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Chapter 12: Wait, why'd you name your car that?

Ahhhh, It's finally done. Do you ever have something in your mind, write it out, and then hate the way it came out? I know that it doesn't have to be perfect, but I like what I like* I got some great feedback from my 'editor'* LOL
So I hope you guys enjoy it as well!!!!

Good god, she probably thinks I’m an animal, Sid thought as he attacked her mouth with his. He had her pressed into the carpeted base of the hatch and still didn’t feel like she was close enough. But when he opened the hatch and she was practically laid out in front of him… tunnel vision.

Regaining his senses he started to pull away but those hands that had been running through his hair latched on, keeping him in place. He groaned as her body melded against his, causing a rather natural and possibly embarrassing reaction to occur.

“We need to stop and get going,” he said against her lips, “before I make a damn fool out of myself.”

He heard her make a grumbled noise but her hands released his hair and he carefully lifted off her. After standing and making sure he wasn’t obvious as to his intentions, he held a hand out to Mel and gently pulled her out of the back of Flower’s car. He put an arm around her and guided her over toward his own vehicle, tossing his friend’s keys back to him with a smile. Marc just laughed and practically dragged Vero at a run to the car. Tonight was looking up for a lot of people. He knew that Erin was on her way up to Geno’s too, so the big lug was going to be happy at practice tomorrow.

Opening the door for Melany, he waited until she was tucked inside before shutting it and jogging over to the driver’s side and hopping in.

“So, where to? Do you need to get your car, or can we just go home?”

“I can get my car later, so if you just wanna head home… I’d rather do that. Unless you’re hungry or something.”

“There’s plenty of food at the house.”

“Great, then… my bag! It’s in Flower’s car still!” Sid turned, seeing the vehicle still sitting in the parking lot and jumped out. Knocking on the window he waited. And waited. And waited.

“Marc, man, open the damn window!” He stood there as the entire body of the vehicle rocked back and forth a couple times before a disheveled Marc-Andre popped his head out of the back window.

“Zhis ‘ad better be damn good Sid!”

“What are you…? OH MY GOD! You live like ten minutes away from here!”

“Eet was ten too many mon ami… now, what ees zhe emergency??”

“I need Mel’s bag.”

“Ahhh, okay just ‘old on.” The vehicle rocked again and then a bag was pushed out the window. As it was rolling back up he heard his buddy say, “Now go away Sid.” Chuckling, he walked back to his car, wondering if he’d hear anything about tickets for indecent exposure or anything. Placing the bag in the back with his, he slipped into the driver’s seat again and started the car.

“They were doing naughty things weren’t they?”

“Why would you ask that??”

“Because, I told her she should!”

“You what?” Sid couldn’t believe his ears. “Why would you…”

“Because they’ve been together so long, I told her to do something unexpected! That’s why she was all dressed up tonight. Have you ever noticed that she’s normally just in lounge-like attire? Well, when we agreed to watch the game, I was curious as to what to wear to come get you. Then we hatched the plan to look positively adorable an–”

“Which you do.”

“Thank you,” she said, smiling shyly. He pulled out of the parking lot as she explained the rest of her time spent with her newest friend. He knew that a game with V would be a good judge of how Melany would fit in. Vero had been around longer than the rest of the girlfriends and even some of the wives, in respect to the cohesion of the team, and so he knew that if she liked Mel… she wouldn’t have a hard time fitting in with the others.

The drive to Mario’s took about twenty minutes and by the time they were in the driveway he was all caught up on how she’d managed to make it here, and that she had no real plans for at least a week, other than spending time with him and some with her mom. He knew she was nervous about being here, with him. And he also knew that she had no expectations.

Sidney didn’t know what to expect either, but he knew that ever since that fateful day, she’d been on his mind. After the night at Geno’s he also knew that he wanted a repeat performance. He’d already talked to Mario, so his ‘landlord’ knew there was a potential slumber party. And although he’d been surprised, it was more that he was surprised that Sid had seemed to ask permission. It wasn’t that Sid didn’t see girls, but he’d only invited one to the Lemieux house before. And that had turned out… well; he didn’t want to bring any around after that fiasco.

All that Mario had asked was that he remember that it was a family house, and there were little eyes around. But how do you say that to a girl without freaking her out. With a shake of his head, Sid turned the car off and started to take the keys out of the ignition. He stopped as Mel put a hand on his arm.

“I need to get something off my chest before we go in there.”

“You can say it inside.”

“No, I want you to know now.”

“Ok…what is it?”

“There… well, I… I know that there are multiple young children in that house. And I just wanted you to know that I won’t do anything to embarrass you or myself in front of them. Or anything that would make Mario and his wife upset that you brought me here tonight. I have too much respect for myself, you, and their home to do something like that. Okay?”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Mario and I have talked about the probability of me bringing you here, and his only request was that I remember it was a family home… and I didn’t know how to talk about it without seeming like a prick, and then you go and explain it perfectly like you live here, not me.”

She laughed at him and leaned forward for a quick kiss. Then, pulling away before he could really enjoy himself she opened her door.

“C’mon lazy bones. The longer you spend in there, the less time we have before we have to be proper!”

He practically ripped the keys from the ignition before hitting the trunk release button. They grabbed their bags and he led her around to the back entrance of the house, the one closer to his room. Then he paused.

“We could stay in the pool house tonight.”

“Embarrassed to bring me home Crosby?”

“God no! I just… I don’t know…”

“I can be quiet you know.” His brain pictured her on his bed, a hand over her mouth to keep her screams down as he had his wicked way with her. He gulped and loosened the tie around his neck.

“Yu don’t have to be completely quiet, the walls aren’t that thin. And none of the kids are near me.”

“Then why are we still standing out here?”

He had absolutely no idea. So, with his free hand in hers, he unlocked the door and pulled her inside. He felt for the light switch, bathing the room with a soft glow.


She wasn’t sure what she expected, but being here, in Mario Lemieux’s kitchen, she didn’t feel weird or nervous. She felt… nosy. She’d wanted to see the inside of this place ever since she and Erin drove by that one day last season. Well, that sounded stalkerish didn’t it, she thought. Mel laughed to herself. That wasn’t the way she meant it, but there was no other way to put it.

“This kitchen is gigantic!”

“Well, it’s a pretty big house, and there’s a bunch of people residing in it so…”

“You should give me a tour tomorrow. But for now, can I just see your room,” she asked, licking her lips.

She started to laugh at him as he flicked a different switch, lighting a stairway, turned off the kitchen light, and started pulling her up the stairs.

Opening a new door he pulled her into a room, shut said door and pushed her against it as he pressed his lips to hers. A spark of desire shot through her body as his tongue sought entrance and his body melded against hers. His hands were against the wood on either side of her head, and Melany ran her hands over the hard muscles of his chest before slipping down to undo the buttons of his suit jacket.

When that was finished she started to push it over his shoulders and he helped, his arms coming down to shrug off the material as she started working on the buttons of his shirt. She grabbed and tugged on the hem to finish her task while he brought his hands back up, cupping her face as he plundered her mouth yet again, drawing out a moan of pleasure and need from her throat.

It was the same as before, the need to have him as close as possible. Mel couldn’t seem to get the final button undone and with a growl against his mouth she pulled hard, hearing him chuckle as she tried to get the newest piece of clothing off his body. Oh, for fuck’s sake… screw it.

Leaving the shirt open, she traced a finger across his chest, dipping it lower to run along the waistband of his dress pants. With nimble fingers she got his pants undone and pushed them down, hearing the material swish to his feet. With her idea in her mind, Melany shoved his briefs down as well, and felt his hardness rub against her leg. Before he could say anything, she took his hands off her head and dropped to her knees, taking him into her mouth.

“Fuck,” she heard him hiss. She glanced up and Sid had his hands splayed against the door, staring back down at her.

Grabbing the base of his cock in one hand, she held him still, running her tongue up and down the length a few times before teasing the head, licking the couple drops of precum from the end as she guided him back between her lips. Mel wanted to moan herself at the feeling. He was smooth as silk and hard as steel, and although she wondered how long he’d last, she couldn’t stop from tightening her lips and sucking hard as his hips jerked.

“You need to stop that. I’m going to make an ass out of myself if you… don’t... Melany… God that feels amazing!”

She ignored him as she took her time, relishing in the fact that she was driving him insane. He moaned again, one hand moving down to twist in her hair. If there was one thing Mel liked, it was when a guy took control. And she hadn’t really expected anything other than that from Sid. He seemed like the type of guy who liked to be in control of any situation, on the ice or off. The submissive side inside her was jumping up and down, while the independent nature that coursed through her veins wanted to have him completely at her mercy.

“Baby, please. This is more torture than sitting in the sin bin for something I haven’t done!”

Pulling her mouth off with a pop Melany stared up at him.

“Did you honestly just make a hockey reference while I had my mouth full of your –”

“Well, it made sense.”

“Doesn’t matter. You just referenced hockey. While I was blowing you. Shut down that part of your brain.”

“I can’t just shut it down. That IS my brain.”

Mel brought herself back up on her feet and pushed him backward. As he fell onto his bed, she growled, crawling over him until she straddled his hips. She watched his eyes widen as her fully-clothed body rubbed against his naked form.

“Don’t you think there is something a little more important than hockey… just at this moment in time? Think long and hard before you answer that.” He snorted. “Oh… shut up, not everything I say is completely witty.”

“You said long and hard, and you’re grinding on top of me. What do you expect?”

“I could move.” Before she could move an inch his hands were on her hips and he was proving his superior strength. “I could stay where I am.”

“Stop moving.”

She stilled, her hands itching to run over his chest. He still had on his shirt and dress socks, and the collar was flipped up and curled around his neck. That thick, muscular neck. She could imagine sinking her teeth into him, not hard or anything, just enough to make him growl. He’d made the noise low in his throat the other night on the phone while she been telling him all the things she wanted to do to him. Letting herself go with her emotions, she began to lean toward him. Before she could even move her hands he was clucking his tongue.

“You’re still moving Melany.”

She huffed in frustration and rolled her eyes as she brought herself back up to a sitting position. Sid moved his hands off her hips and traveled up, slowly pulling the buttons of her vest and shirt apart so that his eyes were feasting on the other new purchase she’d made that day. Vero had seen it and threatened her with bodily harm if she didn’t buy it. Mel looked at Sid to gauge his reaction.


Pure white. Satin and lace. Sid gulped at the sight before him. He ran the tips of his fingers almost reverently over the material of the corset that hid her skin from his lustful gaze. He wanted to comment on it, to tell her that the way it contrasted with her tanned skin was beautiful. He realized now why her breasts had looked like they were going to pop out of her shirt. He wanted to tell her that she looked gorgeous. But everything was stuck in the back of his throat.

“Do you like it? Sid? Are you ok?”

“It’s… I don’t want to blink, I’m afraid you’ll vanish when I reopen my eyes.”

“V thought that it would look nice under the new clothes. Do you agree?”

“I’m going to send her a fruit basket!” Melany laughed at him now, but Sid was dead serious. Tomorrow morning, he was going to order one of those fruit things… where the different sliced fruit looked like flowers… fruit bouquet or something like that.

For now though, he wanted to take his time unwrapping this luscious minx that had been taking up residence in the forefront of his mind. He slid his hands up to her shoulders and pushed back the material covering her from his gaze. She shrugged out of her clothing and then he stared, mouth watering, at the expanse of flesh in the light. Memories assaulted him and he was back at full mast.

“Hold on,” he told her, and then he flipped them. He watched the smile dance across her face, heard her breathy little laugh as she got comfortable beneath him. Sid lifted up enough to wriggle one hand between them, undoing the snap and zipper of her jeans. He wanted to be inside her, now. Struggling to keep his desire in check for a couple more moments, Sid brought himself up, grabbed the legs of her jeans, and pulled.



“You shhhh!”

Sid smiled down at her. She was so spunky. So unlike the girls before. They had only been out to please him, to get things from him. Melany didn’t seem to care. She didn’t treat him like he was some human with god-like attributes. She treated him like a man she wanted more than anything else. And he was going to treat her like the woman he wanted more than life itself. Reaching for the bedside table, he snatched out a condom and made quick work of sheathing himself.

“I’ve been dreaming about this.”

“Awww, what a girly thing to say.” Ok, spunky and cocky. He traced the outline of her pussy through her underwear, smirking when she jerked against him, trying to get closer.

“Someone seems needy.”

“Someone should shut up and fuck me.”

Sid couldn’t stop himself after that remark. He pushed her panties to the side and lined up his cock. He pushed in slowly, savoring the feeling. She was all that he remembered. Tight, hot, wet, and wanting to take him on the ride of his life. He slid home, one of his arms slipping beneath her waist, keeping her close. Stealing a look, he noticed that her eyes were closed, but she was wearing a contagious smile. He moved a couple times, making sure she was comfortable, before he started thrusting in and out at a slow pace, his pelvis crushing against hers with each thrust.

Sid groaned as her hands scoured his back with light scratches and her nails dug into his shoulder as he started picking up the tempo.

“You’re holding back on me Crosby.”

“I’m trying to memorize the way you feel.”

“Study on your own time. I want to be completely worn out when this is over.”

“Don’t you thi—” Sid gasped and still when she tightened around him. Her hands moved to his hair and pulled him down, his lips mashed against hers as she ground herself up against him. His breathing quickened, his pulse started beating double time, and he tore his mouth away. Something primal, ethereal, uncontrollable, blossomed from deep within and he picked up his pace, giving Melany everything she asked for.

His hips thrust hard against her, he could feel his balls slap against her skin, and the muscles in his arms bunched as Sid kept himself anchored to the moaning woman beneath him. She had a firm grip on his shoulder now, the other hand digging into his flesh along his hip. He leaned down as she turned her head into the pillow and he ran his tongue along her throat, nipping at her neck and no doubt leaving a large bruise under the sensitive skin as she came in his arms.

Melany had turned her head back as he let go of her neck with a noise that sounded like a suction cup being released from a window, and he could hear her murmuring things into his ear. Things she wanted to do to him, places she wanted to those things. She even promised to pull off that favor and feel him deep inside her in the locker room if he promised never to stop. Like he could’ve stopped anyway.

He was hooked. He could feel his body inching closer to the point of no return but he wanted to hear her moan his name once more, feel her fall apart in his arms. The material of her corset was flush against him and as he got closer to his climax, the friction of his chest against the lace… well, he wasn’t ashamed to admit that it felt amazing. Not ashamed to admit it to himself anyway. And if it did that to his nipples, he could well imagine that hers were as hard as ice. I’ll give them some lovin’ later, he reminded himself.

Now slamming against her with each push, Sid was slightly concerned that he might be hurting her, but those nails scratching his back and the throaty moans coming from her lips ceased his worried thoughts.

“I want to feel you come again.”

“Don’t stop then, please don’t stop!”

“I’m getting close Melany.”

“Me too… oooo, yes, yes… god, so good…”

He watched her face, saw her wrinkle her nose and squeeze her eyes shut. Her fingers dug deeper and he moved wildly against her.

“Open your eyes Melany.” She did as he asked and he watched her come apart, her mouth open in a silent scream as he pumped into her a few more times before holding her against him as he found his own release.


“Sidney, Sidney, Sidney,” she whispered into his ear. Her body was literally shaking and her joints in her fingers and legs were sore from being locked in the same position for what seemed like forever. He was panting, his breath blowing short gasps into her hair and he was practically lying on top of her.

Melany knew she should make him move, at least lift up so she could slide out from underneath him, but she felt safe and warm in the moment. She ran her fingers gently up and down his back for a moment before he hissed and jerked.

“Ow… fuck!” she heard him whisper harshly.

“Are you ok?”

“I think you scratched me… a lot.” Glancing up at his face, he was staring at her accusingly. Melany turned her head to keep from laughing out loud, but her body still shook with the giggles she was trying to contain. He took it the wrong way.

“Oh god, it’s ok! I’m not mad! I swear, it only hurt a smidge. Please don’t cry!” She turned toward him now, almost in full hysterics. “Are you laughing?”

“Well, if you would’ve seen your face. You were pouting!”

“You know, you shouldn’t laugh at people, especially not right after the best sex of your life.”

“Who said it was the ‘best’ of my life?” He just smirked. “Ok, fine. It was the best sex of my life.”

“Of course it was. I don’t fail at anything.”

“You’re so damn conceited.”

“No, I’m just honest. Besides, you can’t be mad.”

“Why not?”

“Because, it was the best I’ve ever had also. Must be the woman in my arms.”

“Smooth Crosby, smooth,” she said as she smiled and pulled him down for a quick kiss.

“Shower,” he asked as his lips ran along her jaw and over to her ear, nibbling on the lobe and sending a shiver down her spine.

“Sounds lovely. Together?”

“Conserve water. I’m very eco-friendly.” She just laughed as they untangled themselves and he slowly moved away, making her gasp as he finally pulled himself from her body.

A minute later they were in the bathroom, and he was peeling the corset off her body. Five minutes after that the water was sloshing over their bodies as he ran soapy hands all over her skin. Thirty minutes after that he pulled himself from her depths and shot his load over her lower back and ass, before twisting the nozzle and letting the evidence wash down the drain.

Melany smiled against his lips as Sid put the towel over her shoulders and pulled her against him, drying half of her while the other half slid wetly against his. They finished drying off somehow and she went over to her bag, rifling through it until she found her pjs.

“Don’t laugh.”

“Why would I laugh?” She donned her bedtime attire and tried to hurry to the bed. He caught her arm and spun her around so that he could see what she was wearing. A tight-fitting “Sid The Kid Stole My Heart” tee and black lounge pants were covering her. She peeked up at him to judge his face. He was smiling.

“I’m not a stalker, or a creeper. I swear.”

“Uh huh…”

“I’m not!”

“I said okay,” he laughed.

“No,” she said, “you said ‘uh huh’ in that I-don’t-believe-a-word-you’re-saying tone of voice.”

“I think it’s cute. And I think your cute.”

“I am, aren’t I?” She turned her face up to his and he just laughed as he kissed her once more.

“Now who’s the conceited one,” she heard him say as he buried his face against her neck. He was kneading his fingers around her lower back, and Melany heard herself sigh and arch against him as her lids started to droop, her energy finally running low.

“I think it’s time for someone to get some sleep,” she whispered to him.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Melany heard him reply.

She squeaked as Sid picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

“You’re such a dork.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Nope,” she told him. “I like being swept off my feet from time to time.”

She crawled into his bed and fluffed the pillows at her head as she watched Sid walk over to turn off the light. He flicked the switch and padded back to the bed in just the moonlight that was coming through the windows. He slid under the covers and pulled her into his arms.

“Tell me something about you,” he said as Melany curled her body against him, her cheek resting on his t-shirt covered chest.

“Something important or random?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just something.”

“Hmmmm,” she replied with a yawn. “I named my car BeBe.”


“Yeah, you know… after BumbleBee. The adorable Transformer.”

Mel knew it was a completely random fact, but her brain was getting fuzzy, and all she could smell was Sid. And despite the fact that she was really tired, she wanted to jump him again.

“That really is a random fact.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sleep-deprived. Shut it Crosby.” She smiled against him, taking the sting out of her words.

“I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since the day we parted after eating at the Cracker Barrel.”

“Well, you should sleep well tonight.”

“I should, shouldn’t I?”

“M’hmm…” she said groggily. She heard him chuckle as he pressed his lips to the top of her head.

“Good night Melany.”

“G’nite you.”

She thought she might have heard him whisper something else, but as her body relaxed against his, she slipped into a dream world that centered around her and her Transformer car. And they were rushing around, trying to save Sid and his teammates from the evil Flyers Decepticons.


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