Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter 46: Quarter of a Century Old

“Happy birthday… to you… Happy birthday to… you…  Happy… dear…”

“Christ, woman!! Come completely out of the bathroom… NOW!”

He heard her laugh, and saw a flash of thigh, quickly covered by the material of one of his dress shirts. But there was more to it than that, this time at least. He saw fishnet. Letting his hand fall to his crotch, Sid slid his hand slowly over his cock. This was why he’d begged for her to come to Vegas for his birthday.

“Put on some music for me, Sugar.”

“Sugar, is it,” he hollered, grabbing her phone and placing it in the docking area of the clock. He scrolled through the list of songs she currently had, trying to find something she could use for her show.

“Siiiiiiiiid,” came the whine from inside the bathroom.

“It’s not my fault. Good grief, you have nothing in here that could be used as stripper music!”

“How do you know what stripper music sounds like?!”

“You made me see Magic Mike. No one else was available. I. Had. To. Go. Don’t ever tell me I don’t love you. This is the only thing that I feel would work.”
He swiped his thumb over the song choice, and let the country music blast.

“Ugh! Sidney… just because the song has ‘shake it for me’ in it, doesn’t make it appropriate. It’s too fast. Pick something else!”

He snickered as he searched her playlist, thumbing quickly over his next choice. Barely three seconds played before she was complaining.

“Seriously… I am not coming out there, and letting you see all my goodies, to Justin Beiber!”

“It’s on your playlist!”

“Do you want your birthday present?? I mean, I spent the day shopping and getting all dolled up for this. I can take it all off and we can go to bed.”

“Fine, what do you think I should play?”

“Scroll to the M’s, I think you’ll see what I think would be good.”

He could hear the smile in her voice, and he played the dutiful husband. When he got to the correct letter, he focused on the words on the screen.

Dream A Little Dream of Me – The Mamas and Papas
Payphone – Maroon 5
Help Me Make It Through The Night – Martina McBride
Hold On – Michael Buble
Home – Michael Buble

“What is taking so long?”

“Have you seen the random things you have in here? I’m not seeing anything that screaming ‘STRIPPER MUSIC’ yet.”

She grumbled something about useless husbands, but he ignored her and continued to sift through her music.

Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
Famous in a Small Town – Miranda Lambert
Mama, I’m Alright – Miranda Lambert
To Be With You – Mr. Big
Porn Star Dancing – My Darkest Days

“Of course, it would be the final choice in the damn letter,” he grumbled as he placed the phone in the docking station once more, then tapped the song selection. A techno sound came out, followed by a solid beat. He saw one stocking-clad leg pop out, the fishnet giving her a sexy, trashy feel. She quickly filled the doorway in the next few beats, and he let his gaze roam, focusing on the heels that she was standing in.

They were pale pink. The heel was high, and spiky. She rarely wore heels like that. And they didn’t really match his shirt. He hoped she had something on underneath that matched. And that kept the shoes on the entire time.

“Like what you see, so far,” she asked him, her hips moving back and forth in time with the music. Sid stared as she ran her hands over her body. She lifted the shirt to tease, but he didn’t know what she had on yet. And he wanted to know. Immediately.

“I want to see the rest. I want to see what matches those fucking shoes.”

“The lady at the shop said they were perfect with what I got,” she murmured. As the beat played on, she tossed her long, dark hair to the side and began unbuttoning the shirt.

At first there was nothing, just bare skin. And he was fine with that. Then, when another button popped free, he saw pale pink material, and a black bow. With the final button undone, she spread the shirt, letting him get the first glimpse of the new lingerie she’d bought today. For him. No one else would ever get to see this. That thought had him biting his cheek.

As the shirt fell to the floor, Sid grabbed his cock once more.

She was beautiful.

She was his lover, his friend, his wife, the mother of his child, and she was all his.

As her hips did a sexy, little bump ‘n’ grind to the music, he watched her fingers slide up over her soft tummy, cupping her ruffle-covered breasts, getting lost in the pile of brown tresses that fell haphazardly in a tousled, bed head-look.

He quickly moved from the bed and stood in front of her, burying his hands in the hair at the nape of her neck, before he dipped down to plant a smoldering kiss to her fruity-flavored lips. He let one hand slid down her back, popping the clasp of her bra, before moving further south. He chuckled at her gasp as the cups fell slightly, and then she groaned as he grabbed her ass, pulling her against his hardened length. Through the flannel of his pants, he could feel her heat. And he wanted, no, needed, to be inside her.

Releasing his grip, Sid made quick work of the bra, tugging it over her shoulders and throwing it god-knows-where. Then he quickly picked her up and spun around, stalking over to the bed, and dropping her swiftly and carefully.

Dropping down to his knees, he spread her legs, letting them fall off the edge of the bed, and roughly pulled the panties of her - whatever the hell the thing was that looked part underwear, part extremely-micro skirt - to the side. He must’ve had a perplexed look, because he heard the smile in her voice as she fed his curiosity.

“It’s called a ‘skong,’ because it’s a skirt, and a thong, in one.”

“Smallest skirt ever made,” he mumbled. She made to ask him what he’d said, but he stopped her concerns with the first swipe of his tongue over her folds.

She tasted sweet, and he groaned as he delved between her lips, seeking out the magic button that would have her arching off the mattress, and crying out for more, in no time at all. He listened to her moan, felt her thighs quiver slightly as he nibbled on her clit, and knew he couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her.

Pulling away, Sid stood and shoved his pants down quickly, kicking them away and tugging her up so she was standing before him. Her face flushed from the sudden movement, and he groaned as he felt his dick slide against the satin that covered her once again. With a nip at her lower lip, he spun her around and pushed her onto the mattress once more, letting her settle onto her hands and knees, before coming up behind her and rubbing his length along the crack of her ass.

Pulling the material of the thong to the side once more, almost ripping it in his haste, Sid dipped two fingers into her slippery depths, pumping a couple times. When he removed them, much to her disappointment, he wrapped his hand around his aching hardness, stroking himself a few times, coating himself with her desire for him.

Then he placed the tip of his cock against her entrance and pushed slowly. The feeling of being engulfed inside her, the heat, the liquid fire… He nudged her knees farther apart and let his fingers curl instinctively around her hips before he moved farther, his eyes closing because of the pleasure of just filling her once more.

When he was buried deep, his body completely against hers, he felt her shudder. Her arms were stretched out above her, her forehead pushed into the duvet, the garters attached to the back of the fishnets pulled tight over her ass cheeks. He clenched his jaw and took a mental picture, wanting to remember this sight for the rest of his life. When he shifted slightly, she let out a whimper that made him twitch inside her, and he heard her plea.

“Move… please… you’re killing me,” she moaned.

Sid smirked at the back of her head as he pulled himself back, plunging back into her completely. She gasped, he groaned, and he started rocking back and forth, a slow, sensual pace that made his hands flex over her skin, tightening in his need to move faster. He looked down, seeing her ace now that she had turned to rest her cheek on one hand. Her face was full of need, of desire.

Moving one hand to her shoulder, he pulled her up until he could palm both breasts, his fingers pinching at her nipples, tugging at the globes as he continued to thrust behind her. His lips hovered over her neck, his tongue snaking out to lick a trail from the top of her spine, to her hairline. She made little mewling noises, let out puffs of air as he played with her breasts, but he wanted more. He wanted to hear more of her. So he ran his tongue over the skin that led from the base of her neck, toward her shoulder, and then he sunk his teeth into her flesh, biting gently, sucking and leaving his mark.

She let out a cry of surprise, bucked her body back against his, and reached up, wrapping one hand backward and through his hair. Her fingers tugged at his short locks, the hissed out ‘yes’ making him respond. He wrapped his left hand around her arm, holding her steady as his right hand traveled down, pushing the rest of the material firmly to the side, and rubbed over her rapidly moistening nether region. He pushed against her, the heel of his palm digging insistently into the bundle of nerves.

“Baby… yes… more!”

There was a yelp as he moved his hand, almost spanking her pussy before cupping her, feeling his cock as he speared into her. He loved her like this, behind closed doors, when she stopped trying to be the perfect image of what his wife should be, and turned into the wife he needed and loved. As he felt her tighten around him, he slid his hand up to pinch and rub her clit, thoroughly enjoying the sounds she made as she came.

“That’s it, sweetheart, come for me.”

He whispered the words in her ear, his teeth nipping at her lobe, as he held still and let her orgasm wash over him. When he felt like he could move again, without her heat squeezing so tightly, he let her go and placed one hand on the middle of her back to make her bend over once more. He started his rhythm back up, her body warm and welcoming, and he gripped her hips again.

For a few moments, all that could be heard were the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, and an occasional moan or murmur. Then he gasped as he felt her delicate fingers brush over him as she played with both of them. He grit his teeth when he felt her shiver, her muscles working over him as he pistoned deep.

“You’re going to make me come again,” came the breathy response to his movements.

He wanted to feel that, wanted her to clamp down on him as she found her pleasure once more.

“Keep those fingers moving, baby.”

He heard the smile in her voice as she promised to do that, and Sid gave an extra hard thrust for her saucy behavior. There was a corresponding moan, and then he reached forward, gathering a decent amount of her long, thick tresses. With a sharp tug, he pulled her hair to bow her back, and raised his other hand, letting it drop down in an open-palmed spank.

There was a cry of excitement, a choked out plea for another, and he alternated between her cheeks as he rammed home over and over. He could feel the tips of her fingers brush him as she played with herself, and he felt his balls tighten up with his impending release.

Sid released her hair and shoved her farther onto the bed, hearing her sob at the loss of him. But he remedied that quickly, his thighs on either side of her, his dick buried to the hilt once more, and one hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her prone beneath his weight.

He moved in quick, sure thrusts, propelling her into the mattress. Slinking his free hand between her body and the bed, he let his fingers skim over her button once more. Her shriek spurred him on, her body seizing up as she fell apart that second time. And he was with her then, his hips plunging erratically as his vision clouded up and he called out her name. He felt his release down to his toes, and when he was done, he stretched out on top of her, resting himself on his forearms so he didn’t completely squash her.
As he felt his body soften, he slipped from her slowly, leaving a trail of their fluids on her thigh, before collapsing onto his back. He threw an arm over his eyes, breathing through his nose and trying to calm his heart. The mattress shifted beside him and he moved his arm, cracking an eye open and tilting his head toward her.

Her hair was everywhere, her bottom lip swollen from where she’d bitten down on it, and there was a tear in the side of her sexy get-up that he could currently see. She also had drowsy eyes, flushed cheeks, and a sated smile that did wonders for his ego.

“You made a mess,” she said with a small laugh, and he chuckled.

“Like you weren’t planning on tossing the comforter on the ground and just sleeping under the sheet.”

“You ripped my new outfit.”

“I’ll buy you another one.”

“Happy birthday, husband.”

“It was very happy, indeed, wife.”

“Oh, there’s more,” she murmured, almost as an afterthought. “It’s in the bathroom. I’ll go get it.”

He watched as she rolled over to the edge of the bed and kicked off her shoes before padding softly to the bathroom. He threw the heavy duvet on the ground and pulled the sheet up over his nakedness. When she came back out a moment later, she had a robe, the color matching the outfit she’d had on, and no more fishnets. He was kind of sad about that, but the box she placed in his lap made up for it. He lifted the lid and stared at the gift for a moment. Then he lifted his eyes back to her face.




“No, I had some strange, pregnant lady pee on that.”

He was on her in a heartbeat, curling her against his chest and mumbling nonsensical things to her and he ran his hands all over her. He felt a tear fall, but was unable to stop it.

“Crosby, are you… are you crying?”

“I’m happy,” he pouted.

“You’re crying.”

“You’re ruining the moment for me.”

“I love you.”

“Moment officially not ruined,” he stated. She laughed up at him and wiped the wetness from his cheeks.

“I know it’s kind of soon… John’s only 7 months…”

“We’ll be fine.”

“Best birthday ever?”



Okay, I think that Sid and Melany are really done now. I think they've had their story come to a completion! But, you never know when they're going to pop up again in my head, give me something to write about them.

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