Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While you wait patiently...

Just in case some of you have never read my one-shots........... I decided to make a post that has all of them in it, nice and handy, with clickable links*
So, title and player will be there, enjoy!!!!
I'm starting with the first one, and working my way up to the most current one-shot. And I'll update it if I post new ones* But you should totally follow that blog as well* :)

  1. You Belong With Me - Joffrey Lupul
  2. When You Least Expect It - Jordan Staal
  3. Melting A Heart of Ice - Alex Goligoski PART I PART II PART III
  4. The Massage - Max Talbot & Kris Letang
  5. Smut Challenge, a player you don't like - Alex Ovechkin
  6. Smut Challenge, a player you don't like, part II - Mike Green
  7. Winter Classic Smut Challenge, Ringing in the New Year - Max Talbot
  8. Sinning - Actual regular fic, not hockey related, but equally hot*
  9. Come In With The Rain - Kris Letang (side story to ALS)
  10. S. E. X. - Mike Richards & Jarrett Stoll
  11. Untitled Vinny Lecavalier story
  12. Just Friends - Max Talbot PART I PART II
  13. Fireworks - Simon Gagne
  14. Nothing Wrong - Kevin Bieksa
  15. I Like It - Valtteri Filppula
  16. Crazy For You - Matt Niskanen
  17. The Birthday Present - Sidney Crosby & Max Talbot
  18. Come Back To Bed - Max Talbot
  19. Tasty Treats - Dustin Jeffery
  20. Felt Good On My Lips - Loui Eriksson
  21. It's STAAL Good - Jordan & Eric Staal
  22. A Night at the County Fair - Sequel to Sinning
  23. Untitled - Sidney Crosby
  24. Alex the Great - Alex Ovechkin
  25. Getting Back in Shape - Kris Letang
  26. Some Nights - Jordan Staal
That's it, so far. I'm working on the epilogue and a few other things. I swear I'm trying to get this done for you all though!!!!