Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chapter 11: I'll Make You a Deal!

Enjoy! Thanks for sticking around! I'm going to try and make the updates closer together!

Mel stood at the door to her closet trying to decide what she wanted to wear. Do I go with something casual, hockey oriented, or something more… sexy? She couldn’t seem to make up her mind and Rachel was no help. She was still pissed that Mel wasn’t going to be at the apartment. It was ok when she was going to be out and about and Mel had to take care of the animals, but when she had the opportunity to go somewhere, it was like she was abandoning her roommate… yeah, that’s fair .She gave more serious thought about moving back to her mom’s for now. It wasn’t like she couldn’t make it on her own, right? It was just simpler to move back to her hometown for now. Save up some money and then strike out on her own again. And this time, this time she’d get a place all by herself. Both times she’d had a roommate now had turned out disastrous…

She looked at the clock. She still had a few hours before she needed to start getting ready. Yesterday she’d gotten a phone call from a strange number. Deciding to answer it, she came into contact with a bubbly accented voice inviting her to watch the game together. The voice had mumbled to herself in French and then apologized. The whole ordeal had been so amusing that Mel had agreed to come over and hung up before realizing that she had no idea who she’d just agreed to hang out with! Calling right back, both women laughed at the absurdity of their first call. Vero, V as she had asked to be called, told Mel about Sidney asking Marc to ask her to ask Mel to come watch the game. And then they could just drive together to the airport to meet the weary travelers.

Flipping open her phone, she dialed V’s number one again. On the third ring a sleepy sounding voice came on the line.

“Zhis ‘ad better be important Mel-un-nee. Ees pretty early.”

“It’s 10 o’clock in the morning!”

“I was up late.”

“I need your help!”

“I tol’ you, ees really easy to get to our place.”

“No, I don’t know what to wear.”

“Ees just us, I don’ care.”

“I mean later… I have an outfit for the game. But, do I wear something sexy for the airport? What do you do?”

“ ‘Onestly? I jus’ pull on my sweats and a Pens tee an’ go get ‘im.”

“Oh… well, then I guess my outfit will be fine. I just… I thought maybe he’d like a surprise ya know?”

“Zhatz actually a great idea. I never worry about eet anymore… we ‘ave been togezher so long… I ‘ave an idea! Why don’ you throw on somezhing and ‘ead down now. We’ll go shopping and buy somezhing new for our men!”

“Really?? I’d love that!”

“So will Sid! Haha! And Marc will be pleasantly surprised I zhink.”

“Ok, I’ll pack up what I need and be on the road in like 20 minutes!”

“Call when you are close, ok?”

“Will do!”

“Oh my god, I just thought of zhe greatest plan!”


“Surprise him!”

“Uh, V…that’s what I plan on doing. That’s why we’re going shopping.”

“No, tell ‘im you can’t make eet, and zhen surprise ‘im. ‘E will be so ‘appy!”

“Do you really think he’ll go for it?”

“Definitely. Now, geet your butt in gear woman! I’ll see you soon!”

Mel laughed and closed her phone, tossing it on her bed before running into the bathroom to grab her essentials kit and throwing it into her duffel bag. Should I take extra clothes? Will he want me there more than the night? She opted for a couple articles of clothing and then grabbed her phone charger from the wall. Glancing around her room she mentally ticked off the list of needed things. Satisfied, she slung the bag and her purse over her arm and headed down the steps.

Stopping long enough to write a note for her roomie saying she’d be back sometime, she stuck it to the back of the door before snatching her keys from the rack and turning on the porch light. At least I’m considerate enough to do that. She locked the door, twisted the knob to make sure, and then walked down the sidewalk of the complex. Skipping down the two steps she passed the next building of townhouses before hitting the unlock button on her key ring to get in her car. She threw the bag inside and jogged around the driver’s side.

Two minutes later she was pulling out of the complex, her iPod plugged in and blaring a mix she’d make the previous night, and her GPS locked onto Vero and Flower’s house. She was running through the list of possible things to buy when her phone started vibrating between her legs. Oh holy crap, note to self… do NOT leave that there when driving!

“’Ello ‘ello!”

“Hey.” Mel felt her heart slam in her chest and her stomach dropped as she prepared to tell her fib. Here goes.




“Bonjour.” She laughed when she heard someone in the background threaten to shove their stick up Sid’s ass if he didn’t start a real conversation real soon. “Yeah, yeah. Someone needs to lighten up a little.”

“This coming from Captain Serious…”

“God, cannot wait to see you tonight!” Well crap.

“We have a situation.”

“You can’t make it, can you?” Please stop sounding so heartbroken.

“I’m so sorry. You know how much I wanted to be there!” And I hope you’ll forgive me when I show up with Vero!

“I do. It’s school isn’t it? You were saying the other night that you were having problems figuring out how to write your final paper.” She heard him sigh and had to focus on the car in front of her to keep from opening her mouth. Tell him it’s a lie. Oh god, what if he sucks because of this?!

“Play well for me tonight and I promise that the next time I see you we can play out any fantasy you want!”

Any fantasy? Even the one we talked about last night with the—“

“Shhhh! Not everyone around you needs to know what we talk about all the time!” She heard him chuckle and hoped that he would handle himself on the ice. “Seriously, I want you to play really hard tonight!”

“I’ll score a goal for you.” Ugh, how sweet is that?!

“Hmmm, I’ll make you a deal. You score a goal, and we can most definitely fulfill that damn fantasy that’s still probably running through your head!”


“Ok, I gotta go. My muse is calling and I think I’ve figured out how to start this stupid paper.” That I actually finished two days ago. Just then, a vehicle started merging toward her. “What an asshole!!”

“Wh-what?” Crud! Think fast!

“Oh, not you! One of the books is talking about this guy who would torture people for information. Those evil leaders of Medieval England.” Thank goodness this history class is seriously about that!

Sid laughed and they said their goodbyes. Now, let’s hope this lie pays off in the end!

The rest of the drive was uneventful, but it seemed to fly by and before she knew it, Melany was pulling into the driveway of V and Marc’s. She’d called about five minutes ago, and as she turned her car off, a figure stepped out from around the front of the house. Skinny, brunette, smiling… fits the description that Sid gave me.


“Mel-uh-nee?” They laughed as they both asked if the person standing before them was the person they wanted.

“Well, I’d say that answers that! And I know this is going to sound rude, but I’ve been on the road for over two hours and I sucked down an entire extra-large Coke from Sheetz… could I please use your bathroom??” V started laughing and just turned, motioning for her to follow.

“No problem. I’ll geeve you zhe grand tour when you are finished.”

Stepping inside, Mel didn’t know what she expected, but the house was beautiful. It wasn’t spotless, but it didn’t look like her townhouse either. After a quick pit stop V really did give her a tour, starting with the basement. Mel was smiling as they started down the steps.

“What are you so ‘appy about?”

“I was just thinking of this video I saw once on YouTube about this door.”

“Oh gosh! Zhe one where Marc was talking about kicking eet open?”

“That’s it!”

“ Ha ha. ‘E ees such a dork sometimes. But I was glad we weren’t stuck down ‘ere!”

They chatted while Melany was shown around room by room. She couldn’t help but stare when she saw what was in the corner of their bedroom.

“Um, V… is that a stripper pole?”

“Oh! Well… yes. Ees a wonderful way to exercise!”

“Then why not put it in the weight room?”

“Oh c’mon… what good would it ‘onestly do me in zhere?” They both started laughing again and Mel was surprised at how well she got along with this woman. She’d known her a grand total of what… twenty minutes? Vero had to be thinking the same thing. She continued to think about it until they plopped down in the living room. Finally, her curiosity got the best of her.

“Do you find it odd that we seem to get along like we’ve known each other longer than we really have?”


“You don’t? Why not?”

“Because. Sid told me all about you, an’ I jus’ knew zhat we would be able to become friends very quickly. I zhink zhat you and I are very similar, but not in a way that would make us… ‘ow you say ‘bump heads.’ Zhat ees zhe term, no?”

“Yeah, that’s it. So… does Sid do this a lot? Ask you to hang out with girls that he’s interested in?”

“Are you kidding? I was beginning to zhink zhat boy was gay! Zhe last time ‘e ever brought a girl around was at zhe beginning of zhe season. An’ I zhink she was only ‘ere because she was an ol’ family friend because zhey only acted like friends and he didn’t care when Max hit on her. Now, let us go. We will shop, grab somezhing to eat, an’ zhen come back ‘ere and yell at zhe television. And you can question me zhe whole time, good?”

“Sounds great!”

On the way back to the house from an excellent shopping adventure and both of their stomachs full, Mel thought of one more question to ask. V had finally stopped her while they were eating and turned the tables, asking her everything from the number of siblings she had, to how much syrup she put on pancakes. It had been, by far, the most interesting and random interrogation she’d even been a part of. Sid had called before they left for the arena, and luckily she and V were in the car and not surrounded in a crowded store or restaurant. That would’ve been fun, trying to explain all the noise. He still thought she wasn’t coming. Things were working out. Now the guys just needed to pull off a win so that Sid’s spirits wouldn’t be double down.

As they pulled in the drive, Melany voiced her question.

“Uh, V, how come none of the other girlfriends or wives are coming over to watch the game with us?”

“Because Sid wanted me to do eet alone. ‘E didn’t wan’ you to be overwhelmed. Zhis way, you get to know me first, and zhen when you come to a game, you ‘ave an ally already.”

“Am I going to need an ally?”

“You are dating zhe captain of zhis team.” V responded, turning in her seat to cock an eyebrow. “What do you zhink?”

“Well, then I’m glad Sid picked you!”

“Pfft, who else would ‘e choose? I’m amazing!” Then V burst into a fit of laughter and they snatched their purchases and Mel’s bag and headed in the house. V told her to take her stuff up to the first bedroom on the right and she could lay everything there. They wouldn’t need to get ready until after the game, and this way, she could lay everything out now.

Deciding on popcorn and Coke, they found their way into the living room and turned on the TV. They had thirty minutes until puck drop and V peppered Mel with more questions. These ones geared more toward Sid. But everything came to a standstill when the game started.

Mel talked to Vero about Marc and how long they’d been together during intermissions. V had her laughing so hard about some of the things that Marc had done to get her attention. And Mel shared some stories of her own. Most were about antics that she had gotten into with friends, but she shared the story of the morning at Geno’s, and had her new friend rolling on the floor after the part about Max walking into the bathroom .

By the start of the third period they’d made a lunch date the following day with the boys, whether they liked it or not. Then, after coming back from a commercial break, the Flyers tried to rally back. The boys had already taken two penalties when a shot rang off the post. The light behind the net went on and Vero started cursing in French. Well, that’s what Mel figured she was doing judging by facial expressions and the fact that she was flipping off the television. The goal was reviewed, and the referee waved it off.

“Zhey can’ win zhis game.”

“V, don’t worry. They won’t.”

“No, seriously. You don’ know Marc when ‘e comes home after a loss. Ees not pretty.”

Slightly concerned by the tone of her voice, Mel leveled her gaze at Vero.

“It’s none of my business, and you don’t have to answer, but… he doesn’t… he doesn’t take it out on you, does he?”

“Take it… OH GOD NO!! Sometimes he needs to, how you say, vent… but zhat is the fun part and always ah-mazing! What I talk about ees zhe moody teenager attitude he has right after zhe final buzzer. He always told me zhat goalies are different after a loss, but until I first moved in, I never realized how true zhat was! It starts with ‘im blaming himself. Zhen ‘e moves on to blaming zhe guys. And zhen he brushes it off and vows to even zhe score next time around. And all of zhis ‘appens in a span of twenty to twenty-five minutes! Ees a very trying twenty minutes zhough!”

“Whoa. How do you do it?”

“ Ees Marc. ‘E ees my fleur. I would and will do anyzhing for ‘im. If zhat means staying in another room while ‘e sits in here in zhe dark with a glass of alcohol when we first git home, so be it. Once zhat first bout of anger ees gone, ‘e is back to being my Marc, and we work out zhose frustrations togezher.”

“And that part must be sooo tiring,” Mel said with a laugh.

Vero winked back at her. “ Oh yes… ‘orrible. Almost as bad as zhe celebrations after a win! But let me tell you--”

The cursing started again. Carcillo notched a goal and no amount of review would say otherwise. But they needed another goal to tie things up. The coach pulled Biron, but Max closed the deal with an empty netter, securing the third win of the series. With the ring of the final buzzer, the girls climbed up the stairs to get ready.

Mel had just finished with the undergarment part when her phone started ringing, loudly.

“Shhhh!!! It’s Sid!” she yelled before hitting the Send button and bringing the phone up to her ear.

“Hi there Cap’n,” she said in a light voice.

“I miss you.”

“Ditto. I watched the game.”

“I thought you didn’t get FSN.” Fuck.

“I got a live feed on my laptop…”

“Oh… so you saw my goal? We had a deal. Get in your car right now and drive to Pittsburgh. We’ll play out that fantasy tonight!”

“We can’t even get into the arena now!”

“Babe, not to sound too cocky, but I’m Sidney Crosby. I have a key to the arena.” That arrogant tone, combined with the visions in her head… she had to practically wipe the drool off her face. “Melany?”

“You know I’d come if I could. I’m sorry. But if I can get this paper turned in tomorrow… I can unofficially be done with my semester. I don’t have finals and this was my last assignment for any of my classes!”

“So… you could come to Game 5?”

“Baby, I could come to every game from Game 5 of this series all the way to Game 7 of the Finals if it takes you that many!”

“You’re pretty optimistic that we’ll go that far.”

“You’re gonna win this year. I know it.”

“I’ll remember that. And when we’re playing Game 7, be it at the Mellon or some other ice rink, you better fucking be in the stands or in a box.”

“Deal Crosby.”

“Well, since I can’t tempt you… I’d better let you go. We’re getting on the plane now. I’ll call you tomorrow ok?”

“Sounds good. Be safe, and I’ll see you soon.”

“Not soon enough.”

“Good night Sidney.”

“G’nite.” Click.

Sighing, she dropped the phone to the bed once more and picked up the dark gray jeans she’d found earlier. Comfortable, flattering, and stylish meant that she could wear them almost anywhere. Next, she slid the silk long-sleeve blouse over her arms, buttoning all but the top two buttons. The pin-stripe vest completed the outfit, casual yet sexy in a sophisticated way. She threw her hair up in a messy bun, letting the whispies fall free, and smiling as her bangs fell in place for once. Vero yelled that her hair was done if she needed the straightner or anything. A run through of the curling iron had all those free-falling locks styled. A quick dusting of eye liner and shadow, and her favorite lip gloss and she was done.

“Oh la la, don’ you look different from zhe mess you were only a few hours ago,” V said with a smile.

“Oh shut it!” Mel laughed, sticking her tongue out. “Look at you! You look transformed as well!”

Vero laughed and spun around. The dark blue bubble skirt was adorable with the fringed black tank top. Spike heeled black knee boots and her sleek tresses swept to the side… Mel couldn’t help but stare, and she wasn’t even interested in women! Marc was going to LOVE it!

“C’mon, we’ll grab a bottle of water and head out to zhe car!”

“And you’re sure I can leave mine here until after lunch tomorrow?”

“No problem. Leave eet as long as you need to!”

“Ok, should I be outside the car like you? Or should I just wait in the passenger seat until I see him?”

“Why not hide in zhe back? I’ll ‘ave Marc tell Sid zhat he needs to geet somezhing out of zhere, and when eet opens up… voila!”

“Has anyone ever told you how wonderful you are?”

“Marc tell me zhat daily. I zhink ees because ‘e ees always doing bad tings!”

“I can’t wait for you to meet my friends. You’re going to love them! You’ve heard about Erin already, but Amanda… she’s a trip! I want to hook her up with one of the guys too! I’ll get all my friends dating hockey players sooner or later!”

“Zhey really do make wonderful boyfriends… zhey’re smarter zhan people zhink, strong, sweet, talented, and great in bed! And I’m sure zhat I will become fast friends with your girlfriends. If you love zhem, I will too.”

Vero’s phone went off about five minutes later, the guys were taxiing in and would be in the lot within the next ten minutes. She reminded Marc to make sure Sid got into the back for something. She heard a whispered je’taime as V shut the phone.

“What if Marc doesn’t like my surprise?”

“Shut up, he’s going to love it! You know that! I should get in my spot I guess.”

The two continued chatting from opposite ends of the SUV until a bus appeared. Vero beamed a smile and hopped daintily out the door, giving Melany a thumbs up.

Mel watched as Flower got off the bus and spotted his girlfriend. His eyes lit up and they met halfway. Scooping her up in a bear hug, he twirled her around before placing her feet back on the ground and capturing her lips in a kiss that Melany thought showed just how much he’d missed her. Then her breath caught in her throat as Sid stepped down. He looked around, his shoulders slumping slightly when he realized that there really was no one here to greet him. he walked by Marc and Vero, smiling a little as Flower struggled to get his keys out of V’s possession as he kept his mouth on his girlfriend’s.

She didn’t hear the latch click until he was practically on top of the vehicle. As his thumb hit the key fob button, she swallowed and tried to sit in a sexy position. The hatch lifted and Sid stood there, his eyes running over her, then blinking rapidly as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Hey there stranger. Looking for something in particular?”

He continued to stare at her. Concerned, Melany hopped out of the vehicle, standing in front of him. She touched his arm. “Sid?”

He finally broke out of his trance as Max’s voice carried over from his own car.

“Don’ just stand there mon’ami! Kiss her already!”

She watched Sid’s eyes widen a bit as his arm snaked around her waist and brought her flush against him.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl,” he whispered as his lips came crashing down onto hers. The hoots and hollers of his teammates disappeared as she felt his tongue trace her lower lip before slipping inside her mouth.


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