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Chapter 4: A Double Date?


Mel jumped at the sound of Erin’s voice and Sid looked away quickly.

“Sorry, was I interrupting something?”

“No,” Sid replied, looking up from his skates. “I’ll just give you two a moment alone. I’m going to go change and then I’ll come check on you. Ok?”

Melany nodded and watched him cross over to the door, looking back once more before he slid out.

Erin rushed over and launched herself beside her injured friend.

“So, I need to ask you a question Melany. And it’s a very serious question that should require a lot of thought.”

“I need to ask you someth--”

“And I hope that you won’t get upset with me. Maybe we can work something out.”

“Well, Sid wanted me to ask you if y--”

“Now, you know how we had plans tonight? Well, sort of plans… I need to know if you would be terribly upset if I wanted to move our plans to ano--”



“Shut up for a minute! Sid asked me to dinner. And I mentioned you and he said that you could come and he’d see if Geno wanted to hang out. Now, was what you wanted to ask me more important than that?”

Erin just sat there staring at her with a blank look on her face. Mel was waiting for her to respond. To jump up and down. Anything. Finally, a smile broke out onto Erin’s face.

“That’s funny. Because when I was on my way down here to see you he stopped me and mumbled something about food in broken English. I didn’t really understand him; but he made a couple gestures and I realized that he meant dinner. So I told him I’d need to talk to you first and he figured Sid was in here asking you out.”

“So, we both were asked to dinner by the hockey players of our dreams… that’s just weird!” Mel said as she let out a laugh. But the sudden noise made her head hurt and she lifted the ice pack back up. “Owww….I bet they’re talking together right now. So what do you wanna do?”

“No idea. You got anything in that head of yours? Or did he knock what little sense you had out the window?”

“Funny. Very funny. Make fun of the wounded girl here… But I do have an idea. We just need to run to the grocery store and sweet talk Geno into using his house.” She smiled at Erin who lifted an eyebrow. “It’s a good idea. Here, we’ll start making a list on my phone of what we’d need.”

“Geno! Where are you?” Sid yelled as he sat in his stall unlacing his skates. He was hoping that he could talk the Russian into doing something tonight. He and Oksana had split recently and it had been ugly. Sid didn’t want to push a new girl at him, but he remembered Geno giving Erin the once over at the game, and he was really looking forward to a possible dinner date. So he’s do anything he could to talk Geno into it.

“Hey Sid. You talk to girl?”

“Yeah. And I nee--”

“Good. You take her out?”

“Well, I want to. That’s why I needed to talk to you. Would you be up for coming out with us?”

“I have plan.” Sid felt hurt. But he shouldn’t have expected Geno to just be moping around. “I go with redhead.”

Sid stopped with his pads half on his shoulders. “You’re going out with Erin tonight?”

“Da. Erin.”

“But Melany said they had plans already. Why would she lie?”

“Not lie. Erin go talk to your girl to change plan.”

“Well, that’s great! Do you guys want to go with us?”

“Where you go?”

Sid looked at him blankly. He hadn’t gotten an answer from Melany when Erin had stepped in. He had no idea what she’d like. Would she be in the mood for a fancy place? Or maybe just something simple. He didn’t do fast food that much in the summer, and rarely during the season. Maybe he should’ve asked a couple more questions instead of sitting there like a 13-year-old with his first crush.


“Huh? Oh, I don’t know where we’ll go. I didn’t get that far because Erin came in. What are you guys going to do?”

“Don’t know. Wait and see what she likes.”

“Well, I’m gonna grab a quick shower and change. Wait for me and we’ll go talk to them together. Ok?”

“Da.” He slipped his ear buds back in and hit his iPod.

Sid smiled and shook his head as he wandered into the showers. He wondered what the guy was always listening to. Those things were in his ears practically 24/7.

Ten minutes later the two of them walked toward the training room. Sid knocked and opened the door. Both girls looked up from Melany’s phone and had very guilty looks on their faces. He tensed.

“What are you guys doing?” he asked as Jordy’s comment about a puck bunny flashed through
his head.

Melany looked at Erin and then blushed. With a small smile she looked down before answering him.

“We were watching videos of you guys on YouTube…”

He let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding and a loud burst of laughter followed. Mel’s head shot up and she sent him a glare.

“You know, it’s not nice to laugh at people who like you! I mean… as a player… because of your talent… not that I don’t like you… Oh my god I’m just going to stop talking now…” Melany bit her lip and looked at the ground again. Sid decided she was positively adorable when she rambled.

Geno cleared his throat and everyone looked at him. He glanced at all three before realizing that they thought he was going to say something.

“Uh… we go tonight?” He kept his eyes on Erin and pointed his hand back and forth between the two of them.

“Well,” Erin looked at Mel, then Sid and back to Geno. “Mel has an idea… if you two are up for a little double date.” Both of the guys smiled, but she could tell that Geno was a little confused. “Ummm, the four of us,” she pointed at everyone and then clasped her hands as one, “together.” He smiled again and nodded in understanding.

“Great,” Mel chimed in. “Give us directions to Geno’s and two hours.”

Sid tilted his head to the side and wondered aloud. “Why do you need Geno’s address and what could you possibly need two hours for??”

“We need to get ingredients, and any stuff that Geno doesn’t already have. And then we’re going to cook dinner for the two of you.”

“But why do you need two hours??”

“Well, we need to stop at Robinson. I need to pick something up, and I don’t know how long it’ll take. So two hours should give us plenty of time to get everything and drive over to his place. It’ll also give you both time to clean up any mess that he has at the house!”

Geno laughed and Sid was glad to see that he was able to follow along with more conversations nowadays. He was really coming into his own this season. If, no… when we make the run for the Cup again this year, Geno is going to be one of the reasons we win. He smiled to himself and looked up to see Melany staring at him intently.

“Excited that someone is going to cook for you Crosby?”

“Are you any good?”

She feigned shock and grabbed Erin’s arm. “I think he just insulted me! Maybe we shouldn’t invite him and just make the food for Geno.” She hopped off the table and walked over toward the Russian with a smile. “What do you think Geno? Just you, me and Erin? Why don’t we tell Sid he can’t come?”

He looked at her for a moment and Sid could tell he was processing everything she’d said. Then he broke out into a big grin and nodded. Turning to Sid he beamed. “Sid. Sorry. I have plan tonight. You come tomorrow. Yes?”

Sid’s jaw dropped.


Then he started to laugh, knowing she’d been joking with him.

“Ok. Two hours. Anymore than that and I’m going to think you’re ditching me.”

“Deal,” Erin said, finally entering into the conversation. She hopped off the table as well and walked over to get info from Geno. Melany sauntered over to him and leaned against another table.

“So Crosby, is there anything you don’t like?”


“I meant food-wise. Goodness, you really do have a one-track mind don’t you?”

Erin and Geno came over to join them, having sorted everything out.

“Alright. I’ve got the address and we have the list. Let’s get going. Sidney, did you give her your number so that she can call you if we need anything?”

“ERIN!” Melany gasped and nudged her. He chuckled at her embarrassment.

“What? You don’t want my number?”

“No! I mean, yes… ugh! You don’t have to is what I’m trying to say. With your status and everything, I don’t want you to think that I’m just fishing for a way to stalk you or something.”

“Then, you give me yours. And if I need to call you, I’ll make it private so you don’t have my number,” he said with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. He really had no idea how to handle her.

“OK. That works.” Once he pulled his phone out she rattled off the number. “And when you program it, please spell my name correctly. M-E-L-A-N-Y. See you in a couple hours.” And with that, she snatched Erin’s arm and headed toward the door. After the girls were gone he turned to his teammate.

“Well Geno… let’s go get ready for our dates!”

Geno slapped a hand on Sid’s shoulder and just smiled as they walked out of the room and down the hall leading to the back lot. If they left now there wouldn’t be as many fans and they could get back to Geno’s with plenty of time.

I apologize for the length of time between posts. I want to try and get into the writing process more! Any comments are helpful, good or bad* Let me know what you're thinking out there in reader world! Knowing that you all enjoy this gives me the "omph" to get off my butt and type away*

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Max Talbot is a HEARTBREAKER*

So, I have two friends who love the Pens like I do, perhaps more, and we like to call ourselves the Triple Threat* WE're lame and we have code names and stuff too! It's rather hilarious when we get together, because the talk is ALL HOCKEY, ALL THE TIME!

Well, we were having a belated birthdayparty for Sid and Geno Friday night*

There were cupcakes and baked spaghetti, and cheesy potatoes.... mmmmm

But there was also this video* Made by yours truly*
Have a little look-see and let me know what you think of it!!!

Chapter 4 coming soon!!!!

p.s. If you can't see it here, go to this link and watch it on YouTube*

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Chapter 3: Third Time's a Charm

Ok, for some reason this took me forever to get together. The thoughts were all there, but putting it down correctly wasn't happening. Hopefully it sounds right*


She slid the room key into the slot and giggled as she pressed him against the door, his bottom lip caught between her teeth in a gentle nibble. She jerked the handle and he gasped as he almost fell through the opening.

They walked through into the hotel room and before it could click shut he grabbed the Do Not Disturb sign to hang over the outside knob. He made sure both locks were in place and then he turned toward her, a mischievous little glint in his eye.

“What are you thinking?” she asked him.

He just smiled in return.

Before she could blink he was standing next to her. His arm snaked around her waist, bringing her flush against him. With such a fast movement she felt a little topsy-turvy and she wound one arm around his neck to steady herself. After looking up into his eyes she smiled, loving the look of desire that was shining in them. His head came down and took possession of her lips in a kiss that fueled the flames already burning deep inside her.

Then she let out a small screech as he lifted her, twirled her around, and tossed her onto the bed. She didn’t get a chance to move though because he followed right after, his body covering hers, his hands roaming up and down, exploring, memorizing.

In no time at all their clothes were off, thrown about the room like a tornado had swept through. And then they started a ritual as old as time, their two bodies moving together in a dance that was based more on instinct than anything else. Her legs wrapped around him and her fingers dug into his shoulders as he pushed her closer and closer to that little death that they both wanted so badly to reach.

She peaked first, with him following not long after, and then they lay there, still entwined and foreheads pressed together, trying to get their breathing back under control.

After a few moments he slid off of her, falling to his back, his right arm coming over his face. She turned onto her side and stared at him.

“Well, I think we need to do that again,” she stated with a Cheshire cat grin on her lips. He let out a chuckle and drew his hand away. He looked at her for a moment, just studying her features.

“I think you’re right!”


Melany came to, curled up against something that was firm yet yielding. As the sunlight came through the curtains she sleepily glanced down at the form that she was sprawled over top of. She couldn’t tell what it was, but something seemed odd about him.

“Sid, why are you so red?”

When he didn’t answer her she blinked a couple times, coming more awake every time she re-opened her eyes. She stared down at the man she’d been holding. No eyes stared back up at her; no sweet nothings were said from those gorgeous, pouty lips. She grabbed her glasses off the night table and stared down at, not Sid, but her pillow.

With that realization she collapsed, shoving her face deep into the fluffy form, and let out a strangled moan.

“What the hell was that?!”

She lifted her head again and looked to her left. There on the other bed was Erin, staring none-too-nicely at her. Melany was half-tempted to just flip her off and groan into the pillow again, but that wouldn’t really make her feel any better.

“I had wonderful, amazing, stupendous sex with Sidney last night… then I woke up and realized that the warm naked body I was curled up to wasn’t Sid but my pillow, and that it was all a dream! I was just letting out my frustrations.”

“Mel, I love you dearly… but you really need some help.” Erin let out a laugh, and then pulled herself from the bed, walking slowly to the bathroom. “I call dibs on the shower!”


After getting ready, packing their overnight bags, and chowing down on the array of goodies from the free breakfast, the two hopped in the car and set the GPS for Southpointe! The boys were having an open practice today and neither of them could wait! Sure, it wasn’t a real game, but Erin promised that they would be able to sit almost where they had the night before, and that there wouldn’t be as many people.

When they exited the highway Melany couldn’t help but laugh at the number. Erin must’ve had the same idea because she turned to Mel at the end of the ramp.

“Do you think TK sees the exit and says ‘Hey, my number!’ every time he gets off here?”

“I was wondering the same thing!”


Ten minutes later they were getting ready to pull into the parking lot of the Iceoplex. Had Erin not turned the wrong way, it would’ve been sooner. Then again, if Melany had been paying attention, she wouldn’t have told Erin to turn left off the highway! Either way, they were waiting on the main road to turn in when some twit in a red Alero decided she couldn’t drive. Erin yelled, “Are you going to turn in or not?”… Like the woman could hear her.

“Oooo, Erin look at that car!”

“C’mon lady…”

“Holy crap that’s Fleury’s Lamborghini!!!”

“Seriously, you have the right of way!”

“Hmmm, that doesn’t look like Flower… and someone’s riding shotgun!”

Erin finally took her eyes off of the annoying driver and glanced to the left, eyeing the car for the first time. She turned back and looked at Mel.

“Looks like Brooksie to me.”

Melany kept staring at the car. She finally realized what looked off.


The last word was uttered in such a high-pitched and long, drawn out scream that Erin was positive the guys heard it through two windows and whatever music they were sure to be playing. She finally turned in front of the idiot driver in the other lane; and she couldn’t help but laugh as Mel continued to stare at the guys as they passed them and headed into the lot. Once she had pulled in, she turned toward her friend.

“I don’t need to chain you to the car and leave the windows cracked do I?”

“No!! I mean… No, I’ve gotten it out of my system now. I won’t be freaking out anymore.”

Erin gave her a look, but Mel just beamed a smile at her. They checked in the mirrors to make sure there wasn’t anything stuck in their teeth or in their hair. Sure, they didn’t plan on seeing anyone, but one must look their best when sitting near sexy hockey players!


The air in the arena was colder than the Igloo, but Melany felt like she was on fire! She was so excited, almost more excited than she’d been for the game itself. Perhaps it was because as she glanced around she noticed more men than women. Or that although she was just in a Crosby jersey and jeans, she thought that she looked pretty hot. Either way, as tempted as she was to sit by the glass, sitting up higher would give them a better view of the entire rink!

With that in her thoughts, she motioned for Erin to slide down to the middle of a row that was closer to one end, but above most of the people who were already there. The guys hadn’t come out yet and Mel was getting antsy. What if he doesn’t come to these things? Oh that’s just dumb, he’s captain and married to his sport, of course he’ll be here! But he doesn’t know you’ll be here. Not that he probably even notices who’s here! Oh god, stop rambling in your head!

“I need something to distract me Erin! Now!”

It was like the Hockey Gods heard her and chose to show her some love. The door across the ice opened. Then a guy dressed in an athletic suit stepped out. He opened the door to the ice and Mel held her breath.

The first door opened again and she knew, without seeing a number anywhere on his uniform, that it was Sid. She watched, completely mesmerized, as he, and those who came out after him, skated around the ice. No, it was more of a gliding movement. Like they were almost flying.

“Earth to Mel. Trying to have a conversation with you over here!”


“Lover boy knows you’re here…”


She may have said that a little louder than necessary because a few of the other fans around them turned back to look at them. She noticed and her cheeks turned slightly pink. She brought her eyes up and looked towards the ice. Two of the guys were standing together and they were both looking her way. She blushed even more and dipped her chin towards her chest, her hand up to cover her face.

“Erin… please tell me that’s not who I think it is staring at us.”

“Ok, Sid isn’t standing there with Garon and staring at you.”

“You’re lying aren’t you?”


“Oh geez… why do I keep making a fool of myself?”

“Well, it’s not like you’re totally classy when he’s not around either.”

Mel finally pulled her face up, trying to keep her eyes from straying to the one guy on the ice that she wanted to watch. Her gaze roamed around, falling on Erin’s heartthrob.

“Looks like your man isn’t practicing today.”

She nodded her head in Geno’s direction.

He stood against the glass near the door that everyone had come out of. Must’ve been the locker room. Erin put her feet on the bleacher in front of them, her arms on her knees, her chin in her hands, and let out a sigh.

“I wonder why he isn’t practicing. Maybe he got hurt last night and I didn’t realize it. I should have noticed if he was hurt though…”

“Seriously! With the way you eyed him all three periods!”

Erin started make a smartass reply but it looked like the practice was going to be underway.


Oh man. She’s here.

Sidney felt it almost as soon as he stepped onto the ice. He could feel someone looking at him. After skating around a few times he slid over to the net to speak with Garon. And while he did his eyes scanned the crowd. Then he spotted her.

Well, he saw Red and then his eyes fixed on the figure sitting beside her. Garon was talking about something but Sid just kept staring. He watched her turn her body toward Red. And then he watched as she got a panicked look on her face, glanced his way, and then hid her face with her hand. He let out a small laugh and Red laughed back. She knew what was going on too.

“Dude, why are you laughing at me? I’m serious! I sometimes feel like I won’t get to play because I can do half the moves Flower does. He’s like jell-o or something…”


Mat glared at Sid and refused to go through his entire explanation again.

“I’m sorry. I got distracted. I’m sure you’ll be fine. We’ll shoot enough things at you to keep you on your toes!”

They both laughed and then Sid skated over to the coach and practice started.

The guys taking part in the open skate were all limbered up and ready to go. Practices like this were always helpful. Sure, they didn’t do a ton of work, but sometimes you had to have fun more than anything else.

After some drills they started a small scrimmage of three-on-three. Coach decided that just using half the ice would be easier since Flower wasn’t out there. Sid was on a line with Tanger and Max. They were standing together, planning an attack against TK, Brooks and Boucher when Max brought up Melany.

“So, did your mystery girl show up? Is she here today?”

“Yeah, she’s sitting up towards the top. Second set, by the red head in the gray sweater.”

“Do you know anything about her?”

“Her name’s Melany, she wears my number and she seems to have a sense of humor.”

Tanger put his two cents in.

“Well, do something to get her attention. You know, a sick goal or something.”

“Yeah,” Max chimed in. “Show some of that skill that put that C on your chest!”

Sid gave a nod and they planned out a sweet play that had him shooting a hard slapper at an angle and hopefully into the back of the net. They cycled the puck a couple times and Tanger slid it over to Sid. He checked his aim and prepared to shoot. Brooksie was bearing down on him though and at the last minute he arced a little too much. He watched as it flew wide of the net, slid around the boards and up over the glass. No friggin’ way! He heard someone yell a “head’s up” and he cringed.

The rest of the guys on the ice were staring into the stands as well.

There, up from the glass, someone was holding the side of their head. He knew who it was, and just couldn’t believe it… I guess the third time is a charm.

Tanger skated by him as Sid stood there, riveted to the ice. They both watched as one of the trainers ran over and took her down to the training room. “Ummm, that wasn’t exactly what I meant Sid. But look at it this way… You can go talk to her now! ”

Sid took one more look up to where Melany had been sitting. Red was staring at him with a hand over her mouth and he was pretty sure she was trying not to laugh. He gave her his best apologizing look and finally skated away, heading toward the door the trainer had gone though. After pulling off his gloves and helmet he turned the door and opened it a little.

“Everyone in here decent?” he joked.

“Well,” a voice from inside floated out. “This guy checking out my head told me that if I felt like I was gonna faint to wait until you came in so that you could loosen my clothes once I pass out.”

Sid couldn’t help but laugh as he opened the door wide. There on one of the tables sat the girl who’d been on his mind for almost the 24 hours. The trainer was touching her left cheek and Sid could see the welt already forming. His smile died.

“I’m so sorry!”

The guy tending to her face must’ve finished because he handed her an ice pack and left the room.

“It’s ok. I should’ve ducked a little faster. No harm done.”

“No harm done?? You face is swollen and red and… and it’s all my fault!”

“Calm down there Crosby. Yelling isn’t going to solve anything, and it’s definitely not going to help this headache that’s forming right now.”

“What do you need? Do you want to lie down? How about something to drink?”

Melany stared at him as he paced around. “Crosby.” He looked up. “Stop moving. Just sit down.”

He hopped onto the table across from her. They just stared at one another for a moment.

“What can I do to make this up to you?”

Melany laughed and batted her eyelashes. “You can take me to dinner,” she said jokingly.

“Ok, what time?”


“I said ok. What time would you like to go? Anything special that you’re craving?”

“Well, I can’t tonight… I have… Uh… I have plans already.” Did I just say that? I don’t have any plans! Good grief… She watched a look of sadness cross his face. “I mean… they aren’t definite plans. I’m sure that Erin wouldn’t mind if I couldn’t hang out.”

“Is that Red’s name?”

“Red? Oh, yeah. The hair right? Oh, and my name’s Melany. What’s yours again? I don’t think I caught it.”

They both laughed until she tucked her hair behind her ear. He stopped laughing right away.

“So, where would you like to go for dinner? I mean, if you think you could go.”

“Well, like I said, I didn’t have serious plans with Erin so if you wa—“

“She could come too! Ummm… Geno loves to hang out so it could be the four of us.”

“I’d need to make sure she’s ok with it.”

The door opened and Erin popped her head in. “Ok with what?”

I hope that the meeting flowed. And I know that the reason behind it was a little far-fetched* But it is fiction* And I thought it was a unique way for it to happen* Let me know what you think guys!

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Chapter 2: To Wink or Not To Wink? That is The Question.

Sorry it took me so long to post this... I had it written, but I didn't like the way it flowed. Hopefully you guys like the way I did it*


“Ummmm, Erin, I think he just winked at me!”

“He was probably just blinking because a drop of sweat got in his eye! You’re freaking out over nothing.” Erin dipped another chip into the nacho cheese and attempted to make it to her mouth without dripping anything all over herself. With that feat accomplished she threw her arms in the air like she’d just done a back flip or something. Mel seemed to ignore her outburst of joy though.

“But what if he really did wink?!”

It was possible that he winked at her, right? It could happen. Sure, he was a star hockey player and girls fawned over him daily, but the seats around them weren’t completely filled yet, so who else would he have winked at? The only other female in their vicinity was a grandmother-type with her little grandson…

“Well,” Erin said after swallowing, “if he really did wink, then you’re right.”

“That’s all you can come up with?? Really? Don’t you think it’s odd? I mean, he doesn’t just wink at everyone right? He could’ve been doing that just for me!”

Erin watched as Mel’s face lit up and she shifted around a couple times in her seat. The game was getting ready to start and the guys would be back out onto the ice in a few moments. “I’ve got a great idea! Let’s just watch the game and not think about it right now! I mean, c’mon Mel, we’re sitting against the glass, and you’re too busy wondering if the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins could’ve winked at you. That’s so not important right now! What you should be thinking about is how to make sure your camera is going to take awesome photos!”

Melany sat back and thought it over, deciding that her friend had a point. He probably was just blinking or something. She handed her nachos to Erin and fished around in her bottomless pit of a purse to find her camera. She took a few test photos to try and get the best results. When she’d finished she took her nachos back and munched away, still a little lost in thought. Well, it’s not like you’re going to get a chance to ask him. No sense in getting yourself all worked up over nothing.


Both teams were standing, the starting line-ups were on the ice and everyone waited for Jeff Jimerson to start belting out the National Anthem.

There was just something about the Star Spangled Banner being performed live at a professional sporting event! The crowd gets into it and you can hear them almost drowning out the singer… it’s always a beautiful thing to be a part of.

And then the game was under way! Both girls sat there, staring at the ice and watching their respective men play the game. Ok, they weren’t their men… but that was how the girls thought of them. The Pens struck first. Matt Cooke landed a goal and less than a minute later they followed it up with another goal by Guerin!

“This is awesome!” Mel screamed. “We’re winning, and the crowd is insane! And we’re winning!”

Erin laughed and brought a touch of realism to the moment, “Yeah, but two goals is two goals… Jersey can come back from that!” Five minutes later Melany felt like hitting her as Brian Gionta backhanded it into the net past Fleury. Erin just stared at the ice, a “whoops, my bad” expression on her face.

Things looked pretty good after that. So good, in fact, that the Devils didn’t score another goal all night! Geno scored the next goal towards the end of the 1st period. Erin went crazy.

When Sid scored halfway through the second period, Melany was 99% positive that he’d looked in their direction. She started to say something to Erin, but a hand in her face told her that now was not the time for wishful thinking.

Poor Sid… no one really had time to celebrate his goal because Staalsy scored like ten seconds later! People were so deliriously happy though that it didn’t matter any longer, as long as it was a Penguin putting the puck in the net! The chants of “Mar-tee, Mar-tee” were sounded every now and then, and the visiting goalie looked like he was going to take himself out of the game.

The coach for New Jersey was so upset he ended up freaking out at the end of the second period and took an abuse of officials’ penalty! And the third period went by like a flash, with Kunitz grabbing a goal to just run the numbers up! After the final horn blew, the Pens had won 6-1.

The two women sat in their seats exhausted from a night of cheering, yelling, clapping, and dancing after goals, etc. They waited to see who the stars of the game were going to be, and both jumped and yelled when “their men” received stars 1 & 2.


A huge chunk of the crowd had already dispersed by the time the stars were named, and the two of them were plastered up against the glass, so when they yelled it was wasn’t extremely difficult to tell who it was. Malkin jerked his head when Erin screamed his first name, and when Sid skated out to raise his stick, he looked their way to see if they had stuck around. Mel noticed, found an enormous amount of courage, and winked at him. He gave a small smile and almost tripped going back onto the walkway.

“Told ya he’d been lookin’ my way,” she said as she nudged Erin. They both giggled and headed out to the lot to watch the guys come out in their suits.

After spending the next hour semi-bent over the concrete wall yelling congratulatory sayings to the guys, the two turned to head back up to the car. There wouldn’t be many people left, but that also meant that there wouldn’t be a ton of traffic to deal with! Erin glanced at Mel.

“Sure you don’t wanna see if Sid’s still here? You could get him to sign your shirt or ticket stub or something.”

She stopped and thought about it for a second. Then she beamed a smile at Erin and grabbed her hand, dragging her back the way they’d come.

“Let’s go!”

The two laughed as they wandered toward the gate that Sid always came out, surprised that there were only a few people still there. Melany glanced at Erin and shrugged her shoulders.

“We could’ve missed him already.” But she made no move towards the parking lot. They walked towards the small gathering and were soon lost in a debate over Crosby or Malkin. One of the waiting group members looked like he’d had one too many beverages during the game, and the longer the conversation went on, the more belligerent he became.

Erin turned when she heard a car start up, and she glanced at Mel to give her a heads up.

Deciding to peer around the barrier to see if it could be Sid, Mel leaned forward, twisting her body to look down the ramp. Headlights came into view and she turned around toward Erin excitedly, not even completely sure if it was him. That was when the conversation turned into a shoving match.


Sid made his way out of the arena and towards his vehicle. He’d said goodbye to all of the people still there, and hopped into his car. Falling asleep sounded so great right now, and he was hoping that there wouldn’t be too many fans wanting autographs tonight. He’d never drive by without stopping, but he hoped that he had waited long enough that only the real hardcore fans were there. And maybe his fan would be there.

As he started up the ramp to the street he didn’t see anyone standing there. Sweet, now I can just drive home and crawl into be---

He hit the horn and swerved to miss the figure that almost fell out into his path. He heard the scream and waited for the thunk as his car hit the body. But no sound came. He opened his eyes and saw a person being pulled back away just inches from his car. Twice today he’d almost hit someone.

He finally looked up and a pair of eyes stared back at him with surprise.

Everyone standing there was talking at once and he finally got a full look at his would-be victim. It was the girl from this afternoon that he’d almost run over at the red light. The one he’d watched throughout the game. He wondered where her friend had gone though. He was just about to ask when the redhead in question popped into view.

“Holy crap Mel! Are you ok?! I saw the guys start at one another and you were looking to see if the vehicle coming was Sid. Then Mr. Had To Much To Drink bumped you and I grabbed at you! You have had the worst luck with oncoming vehicles today! First Sid and now… Oh god, Sid again!!”

Red looked at him for a moment, and then turned to her friend, then back to him again. His brunette just gave an impish grin though.

“I was just trying to make up for earlier. He thought it was my fault before. I just wanted him to be correct. Besides, I’m sure he’s used to girls falling for him.”

Before he could come up with a witty retort the group finally realized it was him and everyone came towards the car to get an autograph. He grabbed the Sharpie out of his center console and signed the items before him. They were all done before he knew it and he looked up to find her. She and Red stood by the barrier and he laughed when she gestured in a sweeping motion for him to go first.
He shook his head and let out a little laugh as he used his hands to tell her to go. She gave him a mock salute and linked her arm with Red’s and they started up the hill towards the parking lot. As they walked in front of him he hit the button for his passenger side window. “… tonight Melany that he almost…”


He watched them walk up towards the upper lot. She must’ve felt him staring because she turned once more.

“Hey Crosby!”

He put the window down farther.

“Great game tonight! You rock!” As she yelled it she held her hand up with a 'rock on' hand signal.

With that said she turned on her heel and jogged to meet up with her compainion. He laughed and shook his head as he turned toward the ramp to go home. And that was when he realized that he had her name… but no way to get a hold of her! Well, maybe fate will shine down upon me and I’ll run into her again. He had no idea that he was about to see a lot more of his mystery girl.

~~Well, even though they technically meet in this chapter, the next one is when they have an actual conversation! I think you'll all find their meeting amusing!! I mean, I hope you do!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 1: That Was A Close Call

Well, I've been working a little on my own story since... well, since before I started reading all the fan fiction on here* I'd really like to know what you guys think! I hope you like it, but if not, constructive criticism is appreciated as well!!
And I figured what better day to post this than the man's birthday* lol



He was gonna be late. He was never late. But for some reason he’d overslept from his nap after practice. It was weird because his internal clock always went off in time, but for some reason today it had taken someone coming into his room to get him up.

So he here was, driving entirely too fast to get to the arena. He’d called Bylsma and Yeo to let them know he’d be a little late, but they just wanted him there in one piece.

As the arena came into view he started thinking about the game. He needed to talk to Kuny and Guerin about a line maneuver he was interested in trying. He also wanted to talk to Geno about something to try during power plays.

He looked down to grab his phone and when he looked back up he hit his brakes, praying he didn’t hit the person walking in front of him! His hands slammed onto his horn and she looked up, fear flashing in her face as he came to a stop no more than ten feet from her.

Sidney rolled down the window and leaned his head out to yell at her.

“Maybe you should watch where you’re walking!”

She seemed to come out of her shock and he watched as anger flushed over her face.

“Well,” she yelled back, “maybe you should pay attention to traffic lights!”

And she pointed above her. Only then did he realize that it was, in fact, a red light. Oh good God I need to get my head on straight.

He glanced up as she walked across the street, her hips swaying as she made her way up the walk to the arena. Then, and only then, did he notice the name on her shirt. His. Ugh, he’d probably just lost a fan or something. That would suck because he truly enjoyed all of those who came to see him.

As he stared at her retreating form he got lost in those hips. They were hypnotic, and he swore she was exaggerating the movements, but she couldn’t know that he was watching, could she? The blare of a horn jarred him out of his thoughts and he realized that he was now sitting at a green light.

He risked another glance at her as he turned to go towards his entrance. She had made her way to another woman, a woman with red hair and dressed in a Malkin jersey. And one or both of them must’ve heard the horn because they were both looking at him. Then his almost-victim whispered something in the redhead’s ear and they both laughed. He gripped the wheel and continued to his gate. So what if they were talking about him. It happened all the time. He pulled in and vowed to get his head where it needed to be!


“So, who almost hit you just now?!” Erin asked as Melany came up to her.

“You’re not going to believe this, but I think it was Sidney Crosby!”

Erin stared at her, giving her a look that said Yeah Right. “You really think that was him?”

“It looked like him, and he has a black SUV doesn’t he? I mean, it might’ve been him. But most of the guys are here already, so he should be in the arena by now, so maybe it wasn’t him…”

Then they both heard the horn and glanced back towards the traffic light. The would-be-pedestrian-whacker was sitting at the light, which had turned green. Melany smirked, hoping that it was because of her that he couldn’t think straight. She’d purposefully put an extra little swish in her walk on the off chance that he was watching her. They both watched as he, whoever he was, drove by.

Melany leaned into Erin, whispering “I think that is him.” To which Erin murmured, “Dang, maybe you should’ve let him hit you!” They both gave a little laugh and turned, walking towards the doors of the arena.

“Ok, so we’re going to get in, go to the bathroom, grab some nachos and a drink, and then we’ll grab out seats right?”

Erin nodded in agreement as they waited in line to enter Mellon Arena. Half an hour later they were having their tickets scanned and walking through the gate towards the inner part of the arena where the ice lay, ready for the players to skate around for their pregame practice. After running to the bathroom, the girls jumped in the beginning of a line to grab a drink and some nachos.

“Why are these things so delicious?!”

Erin just laughed and shrugged her shoulders after using a chip to scoop up an unhealthy amount of cheese and shoving the entire thing in her mouth. Melany laughed and threatened to take a photo. Erin shot her a dirty look as she chewed and then they both burst into a fit of laughter.

Then anything they were going to say was forgotten as they stared at the men flying onto the ice for pregame warm-ups. It was so awesome to be sitting against the glass for this game! Well, it’d be nice to sit here for any game!

“Holy crap! I can’t believe we’re sitting here! Look how close they are! Oh my goodness, I just wanna jump this glass and tackle them!”

Mel had a look on her face that meant business and Erin was wondering if she was going to have to tie her to the seat for the duration of the game. Then all thoughts of Melany fled as she watched Evgeni Malkin skate towards them. Sure, he was just coming over to the boards to line up for a drill, but he was so close… so close.

“Now who’s the one who wants to climb it?” Mel said, smirking at her.

They both started laughing and unknowingly grabbed the attention of the top two players in the NHL.

“I’ll be right back,” Mel said as she stood up and turned to go up the steps. “I’m gonna grab another drink. You want anything?”

Erin shook her head and Mel started up the stairs to get another bottle of water.


Sid glanced up to the general area of the laughing women and he took in a sharp breath as he realized that he and Geno had been staring at the same women, and that the one was the girl he’d almost hit earlier.

Hmmm, which one would Geno go for? Hopefully the redhead, I want dibs on the brunette.

He motioned for the Russian to come closer and, while facing away from them, asked the big guy which girl he’d been checking out.

“Oh, I want redhead. She look like fun.” Sid smiled at his teammate’s broken English and glanced at the stands again, seeing that Crosby tee was back.

I wonder what her name is, he thought to himself. Then he cringed as Jordan came around the net and crashed into him.

“Shit dude! I’m sorry. Why were you just standing there??”

Sid just stared up at the golden boy and smirked.

“None of your business Staalsy.”

He picked himself up off the ice and risked another glance at the girl wearing his number on her shirt. She was looking back at him, and when he caught her, she blushed slightly and hooked her hair behind her ear, turning to the redhead and telling her something that made them both quickly glance at him and then away.

He looked towards Jordan and he got the drift, his eyes scanning until he found who he thought Sid was looking at. “Puck bunny?”

Sid shook his head, tired of the girls who just stuck around to say that they banged a hockey player for a night. He was ready for a relationship. But he knew it was going to be hard. He was gone a lot during the season, and even when he was in Pittsburgh he was busy with interviews and shoots and practices…

Wow, I wanna try to add a girl into that? I must be insane.

But he wanted that none the less. And he really only wanted to meet one girl right now. More fans were coming in and he didn’t want to look too much. After the warm-up he took his final shot and skated towards the walkway.

Staring once more in the girl’s direction he watched as she gave a small smile and he couldn’t help himself, he winked at her. Then he spun around and went off towards the locker room.

Well, like I said... please let me know what you think!