and closed her eyes as she breathed in his scent.

“Mine,” she whispered as she drifted to sleep. She didn’t see the smile bloom on Sid’s face.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Chapter 26: The Start of Something New

Sid smiled as he opened his eyes. In his mind Melany was curled up beside him, the smooth skin of her back pressed against his chest. He couldn’t wait to pick her up later this morning. Tightening his hold on the pillow that made him think of her, he gasped when the pillow squeaked. What the fuck?!

“Mmmm, I see you’re finally awake,” came a melodic voice. Sid jerked back, blinking in surprise.

“What are you doin here?”

“What kind of ‘good morning’ is that??”

“Well, I’m kind of in shock here!”

“Really, I couldn’t tell. I thought you’d been a little lucid last night when I came in. I guess not. Should’ve known the guys got you too smashed. You don’t remember anything that happened?”

Sid sat up and rubbed his eyes, trying to recall what happened. He remembered coming home and holding the Cup from the window at the bar on the South Side. There was a lot of alcohol, and they hadn’t really eaten anything… He remembered getting hit on and laughing it off. And he knew he’d sent the one off to find Max, and then drinking some more. But this, this he did NOT remember.

“I remember Max giving me a key and telling me to come crash at his place. And I remember setting my phone to go off so I’d have plenty of time to get to the airport… what I don’t remember is how you got here.” And he was being honest. He’d never blacked out like this…

“How do you think you got to Max’s house? You were swaying and stumbling like crazy. I took the key and helped you. I’m pretty sure we’re in his bed actually.”

Sid glanced around the room. No, we made it to the spare bedroom. He stared at the woman in front of him once more. How could he not remember?!

“Did we… I’m sorry, but did we have sex?”

“Ha… no, I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that! I’m not a completely crazy person. Besides, I’d rather have you with it when we do that. It just wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t remember it,” she purred as she crawled on top of him.

Sid closed his eyes as she began to grind against him. He could feel the pointed tips of her breasts rubbing against his chest, feel her legs on either side of his lap. They were both completely naked and he knew she could feel the effect she had on him. He could also feel his stomach churning. Not good, I can’t do this.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this right now,” he said even as his hands kneaded her ass. She just laughed and bent down to lick the line of his jaw. He shuddered. He heard her tinkling laugh and squeezed his eye shut tight. I shouldn’t be doing this.

“Don’t you want to feel me all wet and tight around you though? We didn’t get to have any fun when you passed out.”

“Fuck… I’m going to be sick…” He shoved her off of him, not caring that she bounced onto the mattress and almost fell to the floor. Sid jumped off the bed and sprinted to the adjoining bathroom. Making it just in time, he shoved his head almost inside the bowl of the toilet as his liquid dinner and dessert came back up.

After it all came back up Sid rested his head sideways on the seat. He shivered as his insides clenched a few times and he lost it again, dry heaving and feeling like his life was going to end. He groaned and back away once more, flushing the toilet, his muscles wanting to give way.

He felt a cool cloth against his cheek, his forehead, the back of his neck. Then a hand gently rubbed between his shoulders, the movements lulling him into a sense of calm. A glass of water was placed in his hand and those fingers ran through his hair, pulling the bed head out of his eyes. He looked up and tried to smile. “Yeah yeah,” she smirked. “You’re lucky I love you Crosby, or you would be in here all by yourself!”


Mel helped him up, feeling him lean against her as they slowly walked back to the bed. She pulled back the covers and helped him in.

“I’m gonna go grab something for your tummy okay?” She heard him snort the word ‘tummy’ but he nodded. Then he grimaced and she made a mental note to grab some painkillers of some sort. Throwing on his boxers and the t-shirt he’d worn last night, Mel slipped out of the room and made her way down the stairs to Max’s kitchen.

She was rummaging through his cabinet when someone behind her cleared their throat. Jumping, she whirled around and smiled sheepishly. Max was standing in the doorway with an eyebrow cocked, a towel wrapped around his hips.

“Do you have any crackers Max? Oooo, and Tylenol or something?”

“The Kid sick?”

“Yeah, he is… what did you guys give him before the girls and I got there??”

“Jack… a lot of Jack… Here, let me.” He reached behind her and flipped open a cabinet, grabbing a box. “If you want. There’s ginger ale in the fridge.” They worked together to grab the few products before walking up the stairs. She opened the door and found Sid propped against the headboard, his head in his hands.

“Hey baby, I found something to help.” He looked up and snorted before wincing.

“I don’t think a towel-dried, hairy man is going to help…”

Max chuckled and set the pills on the table. He told them to make themselves comfortable for awhile. They weren’t doing anything until the party at the Lemieux house tonight. Then he was walking out the door, pulling off the towel before he closed it behind his… behind.

“I’m scarred for life Sid.”

“I’m so used to it, I’m not phased.” She talked him into some of the saltines and the pills before they curled up in bed. She fell asleep tucked against him. They woke up a few hours later and managed to make it back to Mario’s with plenty of time before the shindig was set to kick off. Mel had gone shopping with the girls in Detroit, finding an extremely cute bathing suit in hopes that there would be a celebration to wear it.

She got ready quickly, just smearing on a light layer of cherry lip gloss and twisting her damp hair into a messy knot. Pulling a canary sundress over her head quickly, Mel bounded down the stairs to see what she could help with. Nathalie smiled appreciatively and had her taking trays in and out of the kitchen to place all around for when everyone started showing up.

The celebration was so much fun. All of the guys were in the pool in the beginning, hoisting the cup in a group photo and laughing and just enjoying themselves. It was so nice to see them all carefree and fun. The stress of the past couple months had seemed to add years to them, but now they all looked to be teenagers again. It was dark before Mel really got any private time with Sid. She found him lounging in a chair, his knee propped up.

“Is it starting to hurt?”

“Somewhat. Nothing a little dip in the hot tub wouldn’t hurt,” he said with a smile. Mel saw the sparkle in his eye and wondered if he was thinking what she was thinking. Holding out her hand, Sid pulled himself up and they walked toward the pool house. They both glanced back at the party when they reached the door and laughed as Gill threw Flower into the air. The goalie tucked himself into a ball before he reached the surface and the splash he made amazed Mel, considering he was the size of a twig.


“Do you think anyone else will get this idea? We could have a couple visitors you know.”

Sid just smiled languidly as he flipped the lock on the door. There was no way he would let anything come between him and the soft curves in front of him. For the next two months he planned on spending as much time inside her as he could. Staring into her eyes, Sid stepped toward her.

“No worries, I locked the door and there’s no other entrance. It will probably get kind of hot in here with the door shut though.”

“I’m on fire already, I don’t think I can get much hotter.” He didn’t know if she meant it as a challenge or not but suddenly he was standing in front of her and his hands were reaching up to take her hair out of her ponytail. Then he was fisting his fingers through the tresses as his lips crashed over hers.

Hearing Mel moan almost instantly brought him to attention. Her hands were moving over his skin and as she trailed them down his torso Sid pulled his mouth from hers.

“You have… too many… clothes… on,” he panted between kisses. She laughed and let go of him before whipping the dress over her head. He looked down and chuckled as he took in the shiny silver suit. As much as he wanted to admire her purchase, Sid pulled the strings at her neck and watched the material fall, her breasts spilling free. Leaning down he attached his lips to one, sucking hard and drawing a moan from her lips.

“I thought we were going to take a dip in the hot tub,” Mel said in-between gasps. Shit, really… I thought that she was… ugh. Taking his hands away from the ties around her neck, Sid stepped back and then rummaged over by the edge of the tub,. He flicked open the control panel and started the jets. Holding out his hand, he watched her step over the side and slink down into the water.

He heard the sigh escape her lips, followed by a moan of pure delight and gulped. This was going to be rough. Stepping over the edge he got in, leaning back against the right side so that he could prop his knee up against a set of jets. It. Was. Heaven.

“How you holdin’ up,” he heard her ask. Cracking open an eye Sid smirked.

“Not as well as your chest.”

“Ha… want a closer look?” This time he opened both eyes. She was right in front of him, the light from the center of the tub illuminating her skin and the material between her legs. Dragging his eyes up Sid realized, with pure glee, that her top was no longer an issue. She crawled onto his lap, mindful of his leg, and Sid watched her nostrils flare as she pressed against his hardening length.

Hugging her against him for a moment, Sid just relished in the feel of her wet skin against his. He felt her nipples grazing over his chest and bit his lip as she started grinding on him like she had this morning. But unlike that time, he didn’t feel like he was going to puke. No, this time all he felt was the rush of blood to his dick and the roaring in his ears.

“Have you ever done this before?”

“We just had sex the other day… so… yeah.”

“I meant in one of these?”

“Oh! No, I haven’t… I figured it was similar to a pool… and why are we even talking right now?!”

Laughing he pulled her bottoms to the side and plunged two fingers inside of her. Whether it was the water or her lust for him, his digits slid in easily and before long she was rocking against his hand, biting her lip and clutching his shoulder. Thrashing about for a moment she leaned over more, moaning as he fucked her with his fingers.

She was whimpering and moaning in his ear but Sid could tell she was close already. Must’ve been working herself up since this morning. Twisting his hand, Sid placed his thumb against her clit and rubbed furiously while he continued to pump his fingers in-between her lips.

“Oh god Sidney, yes… fuuuucckkk… Keep going, oh baby don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” He chuckled as she writhed on top of him. There was no way he could stop now. He thought of her slick walls clutching him, his cock buried deep inside her again. She was bouncing against him now, her head in the crook of his neck. With a couple more flicks Mel fell apart in his arms, her teeth sinking into his neck as she rode out the waves of her first orgasm of the night.

As her body started to relax, Sid almost ripped her bottoms in his haste to get them out of the way. He un-did the laces on his trunks and reached inside, pushing the material down and pulling his cock out. Melany lifted up slightly and he ran the tip along her slit. In one thrust he was buried to the hilt inside of her.


Mel’s eyes rolled back in her head as a burst of stars shot out behind her lids. Her body tensed as he held her over him. She felt his throbbing length deep inside and heard him groan as she moved tentatively. Sid held her hips firmly as she began to ride him, water sloshing over the edges of the hot tub. Grabbing the sides of the tub her heartbeat tripled as he thrust up against her harder, his motions bringing her to the brink of insanity.


“No… Sid. We’ve been over this Melany, my name is Sid.” She heard the smirk in his voice and bit her cheek to hide the smile she felt coming.

“I’m going to stab you,” she muttered as he squeezed her ass.

“Lean back.”

“Are you insane, I don’t want to drown!”

Sid ignored her complaint and pushed her back some, her spine bowing as he continued to thrust. She hissed as the angle hit every wonderful spot imaginable and then he latched onto a nipple, his teeth playing with it as he applied a suction cup-like grip on the hardened tip.

“Oh God!”

“No… SID…”

“Come here,” Mel growled as she grabbed his hair and pulled his face up. She nibbled on his lower lip and when he groaned she slipped her tongue along the area, soothing the flesh before capturing his lips in a kiss. They continued to move together, a frenzied pace that brought her to the brink in no time. She was wondering how much longer she could hold out when Sid grasped her waist and lifted her, switching up positions.

“Grab onto the opposite edge,” he commanded. Mel reached back and took hold of the side of the tub as Sid covered her body and started pounding back into her. He held onto her hips so hard that she had a feeling there would be fingerprint bruises in the morning. But all of it disappeared from her train of thought when Sid slipped one hand between their bodies and toyed with her clit. She tightened around him, the friction adding to her arousal.

“Fuck.. I’m gonna cum,” Sid practically whispered as he pressed firmly against the bundle of nerves. He pushed once more, before her name left his lips and he listened to her scream out his name. He felt her walls milking him of every last drop and the tension, the energy, left his body in a flash.

Mel was gasping for breath under him and he Held her to him to keep her from sinking down into the water. She had one of those Cheshire Cat smiles on her face and had released her death grip on his shoulders.

“You know that everyone is going to know what just did, right?” Sid chuckled and pressed a kiss to her neck, below her ear.

“Well,” he whispered,” if you didn’t believe that marking my back was a must…”

“Ha, wait until you see the fingerprint bruises on my hips in the morning.” They both smiled and he eased himself from inside her, missing the feeling of contentment as he sat back against the jets. Then he remembered just how much stuff they were going to be doing in the next two days.

“Ugh… we have that baseball game tomorrow.”

“It’ll be fun!”

“Are you coming?”

“No Sid… I’m going to stay here and hang out with the dogs while you and practically everyone else are at the Bucs game…”

“Smart ass… aren’t you supposed to be catatonic or something right now?”

“Maybe I’m just too much for you. Maybe you can’t handle keeping me happy. Perhaps I should just slip on my suit and go find one of th--”

Sid snatched her arm quickly and brought her against him. They just stared at one another for a moment. Then the jets shut off and as the water stopped moving she started to rise. He held her on his lap.

“If I let you go, it’s only long enough to put on that shiny bikini and walk to the house. Then we’re going upstairs so that I can show you just how much you don’t need someone else.”

“I like this idea, very much,” she murmured before planting a quick kiss on his lips.

“You… you just used… oh, you’re evil,” Sid stated with a laugh. If there was one thing about him that he couldn’t control, it was his competitive nature. The jealousy he was handling pretty well, but that need to win. Maybe he could work on it over summer. And she’d played him. He shook his head as he watched her slink back into the two pieces of material. When she had her dress back on she turned to him once more.

“I can’t help it if you took that comment to be a challenge. And now you want to take me to your room and ravish me… All. Night. Long.”

“Evil,” he laughed.

“Think about it though. We can do whatever we want. You can have my body as much as you want, and you don’t have to worry about tiring yourself out before a game. There’s no ‘No Sex On Game Day” rule right now.”

“Why are you still standing here? Move that ass woman!”

Mel smiled and shook her butt in front of him before taking a step toward the door. He grinned evilly and hopped behind her, the palm of his hand making a loud SMACK in the quiet room. She yelped and turned, glaring at him.

“Not nice baby.”

“Don’t shake it in front of me then,” he replied. She nodded and started to turn. Sid watched her bit her lip to try and hide a smile as she added some extra sway into her walk. She was just about to the door when he hauled her back against him, her ass pressed firmly against his groin. “Tease.”


“How… how am I torturing you?”

“I can feel how hard you are already. But I can’t do anything about it, and it’s torture!”

“We could just stay here… there’s a couch in the other room. And plenty of towels...” He let the sentence die of and chuckled as Melany took one of his hands and brought it up to her breast. The other one she moved down, pushing it beneath the material of her suit bottoms. “I’ll take that as an O.K.”


Mel wiped the hair out of her eyes as she blinked, trying to get a feel for her surroundings. It was pitch black and eerily quiet. She felt around for Sid but he wasn’t beside her. They’d realized the couch pulled out after collapsing onto it and being curious as to why it felt so bouncy. How he didn’t know it was a sofa-bed still puzzled her.

“Sid,” she whispered. “SID?”

No reply came back. She was just thinking of going out to investigate when she heard the doorknob turn. Clutching the sheet to her chest, Mel held her breath as the door opened. Soft light poured into the room and she saw curls attached to a muscular body.

“Sid?” She tried out her actual voice this time and threw one hand to her mouth as the person jumped and let out a little scream.

“Jesus Mel! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!”

“ME?? You’re the one creeping around in the middle of the night!”

“I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Oh… well, I was already awake.”


“Where did you go?”

“I was grabbing you something to put on so that we could wander back up to the house and curl up in my big bed until morning.” She felt the clothes hit the bed as he shut the door and the room went back in the dark.

“Did everyone leave,” she asked as she pulled a clean t-shirt over her head. It smelled like him and she took a moment to just breathe in his smell.

“God no. Half of the guys are sitting around the pool with longnecks. The Cup is in the center of the group, chilling the unopened ones,” he laughed. She smiled in his direction and then stood up to pull on the shorts he thrown at her.

Once she was presentable she grabbed his hand and they quietly made their way from the pool house to the main house. Sid had hung up the towels they’d used, and her suit, in the back of the room and she made a mental note to come down tomorrow morning to clean up any mess they may have made. The two of them were almost to the side door when a flashlight clicked on and showered them with light.

“An’ just what do we have here?” The voice was a little slurred and with the accent that he already had, Mel was surprised she could make out who had spotted them. Turning, her hand still in Sid’s, Mel blinked at the bright light in her eyes.

“Kris, turn off the damn light, it’s freaking bright!”

“Ahhh, but I caught you! You were sneaking… into the house? Why are you trying to sneak in? Shouldn’t you be sneaking out??”

“No genius. We were already out.”

“But that doesn--”

“Kris, you’re drunk. Go find the guys and have another beer courtesy of Lord Stanley,” she said with a small laugh. Mel heard Sid chuckling as well when Kris spun around and headed back down to the group that she could hear laughing and talking.

They opened the door quietly and wove through the kitchen, grabbing a couple apples, before taking the stairs up to Sid’s area. They were just about through the door when they heard a pair of voices.


“I don’t think he’s in there dear.”

“Of course he’s in there. I saw him come up to the house about five minutes ago.”

“Yes, I saw him leave with clothes not more than thirty seconds after that.”

“Well, I wanted to talk to him. I think that he and Melany are… well, I need to talk to him.”

“Trina. The boy is twenty-one. He and I had that talk seven years ago!”

Sid suppressed a groan as he heard his parent’s hushed conversation. It’s two in the morning, why aren’t they in bed?! He could feel Melany shaking against him and knew she was desperately trying not to laugh out loud.

“But he’s my baby. Ever since I walked into the room that first morning I’ve wanted to talk to him. Make sure he’s using the proper precautions and all that.” Sid smacked his palm against his face. Was he really hearing this conversation??? He grunted as Mel elbowed him in the ribs and saw his dad turn their way slightly.

“Trina. I promise you that I’ll get you some alone time with your wayward son in the morning. Maybe we should mosey on down to our room before we get caught standing outside his door like idiots.”

“Oh my, that would be embarrassing for him wouldn’t it? I just don’t want to see him screw this up. I like the girl.” Sid and Melany watched his dad glance their way, a brief smile on his face.

“I do too, Trina. I do too.” Then he was ushering his wife back toward their room and Sid let out a relieved breath as the door shut. Hurrying down the hall, He opened his door and pulled Mel in behind him before shutting it quickly and quietly. Turning the lock as well, he walked over to his bed, tugging off his clothes as he did.

He was watching Mel from the corner of his eye as she fiddled with something by her bag. She was still shaking slightly and he called out her name softly.

“Are you okay over there?” She didn’t respond and so he stepped over beside her, crouching down to be level with her. “Babe? Are you laughing or crying?”

She turned and he saw the huge grin on her face, along with a couple tears.

“I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying! You’re mom is so adorable!!”

“No, that was not adorable. That was so insanely embarrassing!”

“I wanted to call out to her so much! You have no idea!”

“You, get in bed. It’s time for some sleep before you walk down to their room and the two of you sit and compare how adorable I am or something,” he grumbled as he stood up. He was turning when he felt her hand slide up his leg with a faint caress. He started to harden with that single move and groaned as Mel maneuvered herself in front of him.

“Do you really want to go to bed?”

“You’re a nymphomaniac.”

“And you’ve got something I want,” she said with a smile before she took him in her hand and started stroking him. She wasted no time at all with formalities as she took him in her mouth once again tonight. He loved the sensation of being engulfed by her talented mouth.

Sid held onto her head, guiding himself in and out of her mouth at a faster pace than normal. He wanted to reciprocate all of this love she was showering him with, but knew that if he was hard still then he would end up between her legs once again. But this time he wanted to taste her. So he let himself go for once, letting his emotions take control as her lips slide over his length again and again.

He didn’t last long, but then again, he didn’t know how he had managed to find anything left to expel from his body. She had this way of making him feel invincible when she started touching him. He looked down at her while she worked him over with her tongue.

“I’m going to come again you little minx. I don’t know whether to be amazed at your abilities or sad about my staying power,” he said. Mel just moaned around him and sucked him deeper into her throat. He was cumming down that throat a few minutes later. She released him with a ‘pop’ and Sid found himself holding onto her shoulders to keep from falling over.

“Get on the bed, your turn next,” he said as he helped her up off her knees.


“Baby, you don’t have to. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn you out by now.” And she wasn’t lying. She knew that the hot tub, the sofa bed and this was a lot in the time span they’d done it. He just growled and pushed her back onto the bed. She giggled as he pulled his shorts from her hips, kissing her flesh as it became visible. He pulled the borrowed shirt off as well and crawled up, sliding his body over hers.

He started at her lips, drawing the breath from her with each scorching kiss. Then he moved to her neck, nipping at her pulse point and tracing his tongue down to her collarbone. He knew how ticklish she was here and he nibbled gently, pulling a gasp and giggle from her,

Next, Sid spent some time with her breasts. He covered them both with wet kisses, licking her nipples before blowing on them and watching them both stiffen under his manipulations. She was breathing hard already and he’d only reached her torso.

With a strangled moan she ran her fingers through his hair as he suckled one torrid peak, pulling on it with his teeth and driving her crazy as he pinched the other between his fingers. Sid alternated between the two tips and she was sure she was going to go up in flames any second. When she began cursing him for his very existence, he moved lower.

As his lips brushed her ribs and his tongue circled her belly button, Mel was thinking of things to keep her mind away from the fact that he hadn’t even touch her pussy and she thought she could come already. Her internal battle with herself was cut short when he roughly pushed her legs apart before dipping his head and slowly licking her slit.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as her fingers tangled in his hair once more. He attacked her pussy with gusto, his mouth never stopping as he brought her to the edge and retreated time and again. It was on the third rise to the top when Mel could feel her body tensing up for an impending orgasm. She knew Sid could feel it as well and between gasps she threatened him, his life and his hockey career if he denied her once more.

With a chuckle he sought out her clit, his lips wrapping around it as he sucked like a baby. Tears pooled behind her lids and she thrashed about as she kept him firmly in place. Her hips came off the bed, her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as the lights burst behind her eyes and the tears of relief came. As she jerked and shuddered Sid placed one more kiss to her clit before moving his body up and stretching out beside her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck ,fuck fuck… oh god you are amazing and talented and thoughtful…”

“Oh, keep going, please,” she heard him mumble through a laugh. She smiled at him and grabbed his face, placing a kiss on his lips and tasting herself on his tongue. It wasn’t something she did often, but Mel let out a moan as he pulled away.

“Why did you stop?”

“I’m dead. You win. I surrender.”


“I couldn’t go another round with you… no matter how enticing your body is.”

“I thought that I picked the good one,” she grumbled as he hugged her to him. Sid just chuckled and promised to work on his abilities if she promised to be nice for the rest of the night.

“It’s not like I didn’t please you.”

“True, I’m very sated actually.”

“Good, then go to sleep woman. I can’t believe you have any energy left.”

She just laughed as they continued to banter back and forth until she felt her eyes drooping and heard her voice getting soft with sleepiness. She fell asleep to the sounds of his breathing and his promise to catch her a foul ball at the game.


Morning came with a knock at the door and his dad’s low voice rousing Sid from a peaceful slumber.

“If you don’t want your dear mother to try and have that ‘meaningful’ talk with you, I’d suggest jumping in the shower within the next two minutes.”

Sid groaned and dragged his body out of bed. He realized the shower was already running and smiled as he padded across the floor to the bathroom door. He could hear her humming lightly as the spray hit her skin. Another voice joined in the tune and he frowned. Why was there someone else in his bathroom?! He pushed open the door and the curse died on his lips when he noticed Amanda sitting on the toilet.

“I believe Sleeping Beauty has finally woken up Mel!” He just looked between her and Mel, who had poked her sudsy head out from behind the curtain.

“G’mornin’ babe,” she said cheerfully before disappearing once again.

“Good morning. Ummm, how did you get in here without me hearing?” Amanda just laughed and placed her hands together. She laid her head on them and made a snoring noise.

“I don’t think a train wreck outside your door would’ve woken you up! Mel found me lounging downstairs and dragged me away from Brooks so that we could discuss summer plans.” Summer plans? Canada was the plan. She said she’d come to the lake house.

“And just what are these plans?” Amanda looked at him and then at the shower. She let out a small laugh and stood up.

“I’m gonna let you two figure that out… See you downstairs dear!” He heard a garbled ‘good bye’ and after Amanda promised to lock the door behind her, Sid stripped out of the shorts that he’d thrown on haphazardly when he heard the two voices. Pulling back the curtain he stepped in behind Melany.

They showered quietly though, just enjoying one another’s company without having to rush around before a practice or a nap or a flight. He sighed when she leaned against him, the steam rising from the water and the excess droplets sliding down his skin. They were drying off moments later when he asked her about these plans.

“Well, Geno’s going to the awards show in Vegas. Erin’s going with him, obviously, and Max is going as a final ‘hurrah’ before his surgery.” Sid nodded, still wrapping his mind around the fact that Max was hurt so bad. No one outside the team would know for a few more days, but they were already planning therapy and stuff for after.

“What’s Amanda doing?”

“Well, her and Brooks have decided to go hang out in Vegas for a couple days as well. Then they, minus Max, are going to Mexico for a week.”

“Mexico, eh? It’s always fun to go to Mexico.”

“I agree. And I’ve never been there. And they booked an extra room… on the off chance that we’d like to join them. I’m free, and you don’t have any pressing engagements, do you?”

“I don’t.”

“Would you like to go then? Just the six of us… lounging around by the pool all day, authentic food, good drinks, partying at night… me wearing next to nothing for seven days…”

“This could kill me,” he said with a serious face. Then she cracked a smile and watched her melt in his arms. “I think it’s a great idea. Mom and Dad can use that time to get the house ready for me, instead of me getting a cleaner after I’ve already shown up.”

“Mmmm, I love you,” she said as she wove her arms around his neck and lifted up to kiss him. “Now, let’s get ready for that game. I’ll try to stall your mom!” Then she was bounding out of the bathroom and hurrying around in her towel.

Ten minutes later she was walking out the door and he was left staring at the frame. How does she get ready before me?! I’m a guy! He just shook his head and finished styling his hair. He was about to go downstairs for some breakfast when he heard her voice in the hallway.

“Why yes Trina, he’s still in the room. I believe he was getting ready when I left.” She wouldn’t!

“I just needed to talk to him about something, a little mother/son time.” Stop her babe, please!

“Oh certainly! Why, just the other day he was saying how much he missed those chats. I know you guys are close. I’m going to head downstairs and fix some food. Why don’t you guys come down after your talk and I’ll have pancakes and bacon waiting. Find that wayward husband of yours as well!” I’m going to murder her. No, worse… I’m going to tickle her. I can’t believe that she would send my mom in here…

“Thank you dear! I’m sure he’s already downstairs talking to Mario about something hockey related. And Taylor was going to get some early morning sun by the pool.”

Sid glanced at the door as he heard retreating footsteps. He was seriously contemplating jumping out the window and seeing if a second story fall would do too much damage when he heard the light knock. His mom poked her head in and the grimace he’d had on his face disappeared behind a half-fake smile.

“Hey Mom. What can I do for ya?”

“I think we should sit down and talk about something.”

Sid rolled his eyes internally and sunk onto the mattress. His mom sat beside him and took hold of his hands.

“I know that you’re old enough to make your own choices, and I think you’ve found a very special woman. But when the time comes, I don’t want you to make a mistake.”

“Mom, you don’t have t--”

“No, let me finish. I don’t want you to go out and blow all this money that you have on some big, flashy ring.”

“Mom, I’m being caref… WHAT?!”

“I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with Melany. But I think she’s perfect for you. And I know that you already care deeply for her. Don’t try to deny it, I heard you both exchange ‘I love yous’ after you won the Cup. And I can tell that she’s not in this for your money, so when you two decide to take this relationship to the next level… I think you should use this.”

Sid looked down at the object his mom had placed in his hand. She still held the box in her hands. It was a small ring by today’s standards. There was only one stone and the band was simple. But it was elegant and unique and utterly priceless. Just like Melany.

“Mom, it’s way too soon to be thinking of that.”

“I know. And I know that you know that too. But you trust me on this. By this time next year you’ll have a ring on her finger, and I think that this one would be perfect. It’s the same ring that your father used when he proposed to me. It was his grandmother’s. Passed down to the first Crosby son.”

“I don’t know what to say, Mom. But it’s beautiful. And perfect for her. Mel would bawl like a baby. And we would both consider it a great honor… when the time comes.”

“Wonderful. Now, put that somewhere safe and let’s go downstairs. Melany promised me pancakes and bacon and if the people I saw in the spare rooms and couches are all up, she’s going to need some help with all the cooking.”

Sid smiled and put the ring back in the box before taking it over and placing it in a mini safe in his closet. Mario had installed it when he’d first moved in. Then he and his mom exited the room and headed toward the stairs that would take them to a delicious-smelling kitchen.

“I’m not gonna lie more, I thought you were going to try and give me ‘The Talk,’ and I’d had that with dad years ago.”

“Oh god no… who do you think packed you the condoms when you left for Pittsburgh??”

So, that wasn't where I expected the chapter to go, or how I outlined it.. .but the words just came out that way* So I hope you liked it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 25: A Game 7 Superstar

I know how long it's taken me to get this chapter up, and I apologize ladies!! But the school year is almost up, and I'm still in the works for a summer job so perhaps I'll be able to get chapters out easier now! Thanks for stickin' with me!!!

Sid heard the alarm on the clock radio go off. He rolled over and smacked it into silence before collapsing onto his back again. The room was fairly dark and he rubbed his eyes quickly before staring up at the ceiling. Today was the day. It all came down to the game tonight. He was so lost in thought that when his cell went off he nearly fell off the bed from jumping. Smiling, he grabbed the phone and opened it, expecting something dirty from Melany.

This is a chance of a lifetime to realize your childhood dream to win a Stanley Cup. Play without fear and you will be successful! See you at center ice.

He blinked back a wave of tears, knowing that only Mario could make him want to cry today. Then he laughed as his phone blew up with message from the guys. Some of them cursing Mario for waking them up so early, some telling him how amazing his landlord was. Max’s text was the most amusing though.

Mon ami… I adore that man, but I’ll kill you if he does it ever again! Oh, and ask your girlfriend how her night was. She texted me twelve times last night! But they were gibberish. I think she was trying to write in French!

Why hadn’t she sent him any messages? Sighing, Sid dropped the phone on the bed and peeled his shorts off as he walked into the bathroom for a very unsatisfying shower. They just weren’t as much fun when Mel wasn’t with him. Afterwards Sid threw all his stuff into the huge duffel bag, the only thing missing was his hair gel, toothbrush and suit.

He worked his hair as Mel had showed him, surprised that he could actually pull off this shaggy look, without looking greasy and lame. He was humming to himself as he brushed his teeth, something else he’d picked up from his girlfriend, when his phone started blasting I Melt by Rascal Flatts.

Who in the world is that ringtone?? Jogging over to the bed, he flipped it open without looking.


“Good morning sunshine!”

“When did you change your ringer? And why are you up so early?? I know you girls got in late. And rumor has it you were partying last night too.”

“Who told you that?”

“You shouldn’t drunk text hockey players. We’re very bad with gossip. And why, pray tell, did you message Max and not me?” He tried not to sound whiny, but he had to admit, he was a little bummed.

“Because I don’t care about messing with Max’s rituals, and I knew his phone would be on silent. You refuse to quiet your through sleeping hours, and I didn’t want to wake you up or deviate from your superstitions. I was drunk, not stupid,” she finished with a laugh.

“I love you for thinking of my insane rituals even when your drunk.”

“You love me in general!”

“True. Are you all staying here at the hotel like we wanted?”

“We are. I bunked down with V last night and… oh, she’s coming around.” He listened as Melany tried to get Vero to talk. But if she was anything like Flower, this was going to take a while. Then he heard a thwack and some cursing in French.

“You’re not hurting her are you,” he chuckled.

“Nope. I hit her with a pillow,” Mel laughed back. He heard Vero yell through the phone that the pillow was made of bricks. Sid laughed again and told them to meet him in the lobby in thirty minutes for breakfast. She agreed and blew him a kiss through the phone with a murmured ‘I love you’ before she threatened Vero and hung up the phone laughing.


“Sid says breakfast in thirty minutes so stop trying to smother me and go get ready, it’ll take you longer anyway!”

“Ah, but that is because I must primp and everything while you go in there, snap your fingers and come out looking adorable,” her friend teased. They both laughed and as Vero shut the bathroom door started knocking on the adjoining door and making sure her friends knew about breakfast.

They stepped out of the elevator together and met the boys for a nice breakfast in one of the conference rooms. Max teased her about the perils of drunk texting and laughed when she told him she had been wishing him luck tonight. And she’d chosen him because the rest of the guys didn’t need the luck. He laughed at that, not believing her for a second.

Mel heard Dan tell them to go back upstairs and get their gear ready. This was going to be the last time she saw Sid until after the game. He’d either be really happy or extremely depressed. She was hoping for option number one. They were getting up from the table when he pulled her to him.

“So, I don’t need any luck?”

“Well, maybe you do. But you get a different type of luck from me,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“God, if only we could do what I have in mind!”

“Settle for a kiss?”

“For now,” he whispered as his lips found hers. Mel heard herself sigh as he kissed her. He tasted like orange juice and syrup. Or maybe she did. She couldn’t tell, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except for the two of them… until Disco was tapping her on the shoulder and asking her to kindly let go of his captain so that they could get everything packed and head out to the arena.

Pulling away, Mel blushed as she finally noticed that half the guys hadn’t moved from their tables yet. They were staring at the two of them. Duper was the only one to say anything.

“No wonder you don’ want to hang out with us anymore mon cap-i-tan! I wouldn’t want to let her out of the bedroom!!” The guys let out whistles and clapped and she could feel herself turning beet red.

“Wish me luck?” Sid asked against her ear.

“Good luck baby. I’ll see you at center ice,” she whispered back. He pulled back and touched his forehead to hers before turning away and heading up to the rooms with his teammates, all of them ragging on him in some fashion.


Sid stood in the locker room by himself. Most of the guys were out playing soccer, and he’d promised them he’d join in. But he needed a minute alone. Those not playing had nodded and walked out as well, leaving him there to pull his thoughts together.

“Just let me play well,” he asked the empty room. “Let me lead my team as best I can. Let us play for the love of the game, for our friends, our families… let us win this. I don’t need to score tonight. It would be amazing if I did, but I just want to go out there and play hockey. I’m playing for more than myself now. I’m playing for her. It may sound cheesy and lame, but she’s my world. I’ve found someone that makes me think about more than the sport.”

He dropped into his stall and stared at the team logo in the center of the room. He’d been a Penguin for four years now, and he couldn’t imagine being anything else. He’d helped to shape this team into what it was now. They were back at the Finals for the second year in a row. They were one game away from lifting the Cup. He wanted it so bad he could feel his lips pressed against it.

“But unlike last year, I know there’s more to me than this. There’s more that I want for myself now. Is she the one I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with? I don’t know that, but I do know that she’s the only person that I want to share this possible joy with. And I know that win or lose, she won’t judge me. Not like the fans, or Pittsburgh, or even my dad. So… “Sid wasn’t sure who he was talking to. He didn’t know if there was really some all knowing being that was listening to him speak just now. But whether it was God, the hockey gods, her grandfather… he just wanted them to know that he appreciated the effort they’d made to get the two of them together. “Thanks for finding her for me.”

“I think you did that yourself.”

“Afternoon cap’n.” Mario tipped his head in acknowledgement before sitting next to him.

“Will you ever greet me any other way when I first come into the locker room?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think it’d be possible.” Mario smiled and put a hand on his shoulder.

“You’ll do just fine tonight. I have all the faith in the world in this group of men. Now, you’ve had your alone time, you’ve said what you needed to say. Go play.” He said the last two words with a smile and Sid found himself laughing.

“Yes sir,” he said with a mock salute. Then he walked out of the room to find the guys.

An hour later he was standing on the line, listening to the Star Spangled Banner. He knew that it was wishful thinking… but hockey started in Canada, and even though there weren’t any teams in the Finals… they could still play the anthem. It wouldn’t be bad would it? Ah well, next year, Olympics. Hopefully I’ll be on that team and we’ll go far!

He stared at the puck in the linesman’s hand. Willed Zetterberg to fuck up and miss it completely. Luck wasn’t on his side for this first faceoff though. Oh well, next time. Thirty-three minutes later they were walking through the tunnel and back into the locker room. The score was tied 0-0 and he was thirsty for revenge. The rest of the guys were as well. They had more shots on net, Flower had stood strong, and… and nothing had clicked.

“Next period’s ours boys,” Billy called out. Sid nodded his head and they all relaxed, for a moment. He took a swig of Gatorade and laid his head back for a few minutes before Yeo came over to go over a couple possible plays during the PP or the PK.


“I swear to all that is holy if that man in the next box doesn’t shut up soon I’m going to jump over there and strangle him with my bare hands!”

“C’mon dear, deep breath. You’ve got at least forty more minutes left.”

“Trina, I can’t take more than that, don’t even think it!”

Both women laughed lightly and Nathalie ran her hand over Mel’s back, trying to sooth away the tension. Mel didn’t think it was going to work though. Erin, Geno’s parents, Amanda and Brooks’ family were in the next box to the right. Her own mom had declined to tag along this time. She hadn’t made it to any other away games, and she didn’t want to start with this one. And honestly… she just wasn’t really into hockey.

The guys took the ice and the puck dropped for the second period to start. They were down in the offensive zone, sort of behind the net. And then Max was worming his way in front of Osgood and then the goal light was on and she was jumping out of her seat, screaming out her joy!

The jerk next to them was silent for a few minutes and then he started cheering the exact moment that Mel’s stomach completely dropped. She watched Sid going for the puck, saw Franzen push them both into the boards and then saw Sid grimace of pain. His head flew back and she was sure that he was letting out a string of swear words.

He tried to get over to the bench, neither of the refs or linesmen blowing a whistle so that he could make it safely. She watched him, he didn’t put and pressure on his leg, didn’t really use it to skate. It seemed like forever before he could finally get to the bench and then Cooke and TK were helping him get up and the trainers took him down the walkway immediately.

“Troy? Mario? Somebody… tell me he’s okay!!”

Mel finally took her eyes off the tunnel and glanced at the people around her. Trina and Taylor were holding hands, Troy and Mario had grim faces and Nathalie was wringing a napkin. No one was saying anything though. Her mind was spinning with all the worst possibilities. Torn ACL, torn MCL, shattered knee cap. You name it, she was picturing it.

Mario was pacing, his knuckles white against the rail of the box. She placed a hand over his.

“What can I do? I need to do something. I can’t just sit here an--”

“Hey missy!! Saw your man go down! Gonna add insult to injury soon! He’s gonna be sittin’ on that bench or in the locker room crying like a little bitch! Ha ha ha ha!!” She heard Nathalie tell her to stay calm, felt a hand on her shoulder. But she shrugged it off and turned, leveling the idiot with a glare.

“Listen buddy. I’ve been sitting here listening to you scream and holler since you took your first drink or beer. I may not know as much about hockey as the rest of the people in this box. I may not be able to skate and score goals and block shots like those men down there. But I’ve got more sportsmanship in my fucking pinky than you have in your entire body!” She took a deep breath and let loose all the fury she could muster.

“And I refuse to believe that the hockey gods or God himself will let a sniveling little asshole like you be the fan of a Stanley cup winning team for the second year in a row! Therefore, you can take your insults and shove them up your ass because while he may be hurt, I can’t wait to stand down there at center ice and cry tears of joy when he hoists that Cup above his head and you’re crying tears of shame in the corner! So fuck off!!!”

She could feel herself shaking and the tears were threatening to fall. Turning, Mel expected to get yelled at, looked down at, or reamed out royally. Instead, everyone in the box was smiling at her. And then Troy pulled her to him in a tight hug.

“If I didn’t think it before, I do now.”

“Think what?”

“You are something truly good for my son.”

“You still don’t like me sir,” she murmured.

“Not true. I don’t completely trust you. But can you honestly fault me there?”

“No, I suppose under the circumstances… I can’t.”

“I do like you though, and I trust you more each time we meet. And believe me, that’s more than any woman has EVER gotten. Now, I’m going to head down with Mario to the locker room. I’ll text Trina when we know anything, okay? Chin up,” he said as he knocked her chin with his fist gently. Trina came up to her as the two men walked away.

“C’mon dear. This isn’t over yet. Go cheer for your boyfriend’s teammates,” Trina offered. Mel looked down at the ice as Max scored his second goal of the night. She cheered, but the smile never reached her eyes.


“Fucking hell if I don’t get back out there I’m going to shove this stick so far up your ass tha--”

He looked up and watched his dad and Mario walk through the door. They weren’t looking at him though; their eyes were on his knee. It wasn’t swollen, they’d already determined that nothing was broken. Pain killers were pumped into his body, but nothing that would make him loopy. It just felt numb now.

“Hey cap’n. Tell them I’m good to go. Tell them I can go back out there!”

“Do you really thin--”

“Are you out of your mind?!” Sid whipped his head around, his eyes landing on the voice that had spoken. His dad was shaking his head, a wry smile on his face.

“You dad? Really?? This is not what I expected. I figured you’d just want me to suck it up and get on the ice.”

“What I want is for you to be able to play. Whether that’s in the rest of this game or at the beginning of next season.”

They stayed in the room talking and icing his knee until the guys came in at the end of the period. They were all talking, trying to figure out if he’d be able to come back in for the final period. Being up 2-0 was nothing when it came to the regular season, much less the playoffs! Everyone wanted him out there, but he knew that it would be difficult.

Coach went over game plans that did and didn’t include him. It sucked, he felt like crap, but he knew Dan was right. He could be out for the rest of the game. And he’d rather sit there on the bench than skate and possibly injure himself even more. But this was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

As the team made their way back to the ice for what would hopefully be the final twenty minutes of the season, Sid gingerly stepped onto the rink. He got a feel for the ice, and it didn’t hurt much… until he tried to turn left. Fuck, this sucks! He glanced up to the box where he knew Melany was. She was staring at him and even from the distance, he knew she had tears in her eyes.

Sid had asked his dad to tell her he’d see her at center ice, so that she’d know he was alright. He smiled when she pointed at her eye, her heart and then him. He quickly made the same gesture, but in one fluid motion… he was in love but he was still unsure of how to deal with PDA’s. He watched her laugh and shake her head before she sat down.

The period got underway and after a couple shifts he knew that he wasn’t going to be playing for the rest of the game. He came back to the bench during a TV timeout and shook his head slightly at Dan. The man nodded as Sid sat down in the opposite corner as Garon. Here they would both stay until the end, sitting and not able to help anyone.

Halfway through the period the Wings got one goal back and Sid clenched his fists, watching Max go over and pep talk Flower like he normally would. They nodded to one another and Sid found himself smiling. They were going to be okay.

The final thirty seconds of the game were the longest of his life. He wanted to jump onto the ice for the final faceoff, but they needed men out there who were able to move quickly. He couldn’t. So, watching his teammates, and not the clock, Sid held his breath as the linesman dropped the puck. He watched Detroit win it, saw them set up the play. And then, slow motion…

They took the shot on Flower and he blocked it, kicking it out with his right leg. None of the guys could get to it and as the puck landed on Holmstrom’s stick Sid saw Adams diving in the way. The puck lifted though and flew over him. He swore he could hear it hit off of Flower’s chest and then the bench was screaming. He knew the moment Marc realized they’d won.

His goalie’s hands flew up, his stick and gloves flying through the air as he leaned back against his crossbar. The guys attacked him a split second later and then the bench was emptying as the rest of the team made their way to the giant dog pile. Sid lifted his legs over and gingerly stepped onto the ice once again. All of the pain killers had kicked in and he made his way over, screaming like a little kid.

He didn’t remember the next few minutes. He knew that the teams were shaking hands and he tried to get over there to take part but the media had literally swarmed him. They were throwing questions left and right and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get away.

He answered and answered before finally Mario made it to the ice and was able to drag him away so he could shake the hands of the men who were still waiting. Apologizing, he told those still out there good game and congratulated them on the trying series.

Bettman came out, congratulating them, giving Geno the Conn Smythe… and then he saw the Cup. This was what he’d been playing for, this was his dream. He was going to lift the Stanley Cup above his head. Nothing could’ve made this moment any better. Sid smiled at the guys and turned. He saw his parents and his sister there by the bench. And then he saw Melany. She was standing beside his dad. No, correct that, she was… His dad had his arm around her waist as the four of them smiled and the tears ran down her face.

Now it’s perfect, he corrected himself. Bettman called him forward and he licked his lips as he stood in front of Stanley. His fingers itched and he waited for the commissioner to finish his speech. Then he was grabbing it with both hands and as he swung the trophy into the air, above his head, he let out a whoop of pure joy. Bringing it down slightly he pressed his lips against the engravings and the hoisted it back up and took his turn around the ice.

As he passed it along to the next man, Sid slowly made his way to his waiting family. His sister was first, hugging him tightly. Then she squealed as he blew a raspberry against her cheek. He laughed and pulled back, his mom tugging him into a giant hug. She was crying and mumbling something that he couldn’t understand but he laughed as she brought a hand up to his check and told him how proud she was of her baby boy.

His dad was more emotional than he thought he’d be. The embrace was fierce, his father telling him how much he loved him. It wasn’t that the man was cold, but he didn’t get emotional very often. And last year, after Game 6, he hadn’t been the most helpful person to talk to. Sid laughed as his old man almost refused to let go. But then he laughed and clapped Sid’s back a couple times before telling him to move along and kiss that ‘spitfire.’ He’d have to ask Mel about that later.


Mel watched him go down the line of his family. Troy had surprised her by putting an arm around her while they waited for Sid to come over. Maybe he was drunk… or just extremely happy for his son. Either way, she knew they weren’t completely seeing eye-to-eye yet. And she doubted they ever would. But she didn’t expect that. She had an ally in Trina, a fun younger sister in Taylor, and so she needed that argumentative man to keep her from slipping into fantasyland.

She knew that they were all probably telling him how proud they were. She wasn’t sure if he would find it redundant or not, but that was what she wanted to tell him. She thought about how they’d made it through the playoffs without tearing each other apart. Or their relationship. She knew he worked well under pressure and so did she.

But still, she had expected more fireworks. Perhaps that why the sex they had was so great. Maybe he was normally boring in bed, but the playoffs had brought out the inner beast that normally lay dormant. Mel bit the inside of her cheek and mentally smacked herself. There was no way that he was ever dull in bed. She was just amusing herself until her turn came.

And there he was, standing in front of her. She stared up into Sid’s eyes, the crowd dying into the background. He smiled down at her and Mel was pretty sure she forgot to breathe. She didn’t know why, he looked like hell really. She could see the pain in his eyes even as he tried to mask it with elation.

“I’m so fucking proud of you Sidney.” She brought a hand up to his cheek and jaw, feeling the coarse hair press against her palm as he leaned against her fingers. Feeling him inhale, Mel leaned forward, dropping her hand and wrapping them both around his waist. She didn’t care that he was sweaty and gross.

It didn’t help however that he was even taller than normal because of being on his skates. And with all the padding she couldn’t really get her arms to clasp firmly. But when he leaned down ran his fingers through her hair before pressing his lips to hers, she couldn’t imagine anything better than this.

Dragging her tongue over his lower lip she heard him groan. He pulled her as close as possible as her lips parted and their tongues dueled. All too soon though he was pulling away.

“I love you Melany.”

“I love you back.”

“Thank you for being here.”

“I didn’t have any other famous athletes taking up my time this week,” she joked.

“You know what I can’t wait to do?”

“What’s that?”

“I can’t wait to stay up as late as I want, lay in bed with you, eat a bag of potato chips and not have a care in the world.”

“Whoa… what was in those painkillers they gave you? Are you high right now? Did you just say chips??”

He chuckled and held her against him, his lips brushing over her temple.

“Funny. Very funny. Kiss me again Melany, and then I’ll take you to meet Lord Stanley.” She smiled and obliged him, his lips covering hers. Then she shrieked as she was pulled from his embrace and was being twirled around.

“You must drunk text me before every game for the rest of my life!!!”

“Ahhh!! Max, put me down!!”

“Never!” But he did. He placed her back in front of Sid who was laughing at the two of them.

“Should I be worried,” Sid asked with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“Nah, he’s too flashy for my taste! I wish you could stay at the hotel with me tonight.”

“Mmmm, as do I. But I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at the airport. Promise!” They sealed it with a kiss and headed off to the locker room to celebrate some more before the guys left for the ‘Burgh and Mel went back to the hotel with her girlfriends.