Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chapter 38: And A Baby Makes Three??

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Gobble gobble! Enjoy yet another chapter this week! And for a certain part of this chapter, you can find the corresponding story in my Hockey Short Stories blog. It's titled Melting A Heart of Ice*


Mel had been on Cloud Nine ever since she walked off the plane in the Pittsburgh airport and Sid was waiting for her at the terminal gate. His flight had arrived a mere twenty minutes before hers, so he had settled in and found her gate. She saw him sitting there, waiting for her to disembark from the airplane. Max was waiting for them in the Arrivals parking area. He was leaning against his car, scowling at the two of them when they walked out the automatic doors.

“How could you propose without us all there?!”

Sid immediately asked how he knew about the ring and Max snorted.

Flower called me last night. Why did he know?!”

Mel dropped her bag and hugged him tight.

“Good to see you two Maximus. And as for Marc… he was standing there, like thirty feet away from us. He saw Sid holding the ring and saw me leap into his arms. It wasn’t rocket science.”

“But why did it not happen here, when all of us could see it??”

“I don’t think that you guys were on his priority list of ‘people being around when the question is popped.’”

She could tell that Max wasn’t satisfied yet. She turned toward Sid and gave him a ‘help me out here’ look.

“Actually, I didn’t really plan it. It just… happened.”

“So, you just happened to be carrying the ring in your pocket, just in case?! That’s a load of bullsh--”

Mel shushed him by putting her hand over his mouth.

“Honestly Max, it wasn’t planned. Stop acting like a spurned lover and congratulate me! I’ll tell you all about it and what he said if you promise to be nice and not harp on not being there.”

Seeming appeased for now, Max nodded and the three of them walked to his car. She smiled as Sid grabbed her hand, his fingers lacing with hers as they walked. Even as she retold the story, the smile wouldn’t fall from her face. Tossing their suitcases into the trunk, Mel climbed in the backseat, anxious to get home and relax.

When they got to Mario’s house, Sid looked like a little kid. And a scared one at that, like he’d ran away and was now being brought back to await his punishment. Mel wondered briefly if he really would be punished. But they had done nothing wrong. They were in love, and he’d done the natural thing… she didn’t feel guilty. Did he?

“Sid… are you afraid that Mario is going to be angry with you for asking me to marry you?”

“What?? God no! I don’t want to go in there because Nathalie’s home and she’s going to freak out on me for not wining and dining you before I got down on one knee with the restaurant musicians behind me and said the perfect thing before slowly sliding that ring on your finger.”

“I liked how you did it much more,” she chuckled form her seat.

“Mon ami, you need to just go in there. I bet it’s not as bad as you are thinking it will be.”

When Sid still hesitated, Mel threw her hands in the air and opened the door.

“Thanks for the ride Maximus! I owe you one! I’m going inside now Sid, hope you make it in sooner or later.”

Without bothering to get anything but her purse, Mel shut the car door and skipped up the steps to the front door of the house. Knocking in a musical way, she waited until the door opened. Nathalie threw the door open and immediately grabbed for her left hand.

“Let me see! Let me see! Oh my god it’s so beautiful! Where did he find this? Is it a family heirloom? I bet his mom gave it to him! How did she know he was going to propose? You look so happy! Oh my god I’m so excited!”

Mel stood there, dumbfounded, as she tried to process all of the questions that had just been asked. She opened her mouth to speak and heard Mario laughing as he came in from the dining room.

“Good grief Nat, let her breathe!”

Nathalie acquiesced but she still had a hold of Mel’s hand, examining the ring. It fit perfectly on her finger. That in itself was amazing. The stone in the center shone as it caught a beam of light. It wasn’t a classic engagement ring, that was for sure. There were diamonds, but they weren’t the focal point. No, the center stone was a beautiful marquise cut sapphire. There was a ruby on one side of the stone, an emerald on the other. And then, placed throughout the band were tiny diamonds.

Whoever had made this ring had certainly put a lot of time into it. And thought. She had googled the meaning behind all of the stones this morning before she’d boarded the plane for home.

Sapphire: Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty
Emerald: Patience, understanding, foresight
Ruby: Love, success, integrity, passion & promise
Diamond: Invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love

Everything she wanted in a man, everything she wanted in a marriage… all those things were now represented on her finger. Nathalie was still gushing, refusing to release her hand, and Mel just laughed as the woman started making lists of everyone they needed to call, everything that needed to be done for the wedding.

“We haven’t picked a date yet Nathalie, and I still have to tell my parents.”

Mel looked up, finding Sid in the doorway, an amused smile on his face. She broke out into a fit of giggles when Nathalie jumped up and ran over to him, hugging him as she gushed about how happy she was for him, for both of them, and how excited she was. And she was just positive that Troy and Trina were going to be ecstatic.

Mario asked if he’d told his agent yet. Sid shook his head and Mario promised to make the call right away, one less thing that he would have to deal with. Mel was surprised really that it wasn’t all over the internet already. Then again… there had been thousands of people in Vancouver, and it was darker. Maybe no one actually saw what happened in the midst of the ceremonies.

“I should call my mom!”

Pulling out her phone, Mel dialed her mom’s number and waited for her to pick up the phone. Sid was already talking to his mother, she could tell by the look on his face that it was her. If it was Troy, Sid’s face probably wouldn’t have been so calm. She stopped eavesdropping when she heard her mom’s voice.

“Did you make it home safely?”

“I did… Momma… I have something to tell you.”

“Oh do you? Will I be happy when I hear this?”

“I think so. I’m happy about it!”

“Well, then you should come visit soon so that I can see the ring and how beautiful it is!”

Letting out a startled laugh, Mel promised to get together in a couple days. She was promising to call later that night when she heard Sid laugh and promise to give ‘the little lady’ a kiss. Then he asked to talk to his mom.

Wait a minute, he’d been talking with his dad this whole time?! Troy said to give me a kiss?? Say what?! AWESOME!

She put her phone in her purse and leaned against Sid, smiling as he rested his chin on her forehead. They stayed that way until he hung up and then she led him to his room, showing him once more how much she loved him.

She drove home, showing off the new accessory to Lexie and Tori, and then she laughed when Sid showed up on their doorstep, flowers in his hand. They spent the evening just relaxing and vegging out. Turning in early, Mel set her alarm so that she’d have plenty of time to get ready for work. That morning, she felt like hell.

It was the start of a sickness that hit her so hard that she made a doctor appointment after a week of barely being able to function as a human being, let a long a high school teacher. Whatever she picked up in Vancouver didn’t want to go away.


Sid heard the buzzing off in the distance. It got louder and louder, but he couldn’t find it in him to open his eyes and figure out what was making the damn noise. Trying to ignore it, he turned over in Mel’s bed, his head burrowing under the covers.

“Sid, answer your fucking phone before I flush it down the toilet!”

He shot up at the yell. It was coming from the bathroom, and the person the voice belonged to sounded horrible. It had been almost two weeks since the return from Vancouver, and Mel didn’t seem to be the only one who came down with something.

A couple of the guys were sick too. It had started a few days after they arrived back home. A flu bug that wouldn’t go away. Or a virus of some sort. She was going to the doctor’s today. And from the sounds of it, she’d been tossing her cookies already this morning.

His phone started blaring again and he reached out, hitting Send and barking into the device.

“This had better be good because…”

“Alex is getting married!”

“What?! Alex who?? Ovechkin?”

“No Doofy, not Ovechkin. Our Alex… Goligoski…”

“Goose is getting married?! I didn’t even know he was dating anyone seriously!”

“Remember that girl we’ve been telling you about? Maggie? Well, he asked her this morning, she said yes, so they’re getting married!”

“This is the season of love I guess! Well, have they set a date then?”

“Yep… today.”

“WHAT?! We have to fly out to Carolina today!”

“Not until the afternoon. And besides, I have it all figured out. I only need you to do two things. First, I need your support, 110% support with no questions asked, and secondly… I need to you take him to the jewelers.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. Case closed.”

“What are you planning Bill?”

“Just come to the arena as soon as possible. Bring your suit. Tell Mel to come too if she’s feeling up to it.”

“She’s got an appointment at 8:30. But if she gets done in time, I’ll make sure she’s there. Should I be scared?”

“Hello no! You don’t trust me?”

Sid heard him laugh after he asked the question. Of course I do, but I’m still worried! Bill was up to something huge, and it was going to be insane. Sid was sure of that fact. But promising to be in, he hung up and got out of bed, going over to the bathroom door. Mel was brushing her teeth.

“Goose is getting married. Today. I’m supposed to tell you to come to the arena after your appointment if you can. I don’t know what the old man is planning, but it’s going to be epic. I can tell.”

Mel nodded her head as she continued to run the toothbrush over her teeth. He jumped in her shower quickly, actually getting through in lightning time since she wasn’t in there to distract him. Thirty minutes later he was driving to the arena, his suit laid out over his backseat. When he got into the locker room, most of the guys were there already.

“Okay, what is this all about? Billy… BILLY! Where are you?!”

“Right here Junior. No need to yell. Alex should be here in a few moments. You’re going to take him to the jeweler’s and then straight back here. We’re on a bit of a time crunch, and this needs to go off without any real problems. And no rings… that’s a problem.”

Alex came in a few minutes later. Sid could see the shock on his face. He looked at his watch, noting the time.

“Hey Alex, we need to leave. You only have a certain amount to time before we have to leave. Let’s get to the shop!”

Goose let Sid lead him out of the locker room and toward his car. He finally woke up out of his day dream and when they got to the little shop, he wasted no time in finding a ring for himself. But the panicked look on his face when the man asked him what Maggie would like… fuck.

“Alex, think about it… what would she like. Close your eyes. Okay, you’re down on one knee, she’s smiling, you pull the box out of your pocket and open it… what’s it look like?”

Goose opened his eyes a second later, a huge smile on his face. He picked out a beautiful set, content to hand the man his card without even asking the cost. Sid knew the feeling. He would’ve paid any price when looking at rings if his mom hadn’t thought of the heirloom. He laughed to himself as he recalled calling his folks.

“Good afternoon son. Make it back to Pittsburgh safely?”

“Yeah, and I got some great news! I… I’m getting married.”

“To Melany?”

“No, to some stranger I met on the plane ride back. Yes to Melany!”

“Are you sure about this?”

“I am. And no, I’m not changing my mind.”

“Well, I like her too… so if you’re going to go through with this, you have my blessing!”

“You don’t know how great that sounds coming from you Dad.”

“Give the little lady a kiss from me. I’ll let you tell your mother. And we’ll be down for the final home game.”

His mom had cried. She tried to tell him she hadn’t, but he heard the sniffles. She wanted to know all about it, did it fit, did Mel cry. Taking a deep breath, Sid looked up as Alex was grabbing the bag from the salesman. They were back in the bar and on their way back to the arena when Alex started talking about her, about Maggie. He told Sid about her signs, the Gold Medal game and how psyched he was for today.

“She makes these hilarious signs for the games that she’d been to. The first one she ever made was for you. It said ‘Sidney Makes Me Howl At The Moon’ and she said that she swears you fought because of it. That the guy you went rounds with made a comment on it or something.”

“Was that the game right before Halloween, against the Wild??”

“Yeah! She’s brought other signs though, normally creative things. She’s got them all in her bedroom at the townhouse she was previously living in. I told her I was going to frame mine from Valentine’s Day,” his friend said with a laugh.

“Valentine’s Day… wait... NO! You’re marrying the sign girl?! For real???”

“I am! She’s so great Sid. You should tell her about your amusement with her sign. She’d die of embarrassment, it’ll be amusing. You were the first one she ever made a sign for.”

“Are you sure you want me talking to her then? Don’t wanna cause a rift between you two on your wedding day. That would be real good… ‘Bride objects to own wedding to D-man of the Pens, tackles captain of the team instead.’ Could you imagine??”

“No worries... we’re… I don’t know how to explain it… connected I guess. You know what I mean. Look at you and Mel.”

Sid nodded thoughtfully and as they pulled into the parking lot again, he grabbed his phone and texted his woman. She should be at the doctor’s office by now, maybe she already had news on what was going on. He slid his cell back into his pocket and walked inside with Alex. They were all getting dressed, putting on suits, and Sid saw the anxious look on his face when they got to the rink itself.

Billy has outdone himself.

Sid sat in the second row, saving a spot for Mel. She’d sent him a text, explaining that she was on her way now and should be there before the ceremony started. He glanced back, happy that they’d been able to do this on such short notice. Mel popped her head out onto the ice and he waved her forward. She walked carefully in her heels, dressed in that yellow dress from her birthday last year.

I love that dress. Such memories.

She plopped down beside him, her hand finding his and she gave it a squeeze.


“So, what did the doctor say?”

“They took blood and stuff, just to rule out all kinds of things. He said that they should know within 48 hours for sure just what is wrong with me.”

Sid smiled and kissed her cheek. She smiled back, but it didn’t reach her eyes. The one thing she knew for sure already was that she wasn’t pregnant. With the way she’d been feeling for the past week alone…

I thought that was it, I really did.

It was true that she wasn’t just sick in the morning, but that sometimes happened. They called it morning sickness, but it was possible for it to be other times. Heck, Erin hadn’t really had any sickness at all. Turning, Mel found her friend in the crowd. Erin waved and then popped what looked like an animal cracker between her lips.

Pregnant women and their cravings.

Mel shook her head and went back to listing the reasons why she thought she’d been pregnant. She’d missed her last period. Looking back now, she had been really stressed last month. Getting everything ready for her sub, making sure the students were comprehending everything, dealing with Sid. He was worse than an entire class full of students sometimes.

She wasn’t feeling any hungrier than normal, but her breasts had been so freaking sensitive the past two nights… every touch from Sid had made her scream. Which had spurred him on and… Mel shivered from the memories of how he stroked and licked her body. Sid placed his arm around her shoulders.

“Are you cold babe? Maybe you should’ve brought more than a short-sleeved sweater, especially since you aren’t feeling well.”

“I’m fine Sid.”

Just not pregnant with your child.

She should’ve been thrilled when the doctor came in and smiled, telling her that was one thing they could definitely cross off the list. Instead of joining in with his jovial mood, hers had plummeted. And she hadn’t realized until he said ‘negative’ just how much she had been hoping it was ‘positive.’ Sid had already shown interest in that area.

She’d seen the look on his face when he’d thought that earlier this year. When she’d told him that she was moving here for a job, not carrying his future son or daughter. Of course he’d been happy, but he’d been disappointed as well. Now she knew how he felt.

Pasting a smile on her face, she attempted to pay attention throughout the ceremony. She couldn’t believe that Goose was getting married, but just looking at the two of them standing there… they were so precious together. There was laughter throughout the entire thing. Max was in charge though, so she didn’t expect anything less.

Her stomach started twisting again as the rings were exchanged. She took Sid’s hand, squeezing and looking at him. Her face had to be pale, and the thought that she would vomit during the wedding made her mentally sick. Taking a few deep breaths, she closed her eyes and willed herself not to lose the crackers she’d managed to get down on the drive over. Sid massaged the base of her neck, promising to get her out of there as soon as the bride and groom walked down the aisle. Mel smiled at him, his thoughtfulness.

Max pronounced them ‘Mr. and Mrs. Goooose’ and she stood with everyone else, applauding the happy couple as they walked down the carpet and toward the locker room. Sid put an arm around her waist and gingerly walked her with the rest of the group. He sat her down in his stall and she leaned back as he ran over to grab her a Gatorade.

By the time he returned she was feeling somewhat better. She’d already talked to Tori. Since Johnny had picked her up, she would take home the Denali and Sid could just drive her to the house. He agreed wholeheartedly and they told the newlyweds ‘Congrats’ once more before heading out. The guys were leaving later for Carolina and Mel didn’t want him being late because of her.

When they pulled into the driveway of the house, Sid surprised her by telling her to stay in the car while he unlocked the door, then he came back and carried her in and up to her room. After placing her on the bed, she curled around a pillow as he searched for something more comfortable for her to wear. He helped her change and tucked her under the covers.

“Are you sure this isn’t something more serious Mel?”

“I honestly don’t know what it is. I just feel like shit. And everyone else who seemed to have what I have… they’re all better again.”

“But we’re hockey players. We get the best drugs known to man!”

She knew he was trying to make her laugh, and even though she didn’t want to admit it, that last line made her smile.

“You suck. Don’t make me laugh, it makes my stomach hurt. Now get outta here.”

“I can stay for a while. I don’t have to leave right this second.”

“No, go now. Or I’m going to beg you to stay. And you can’t, so don’t make the words come out. Please.”

Hating the weakness in her voice, Mel frowned and buried herself deeper under her blankets. Sid made sure she had liquid beside her bed, and a bucket, and then he pressed his lips to her forehead and left for the airport. She felt the first tear fall after she heard the front door close.

Fuck, I hate being sick. It fucks up my emotions. She didn’t even know why she was crying! Bullshit, you know why. You’re feeling sorry for yourself, because everyone you know is pregnant or has kids. It was stupid, and she knew that she should be immensely relieved that there wasn’t going to be a Baby Sidney coming out to greet the world in about eight months. But for the past two days, she’d had herself talked into the idea.

Sid called her from the hotel that night. She tried to be peppy. It didn’t work. Instead, she ended up picking a stupid fight with him about needing to plan for the wedding. As if he could tell that there was something else bothering her, that the fight wasn’t something she really meant, Sid calmly told her he didn’t want to fight, said ‘I love you’ and hung up. She cried herself to sleep.

The next morning started a nine-day road trip. Five games separated her from Sid. It seemed like a lifetime. She went to work, came home for games. The doctor’s office called Monday morning to tell her that she was suffering from the flu. They called in a prescription for meds that would kick the sickness to the curb.

The school year was coming to a close as well, and right now… her students needed her. A bunch of them would be graduating in a little over a month. There were final exams to make, early term papers to grade. Group projects to assign for extra credit. Her mind was already in teacher mode, only half listening to Sid’s voice at the other end of the line when he called her after the school day had come to a close.

“.. and I miss you. Did the doctor call you today? Do you know what’s wrong?”

“I have the flu. They got me a prescription this morning. I thought I sent you a text, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry. I’m just glad it was nothing more serious.”

“What do you mean?”

Her voice had come out sharper than she’d planned, but the way he said that… it sounded like he was happy that pregnancy wasn’t an option. He started to explain that he’d just meant he was happy that she wasn’t dying or anything like that. She started to smart off about something when he interrupted her.

“Melany… what’s really going on? This is the second time you’ve tried to ‘pick a fight’ over the phone. What’s wrong?”

“Why do you automatically think something is wrong?”

“Because you aren’t acting like yourself.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she bit out as her hand slid over her stomach. Why was she being so snippy. It really wasn’t like her. She started to apologize but Sid cut her off.

“Listen, something is bothering you. And you obviously don’t want to talk about it over the phone. Let’s just wait until I get home Thursday night. I’ll come over and you can tell me what’s wrong. We’ll just talk then, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Are you going to call me at all?”

“I don’t think that would be smart right now. You’re worked up over something, and I seem to be bringing it out… I’ll call you Thursday when I leave the airport. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Hitting END, she threw the phone onto the desk and sprawled out on the couch in the attic. She had three days before he’d be at her house, wanting to talk.


Sid locked his car and jogged up to the front door. Using the key she’d given him, Sid unlocked the door and stepped inside the darkened house. He’d talked Johnny and Tanger into having the other two ladies meet them at their places tonight. It was just he and Melany. This seemed like the best option, all things considered.

Now, let’s see what’s bugging her.

Sid kicked his shoes off, leaving them at the bottom of the stairs. He took off his jacket and laid it over the banister of the stairs. He took them two at a time, getting up there as fast as he could. Knocking softly, Sid opened the door and peered inside. Mel was lying on the bedspread. She had a book in her hand and he pulled it away gently before leaning down and whispering in her ear.

She shot off the bed like the house was on fire. Glaring for a second in his direction, she grabbed his shirt and tugged, smiling into the pillow as he fell beside her. His weight dipped the mattress and she rolled closer, aligning her body to his.

“Okay, now… I’m home… please tell me you are okay.”

“I’m fine. Just a bug like I told you. I just… I thought it was something different, okay?”

“Did you think you were pregnant?”

He saw a single tear float down her face.

“Oh babe… come here.”

Pulling her into his arms, he ran his hands up and down her back, rocking her gently as she sniffled into his shirt. He’d wondered the same thing, but given his penchant for jumping to conclusions, this time he’d kept his mouth shut. He hadn’t realized she was thinking along the same lines.

“I’m sorry. I hate being sick,” she grumbled into his chest. “It throws my emotions off kilter and I cry at the slightest thing!”

“Ha! Are you sure you’re not pregnant?”

He’d meant it as a joke, a way to get her to smile. But when he looked down, there was a mask of pain on her face. She started crying again and, not knowing how to comfort her, he just rocked her some more while she let it all out. They stayed like that for awhile, and then he could hear her breathing even out, the soft puffs blowing against his neck from when she’d crawled up his body in an effort to be as close as possible.

Sid wished he had known the right words to say. It was obvious from the way he’d brought on the waterworks that he needed to work on comforting banter. She looked peaceful now though. The frown was gone and her cheeks were dry. Shuffling them both, he sat up against the headboard, nestling her in the crook of his arm like you would a child.

He ran his thumb over her forehead, back and forth. His mom had done that when he was younger, it was a soothing, lulling motion. Now that she was asleep, and he had time to think, he had plenty to say. Well, if I tell her when she’s out like this, it gives me preparation to say it when she’s awake and I’m not nervous.

“I’m sorry it wasn’t what you thought. But maybe this is a good thing. It gives us a chance to be together, just be a couple, before we start a family. We have all the time in the world for that actually. I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon.”

He fingered the ring on her left hand.

“I had my suspicions as well. But I didn’t wanna jump to any conclusions. Not like the last time. So, maybe we should count our blessings now. We’ll plan the wedding, not have to rush things around, and then we’ll just flow with it. See what happens. I’d kind of like to have you to myself for a while before we’re staying up every night with feedings and diaper changes.”

He chuckled as he thought about what Geno was going to do in a few months. It shouldn’t actually be too difficult. He’d been living with Gonch for a while before Erin came along, and they had the little girl. So Geno knew what it was like.

“I’m not saying I don’t want a handful of kids with you, because I do. But let’s not put the cart before the horse on this one… I’m glad you’re asleep right now. I don’t think I could’ve gotten all that out without you yelling at me.”

Stretching his arms over his head, Sid yawned and got ready to lift her and move her down the bed.

“I love waking up to you talking to me while I’m sleeping. I bet you do it a lot.”

He jumped at her voice. Looking down, he noticed first the smile on her lips. Then he saw the love in her eyes. No sadness, no half smiles. His Melany was back. He bent down and kissed her softly, barely moving his lips over hers.

“I talk to you when you’re asleep so I can get a word in edgewise,” he told her jokingly. She poked him in the side and laughed along with him. “Do you wanna talk some more?”

Mel shook her head before slipping off his lap and rolling to her knees. Then she slid one leg over him, sitting on his lap and facing him. Two fingers crept up his shirt until they were running back and forth along the collar. She undid the top two buttons, her fingers skimming over the neck of his tee under his dress shirt.

“I think we’ve talked enough. And we’ve got the house to ourselves for the night, don’t we?”

“I... I don’t know… maybe…”

“Oh, I was under the impression that you asked Kris and Brent to keep the girls away. Was I mistaken?”

Mel was placing feather-light kisses along his jaw. She nipped his chin, soothing the mark with her tongue. She did the same thing along his neck, first one side, then the other. Sid groaned, these light touches more of a torture than when she just pounced on him. He started to tell her that very thought when she dropped one of her hands and ran a finger over his cock. The quivering length under the two layers jumped at the slight touch and he gasped.

Over a week with no one touching him… he hadn’t even whacked off. Most of the guys at least did that, some found female company. But he’d kept his hands to himself, taking out his sexual frustrations on the ice, the puck, the opposing players. Now he was back home, and Melany was in his arms.

“Someone seems needy,” she breathed in his ear as his hips lifted, craving more of her touch.

Sid growled and grabbed her hands. Holding them behind her back, he buried his face between her breasts. He couldn’t get too much of her skin, not with the tank top covering her, but what he could see he teased with his lips and tongue. Moving her arms closer together, he held both wrists in one hand and then used his free one to lift the material.

Pulling it up to bare her breasts, he brought his lips down over one nipple, tugging on it with his teeth as she gasped and arched into his mouth. She cursed and thrashed but he held her to him, sucking hard on her flesh, tasting the body he’d been craving since he flew out.

Releasing her wrists, he brought both his hands up, pushing her tits together and using long, slow licks over both hardened tips, drawing a moan from her lips. Her fingers came up and she sunk them in his hair, managing to hold onto him even though he’d gotten it cut while they’d been in Florida.

“God Sid, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“You only want me for my body.”

“Never. That’s a bonus. Now shut up, you talk too much.”

He chuckled as Mel undid each button of his shirt before pushing it off his shoulders. He shrugged it off, lifting his arms then so she could pull his t-shirt off as well. She ran her hands over his chest, purring as her fingers touched each muscle over his stomach. They clenched and trembled under her touch. She bent backward slightly and went to work on his pants.

As she opened them, pulled down his briefs and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock, Sid closed his eyes and shuddered. She laughed and slowly slid her hand up and down a few times, jerking him off as she sat on his thighs.

“No,” he growled. Then, shifting quickly, he tossed her backward, hearing her intake of breath. She loved his dirty side. Sure, she loved romance, he knew that. But he knew what his dominant side did to her as well.

Sid stared down at her. Flushed face, shirt up to her chin, her breasts bouncing as she settled onto the mattress. He grabbed at her sweats and pulled, jerking them to her knees. Mel went to make a kicking motion to help him but he grunted and kept her legs together, bending them back. He needed this too much to waste time taking her pants off all the way.

Falling over her, Sid slung both legs over his shoulder and guided himself inside her. She was already wet and ready for him. So easy to get her warmed up, so lucky for me. He pulled back and thrust forward again.

Twisting her legs, he groaned as he sunk himself balls deep into her pussy, her body tighter because of the position. She felt fucking fantastic. Her cries of passion as he humped against her stroked his ego. Watching her through his hooded gaze as she clawed for purchase against the bedspread made him want to pound into her even harder.

“I’m not going to last long sweetheart. Sorry if you don…”


Redoubling his efforts, he pushed her legs backward, pressing them almost to her chest as he ground his pelvis against hers. She called his name over and over, mingling ‘yes, oh god and Jesus’ time and again. He could feel his release churning in his balls, felt the heat of the moment almost there, creeping up his neck.

He was sure that his face was red, he felt sweat drip down his temples. She twitched beneath him, her mouth opening in a silent scream. He watched her head tip back and she jerked once before an actual screamed ripped from her throat. He felt her wetness cover him as he pistoned in and out. Holding onto her hips he bottomed out once more and let loose a guttural cry as he emptied himself inside her clenching muscles.

Sid managed to pull himself out of her sweet depths and tugged her pants back up to at least cover her for now. He flopped down beside her on his stomach, his face pressed into the duvet as he breathed in her scent through the blanket. He heard her gasping for air, and then she started giggling. Finding a burst of energy, he lifted his head up enough to ask her what was so funny.

“Well, you know… I am on birth control, but if we do want to wait a little longer, you should probably try to contain the number of times you let loose your demon seed inside of me.”

He barked out a laugh and pulled her into his arms, smiling as she giggled again and told him to get his sweaty body off of her. They lay there for a few more moments before standing and stripping. She crooked a finger at him and led him into the bathroom, where she showed him, once again, just how much she missed him.

They fell asleep, arms and legs entwined, and when the morning broke and the sun started shining in her window, Sid smiled down at the sleeping woman in his arms. Tucking a stray hair behind her ear, he thought to himself about when they finally did have a baby.

I’m a liar. I would be completely content if she got pregnant now. Okay, after we get married. Maybe right before.

He stopped thinking about it when she woke up, smiling up at him.

“Wanna make breakfast for a bunch of the guys? Let your roommates actually come back to the house?”

“Mmmm, sounds good. You call everyone. I’m going to grab another shower and then I’ll head downstairs and start cooking.”

A couple hours later they were all sitting around the table, laughing and talking about funny moments from the road trip. He could feel the excitement in the air already. The season was almost over and playoffs were coming up. They had a solid chance to go far again this year. Only time would tell though.


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