Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chapter 10: Bus Rides & Hotel Rooms

The days flew by and Mel and Sid did their best to talk daily and not even any of that mushy stuff or anything like that. They would talk about their days, have simple straightforward conversations. Like friends do. He would try to keep hockey out of the dialogue as long as possible but she honestly didn’t seem to mind when he couldn’t help himself and it sort of slipped out. In fact, she was always asking him questions. For his part, he listened to her complaints about her roommate and living situation in general. It turned out that she wanted to move back to her home town. Aside from one good friend, everyone else that she knew was over an hour away. Sidney understood missing home.

He found himself sitting and listening to her, letting her vent out all those frustrations for hours, and he didn’t grow tired of it at all. It was nice to try and be the problem solver for once and she seemed to appreciate his input. It was also nice to not be the only one talking about his problems for once and besides, her calls came as welcome distraction.

And today… today he definitely needed a distraction. They’d just lost Game 3 to the Flyers, in Philadelphia, and he wanted to talk to her; wanted to hear something other than ‘It’ll be ok,’ or ‘You can’t win them all.’ He knew she wouldn’t lie to him. One thing he’d found out about her from all their conversations was that she was honest, almost brutally sometimes.

If he was complaining about not playing well, she wouldn’t coddle him. No ‘poor baby’ routine from her. He found it downright refreshing. And he hadn’t played his best today and he was willing to bet she’d have a thing or two to say about his play, but then maybe she hadn’t watched the game. It had been an afternoon game. Maybe she’d been busy. There’s no way I’m going to be that lucky, he thought as he dialed her number. On the fourth ring a very breathless voice came on the line.


“Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“I was in the middle of something, but it’s ok, maybe better now that you’re on the line.”

“Yeah? Well, tell me what’s up. I’d love to help.”

“Are you back at the hotel already?”

“Not yet. We’re on the bus though. It’s ok; just tell me what I can do. You sound a little frustrated.”

“I don’t know, it can probably wait…”

“Please Melany… I need to get my mind off of what just happened.”

“I was just thinking of the day you hit me with the puck and…”

“Oh geez. You’re going to hang that over me forever aren’t you,” he said with a laugh.

“Well, actually, I was thinking more of what happened later that day… upstairs in that room…at Geno’s...” Sid tensed and looked around. No one was paying attention to him though.

“So why were you breathless and frustrated when you answered the phone?” Do I really want to hear the answer to this right this second? He turned and peered over his seat, but the only one near him was Jordan, and he just looked up and gave a small smile before going back to the magazine in his hands.

“Because when I think of those moments I can’t help but touch myself. And once that happens I just start to replay the whole scene in my head. The desk, the floor, your eyes on me… oh god…”

Sid heard her release a long moan and knew that whichever hand wasn’t holding the phone was sliding down her body and then he couldn’t help but picture her there, lying on her bed on those black sheets he knew were covering the mattress. He wanted to be with her, watch her, touch her. He hardened under his dress pants and prayed that they would arrive at the hotel soon.

“Baby, are you ok? Sid? Sid?”


“Just making sure you’re still with me. Are you ok?” He thought he could detect a slight sound of satisfaction in her voice at causing him even the slightest discomfort.

“Peachy,” he promised her. She moaned again and he let out a strangled groan, trying to be as quiet as possible. He brought a hand up to pull at his tie that suddenly seemed to tight against his neck.

“Are you picturing it too Sid?” Oh that voice…

“Yes. And now, sitting on this bus surrounded by my teammates, I have a hard-on, so thanks for that,” he whispered, hoping that no one was listening. Obviously luck still wasn’t on his side today because as soon as he told her that Jordy popped his head over the seat. Sid flinched.

“Dude, do you wanna go get something to eat after we get to the hotel?” Melany chose that moment to moan and sigh. Sid knew that with Jordan that close he had to have heard her. To make matters worse, he dared a look to see if Staalsy had caught on. He had and unfortunately the look of shock quickly passed and a sly grin replaced it. “Sorry man, I’ll just ask you later. I can see you’re uh…busy.”

Sid felt at least his upper body relax as Jordan slid back into his seat. He tried to focus on what the woman on the phone was saying.

“Who was that?”

“Jordan. I’m about ninety-nine percent sure he heard your vocal abilities.”

“You’ve heard them too. And you’ve seen my oral abilities firsthand as well. Remember?” He could hear the smile in her voice and he couldn’t stop the grin that came across his lips.

“I do remember that actually, and let me just say tha--”


He should’ve known that Staalsy had let it go a little too easily. That exclamation was followed by a series of whistles and cat calls, and in his ear he heard a peal of laughter. I’m glad everyone else is finding this so god damn amusing!

“I have to get off babe.”

“Mmmm, well then we should keep talking! We can get off together.”

Sid looked up and silently asked for patience.

“You aren’t helping you know.”

“If I was able to be there I’d help you out of those pants that I know are straining to keep you contained right now.”

“Dammit Melany… please… You’re killing me right now, you know that don’t you?”

“You better call me later then; see if I’m still willing to help you out.”

“As soon as I open my door to my room I’m going to dial your number.”

“Enjoy your bus ride with the guys.”

“Ha!” he hit the button on his phone and counted to five. He stood up and turned to look at his teammates. No one was saying anything now, but they all had shit-eating grins on their faces. Jordan finally spoke up.

“So, does this mean that you aren’t coming out with us?”

“Damn straight!”

“She sounds like she’d be a rea--”

The bus came to a stop and Sid flew off and up the steps before some of the guys had even stood up. He could hear the whistles again and some yells but as he burst through the hotel doors there was only one thing on his mind. Black sheets and smooth skin.

Mel stood in the middle of her bedroom. She’d plugged her phone into the charger on the wall and had some of her favorite candles lit. She slipped the new Bluetooth onto her ear and waited patiently for Sid to call back. She cinched her satin robe around her waist and ran a hand through her hair. Luckily her roommate was over at her boyfriend’s house, so she had the place to herself. Still… she walked over and locked her door. One can never be too cautious.

She didn’t care if Rachel heard anything she might say, she just didn’t want her to burst in without any thought. That had happened once before, before she’d met Sid, and Rach had witnessed a very personal moment between Mel and her… mechanical friend! She was brought out of memories with the ringing of the phone. She clicked the button to answer the call.

“Hey there stranger.”

“I just ran up ten flights of stairs.”

“Why didn’t you take the elevator? I don’t want you too worn out to play with me.”

“I felt like I could make it faster this way. And trust me, just thinking about what you were doing before has me ready to go!”

“Did the guys give you too much of a hassle after we hung up?”

“Yeah, but I can handle it.”

“Can you handle me?”

“That I’m not so sure of… I thought I had you figured out. But today… let’s just say…you threw me for a loop!”

“You know what I’ve figured out?”

“What’s that?”

“If I use this new headset, I can talk to you and have both hands free.”

Melany heard him literally gulp and smiled as she pictured him. in her mind she could see him leaning against the door that he’d just shut. His tie was undone as was the first, maybe second button on his dress shirt. She heard the rustle of clothing and figured he was taking off his jacket. There was a sigh and a squeak so she figured he was sitting on the edge of the bed now.

“Getting comfy Crosby?”

“I’m guessing you’re already more comfortable than I am. I’m just trying to catch up.” There was a smile in his voice and she laughed.

“Well then, let’s get you out of those clothes. Close your eyes. I’ll be right there beside you.”

“I feel a little dumb…”

“Just trust me.”

“I do.”

“Good. Now, as I tell you what I’m doing, you have to do it… close your eyes. I’m walking out of the bathroom and coming toward you. Remember that robe I told you about? The light yellow one with the pinks flowers all over it? That’s what I’m wearing And Croz? I’ve been dying to see you since the morning we left Geno’s.”

“I want to see you too.”

“Shhhh. That shirt is too constrictive. Loosen your tie and bring it over your head, and imagine placing it over mine. It may come in handy later… I run my hands over your shoulders and come to rest on the collar. Yeah, you definitely have too many clothes on. My fingers are undoing button by button until I reach your pants. Then I pull it out of the waistband and finish the job, bringing that magnificent chest into view. Sliding the sleeves down your arms, I throw it across the room. Are you shirtless Sidney?”

“Yeah… I’d like to be pants-less though.”

“No rushing me.”


“Now, where was I? Oh right… my legs are shaky from the desire that I feel for you, and I drop down to my knees. With nimble fingers I reach and undo the snap on your pants. I can feel you hard and ready as my wrist slides over your groin. Mmmm, I can’t wait to bring him out to play.” Mel heard him groan and bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning. God, she wanted to be in the same room with him right now.

“I dip my hand into your pants, under those briefs that I know are stretched across something thick and hard. Running my hand up and down the length a few times, I bring my other hand into the mix to release you from those cotton bonds. I can hear you breathing faster Sidney… do you want me to stop?”

“Don’t you dare,” he exclaimed. His voice was harsh with need and she felt bad that this was the closest they could be right now.

“I tell you to lean back on your hands and with one hand wrapped around you I take the tip of my tongue and run it over the exposed length.” HE gasped and she pictured him stroking himself as she told him what she wanted to do to his body.“I could spend all day doing this for you. But you seem like you need some release so I open my mouth and take as much of you in as I can. I can’t fit the entire thing in my mouth, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. My head starts to bob at a leisurely pace, enjoying myself as you watch me worship you with my mouth. I stop for a minute and run my tongue up that vein on the underside of your cock. When I get to the head I swirl around it before going back down. I can see you clenching your fists in the comforter of the hotel bed.”

“Melany… come to Philly.”

“Shhhh… I don’t want you thinking of anything other than what I’m doing.”

“I want you here to actually do it though!”

“I can’t come right now and you know that. Now, stop glaring at the TV like it’s me, close your eyes, and picture me on my knees in front of you. You can take out your frustrations on the vision of me.”

“Then I think you should be naked too. That way I can tell you what I want to do to you.”

“Fair enough.”

“Good.” She could tell he felt some semblance of control now and knew that he felt like he needed that.

“Are you really in just the robe?”


“Untie it and take it off. Then lie down on the bed on your back.”

Sid could feel himself pulsing in his own hand. She had painted a clear picture in his mind. He wanted to do the same for her. It was going to kill him to hear her and not be able to touch her with his own hands though. This was the first time they’d ever talked like this and it gave him hope that when he got back maybe they could do this again, in person.

“Are you on the bed?”


“God, you’re beautiful. I want to be there beside you. I wanna feel your skin pressed against mine.” A moan came over the line and he closed his eyes, remembering the way she’d moaned in his ear before they came together on the desk. He tightened the grip he had and closed his eyes. “I want you to run your hands down the luscious body of yours. Start at your neck and trail your fingers lightly down, over your breasts and down your stomach. But stop there.” He heard the growl of irritation and chuckled. “Patience, remember?”

“Fuck that… I was almost there before you called the first time. Then you teased me while you were on the bus, and now I’m on a tightly wound and you’re toying with me. I think your sadistic… big meanie…” he chuckled again because he knew she was toying with him, that she wasn’t really mad.

“So you want me to tell you what to do so that you can come? You want to hear me telling you to bring your hands back up to your breasts? To run your fingers over your nipples? I want you to take one in each hand and twist them, not too hard. Just unti--”

She gasped and whimpered. That was what he wanted to hear.

“Now that those are taken care of, slide you hands back down, down your stomach, down to that juncture that’s so hot for me right now. I bet you’re so wet for me. Tell me. Tell me how bad you want me.”

“Oh god how I want you. I’ve been in a constant state of arousal since you called from the bus.”

“Touch yourself for me. Imagine my hands there, my tongue.”

“I want to do this in person. I want to be near you again.”

“I want to feel your legs wrapped around me while I’m thrusting inside you again.” She moaned at that. “Are you close? Are you going to come for me baby? I remember what that felt like, those muscles grabbing me as you let out a scream of pleasure. I’m getting closer too.” And he was. His hand was stroking faster and harder as he thought of bending her over something again. She’d been so responsive, so honest in her reactions. He moaned her name into the phone.

“Yes. I want you to come Sid. I want to feel you tense up right before that explosion that rocks your body. You made me feel so good last time. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. When I’m in the shower, when I’m lying in bed… Mmmm, I even thought about it the other day in church. And I didn’t care how bad it was. Once the thought popped in my head I had to sit there with my thighs clenched until I could drive home and release all that tensi—ooooo, I’m gonna come Sidney. Talk to me.” Even though he was almost out of breath, he couldn’t deny her.

“We’re going to stay in my bedroom for hours. I want to lick every inch of your flesh. I need to feel your hands on me, touching me. I’m going to find that pulse point on your neck again. Mark you all over. It got me so hot when I did that before. You grip on my hair was almost painful as I sucked on your flesh. And you pushed my head down so that I could do it again against your chest. I’m ready baby. Come with me.”

Sid groaned as his entire body tensed. His hand stilled on his dick and his come came jetting out. He heard the voice on the other line. She was finding release as well. She screamed his name and a series of profanities that almost made him blush. He fell back onto the bed, not caring that he’d covered his chest while coming. He was panting. She was panting. And then there was the satisfied grin plastered on his face.

“We are getting together when we get back to Pittsburgh right?” He could hear her laugh, a breathy chuckle that made his skin tingle with longing.

“I’ll meet you at the airport Tuesday night win or lose. Deal?”

“It’ll be a win. And we can celebrate.”

“Sounds good Crosby. I’m pretty sure Erin wants to see Geno.”

“I’ll talk to the big lug then. I feel really sleepy. Someone just wiped me of what little energy I had left.”

“Well, you did just get done playing a hockey game, and then running up a bunch of stairs. And then whacking off to the sound of my voice. I’d be a little tired too.”

“You know what’d be really nice though?”


“Curling up with you beside me.”

“If I could be there you know I would, in a heartbeat.”

“I know.” He sighed, not wanting to let her off the phone, but knowing that he was going to need food soon. His stomach grumbled, just to let him know that it was indeed hungry.

“Good God, don’t you ever eat?”

“Well, I was gonna go out with the guys, but someone had to keep me on the phone forever.”

“Yeah, yeah. You know you wanted it. Hey, hold on just a sec, someone’s sent me a text.” He waited, debating whether or not to see if anyone was still in their rooms. “Hey, Jordan just messaged me… he wants to know if you can come to dinner now that you’ve… taken care of business. How does he know my number?”

“I don’t know… how does he know that we’re… done?”

“Is he in the room beside you?”

“Yeah but… fuck these walls must be thin…”

“Go to dinner.”

“But I don’t need--”

“Go Crosby. If you faint due to starvation Disco Dan isn’t going to like me very much.” They both laughed as he propped himself on the mattress.

“Send him a text asking for 15 minutes. Then I’ll meet him in the lobby.”

“Why can’t you send it?”

“Someone made me make a mess. I have to go clean myself up.”

“Oh… right.” He heard her giggle. “Sorry.” She apologized, not sounding at all like she was sorry, especially since she was still giggling.

“I’ll remember this. I’ll call you later.”

“You don’t have to call again tonight.”

“I know, but I want to. If that’s okay.”

“Then until we speak again… toodles!” He laughed and said good-bye before hanging up. Then he dragged himself to the bathroom. He was hungry, but he didn’t want to face the guys after what they probably all stood against the wall listening to. He shook his head wondering what he’d gotten himself into. Not that that was going to stop him from wanting her, he thought. Again, and again and again….


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