Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 1: That Was A Close Call

Well, I've been working a little on my own story since... well, since before I started reading all the fan fiction on here* I'd really like to know what you guys think! I hope you like it, but if not, constructive criticism is appreciated as well!!
And I figured what better day to post this than the man's birthday* lol



He was gonna be late. He was never late. But for some reason he’d overslept from his nap after practice. It was weird because his internal clock always went off in time, but for some reason today it had taken someone coming into his room to get him up.

So he here was, driving entirely too fast to get to the arena. He’d called Bylsma and Yeo to let them know he’d be a little late, but they just wanted him there in one piece.

As the arena came into view he started thinking about the game. He needed to talk to Kuny and Guerin about a line maneuver he was interested in trying. He also wanted to talk to Geno about something to try during power plays.

He looked down to grab his phone and when he looked back up he hit his brakes, praying he didn’t hit the person walking in front of him! His hands slammed onto his horn and she looked up, fear flashing in her face as he came to a stop no more than ten feet from her.

Sidney rolled down the window and leaned his head out to yell at her.

“Maybe you should watch where you’re walking!”

She seemed to come out of her shock and he watched as anger flushed over her face.

“Well,” she yelled back, “maybe you should pay attention to traffic lights!”

And she pointed above her. Only then did he realize that it was, in fact, a red light. Oh good God I need to get my head on straight.

He glanced up as she walked across the street, her hips swaying as she made her way up the walk to the arena. Then, and only then, did he notice the name on her shirt. His. Ugh, he’d probably just lost a fan or something. That would suck because he truly enjoyed all of those who came to see him.

As he stared at her retreating form he got lost in those hips. They were hypnotic, and he swore she was exaggerating the movements, but she couldn’t know that he was watching, could she? The blare of a horn jarred him out of his thoughts and he realized that he was now sitting at a green light.

He risked another glance at her as he turned to go towards his entrance. She had made her way to another woman, a woman with red hair and dressed in a Malkin jersey. And one or both of them must’ve heard the horn because they were both looking at him. Then his almost-victim whispered something in the redhead’s ear and they both laughed. He gripped the wheel and continued to his gate. So what if they were talking about him. It happened all the time. He pulled in and vowed to get his head where it needed to be!


“So, who almost hit you just now?!” Erin asked as Melany came up to her.

“You’re not going to believe this, but I think it was Sidney Crosby!”

Erin stared at her, giving her a look that said Yeah Right. “You really think that was him?”

“It looked like him, and he has a black SUV doesn’t he? I mean, it might’ve been him. But most of the guys are here already, so he should be in the arena by now, so maybe it wasn’t him…”

Then they both heard the horn and glanced back towards the traffic light. The would-be-pedestrian-whacker was sitting at the light, which had turned green. Melany smirked, hoping that it was because of her that he couldn’t think straight. She’d purposefully put an extra little swish in her walk on the off chance that he was watching her. They both watched as he, whoever he was, drove by.

Melany leaned into Erin, whispering “I think that is him.” To which Erin murmured, “Dang, maybe you should’ve let him hit you!” They both gave a little laugh and turned, walking towards the doors of the arena.

“Ok, so we’re going to get in, go to the bathroom, grab some nachos and a drink, and then we’ll grab out seats right?”

Erin nodded in agreement as they waited in line to enter Mellon Arena. Half an hour later they were having their tickets scanned and walking through the gate towards the inner part of the arena where the ice lay, ready for the players to skate around for their pregame practice. After running to the bathroom, the girls jumped in the beginning of a line to grab a drink and some nachos.

“Why are these things so delicious?!”

Erin just laughed and shrugged her shoulders after using a chip to scoop up an unhealthy amount of cheese and shoving the entire thing in her mouth. Melany laughed and threatened to take a photo. Erin shot her a dirty look as she chewed and then they both burst into a fit of laughter.

Then anything they were going to say was forgotten as they stared at the men flying onto the ice for pregame warm-ups. It was so awesome to be sitting against the glass for this game! Well, it’d be nice to sit here for any game!

“Holy crap! I can’t believe we’re sitting here! Look how close they are! Oh my goodness, I just wanna jump this glass and tackle them!”

Mel had a look on her face that meant business and Erin was wondering if she was going to have to tie her to the seat for the duration of the game. Then all thoughts of Melany fled as she watched Evgeni Malkin skate towards them. Sure, he was just coming over to the boards to line up for a drill, but he was so close… so close.

“Now who’s the one who wants to climb it?” Mel said, smirking at her.

They both started laughing and unknowingly grabbed the attention of the top two players in the NHL.

“I’ll be right back,” Mel said as she stood up and turned to go up the steps. “I’m gonna grab another drink. You want anything?”

Erin shook her head and Mel started up the stairs to get another bottle of water.


Sid glanced up to the general area of the laughing women and he took in a sharp breath as he realized that he and Geno had been staring at the same women, and that the one was the girl he’d almost hit earlier.

Hmmm, which one would Geno go for? Hopefully the redhead, I want dibs on the brunette.

He motioned for the Russian to come closer and, while facing away from them, asked the big guy which girl he’d been checking out.

“Oh, I want redhead. She look like fun.” Sid smiled at his teammate’s broken English and glanced at the stands again, seeing that Crosby tee was back.

I wonder what her name is, he thought to himself. Then he cringed as Jordan came around the net and crashed into him.

“Shit dude! I’m sorry. Why were you just standing there??”

Sid just stared up at the golden boy and smirked.

“None of your business Staalsy.”

He picked himself up off the ice and risked another glance at the girl wearing his number on her shirt. She was looking back at him, and when he caught her, she blushed slightly and hooked her hair behind her ear, turning to the redhead and telling her something that made them both quickly glance at him and then away.

He looked towards Jordan and he got the drift, his eyes scanning until he found who he thought Sid was looking at. “Puck bunny?”

Sid shook his head, tired of the girls who just stuck around to say that they banged a hockey player for a night. He was ready for a relationship. But he knew it was going to be hard. He was gone a lot during the season, and even when he was in Pittsburgh he was busy with interviews and shoots and practices…

Wow, I wanna try to add a girl into that? I must be insane.

But he wanted that none the less. And he really only wanted to meet one girl right now. More fans were coming in and he didn’t want to look too much. After the warm-up he took his final shot and skated towards the walkway.

Staring once more in the girl’s direction he watched as she gave a small smile and he couldn’t help himself, he winked at her. Then he spun around and went off towards the locker room.

Well, like I said... please let me know what you think!


  1. great start...cant wait to see what happenes next

  2. It's a great start and I can definitely see it going places.
    Two things though Sidney has a silver Range Rover not black. And the players cannot hear anything through the glass so he would not have heard her laughing.
    Just minor details but it was a great chapter and I can't wait for more.

  3. this is a great story so far!!
    i cant wait to see how he is going to meet her! :)
    i cant wait for more!! :)

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    that sounds like me at a game, especially a Pens game!

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