Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter 46: Quarter of a Century Old

“Happy birthday… to you… Happy birthday to… you…  Happy… dear…”

“Christ, woman!! Come completely out of the bathroom… NOW!”

He heard her laugh, and saw a flash of thigh, quickly covered by the material of one of his dress shirts. But there was more to it than that, this time at least. He saw fishnet. Letting his hand fall to his crotch, Sid slid his hand slowly over his cock. This was why he’d begged for her to come to Vegas for his birthday.

“Put on some music for me, Sugar.”

“Sugar, is it,” he hollered, grabbing her phone and placing it in the docking area of the clock. He scrolled through the list of songs she currently had, trying to find something she could use for her show.

“Siiiiiiiiid,” came the whine from inside the bathroom.

“It’s not my fault. Good grief, you have nothing in here that could be used as stripper music!”

“How do you know what stripper music sounds like?!”

“You made me see Magic Mike. No one else was available. I. Had. To. Go. Don’t ever tell me I don’t love you. This is the only thing that I feel would work.”

Chapter 45: The Storm Is Coming

Not sure why I never posted this, or the next, chapter, but I wrote them as little stress relievers. And QFD pretty much told me that I had to post them!
For some reason, I posted them on our hockey board, but I never posted them here!
Also, this was set right at the end of the 2011-2012 regular season.


The door from the garage slammed and she jumped out of the chair with a start.


“No, it’s fucking Santa Claus…”

It’s going to be one of those afternoons.

“Baby, come sit down, I’ll grab you a drink an…”

“I don’t want a fucking drink.”

“Okay, well, I saw that hit, I bet you’re sore… so let’s go upstairs and we can gra…”

“I don’t want a shower. I don’t want any pain pills. I don’t want you to rub my muscles.”

She stood completely still, hands clenched together. He’d never been like this before. Sure after a loss he could be a pain in the ass… but this was different. He was… he was being a jackass. Only one other time had he been like…

“What can I do Sidney?”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New oneshot up on the other blog + Post-Game 3 drabbles!!

I was asked to write a story for a friend's birthday.
I know I haven't written anything in awhile, been on a sort of sabbatical from it all.
But for her... Please check out Some Nights and leave a comment :)

Also, after Game 3... when things were sooooo bad...  The boys came back home, and in my head, my ALS couples needed to vent. And obviously they wouldn't all act the same way!
I took the couples... Johnny/Tori, Kris/Lexie, Brooks/Amanda, Geno/Erin, Sid/Melany... and I told myself that the drabble could only have 100 words a piece. This is what ensued. And I did feel a little better afterwards.