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Chapter 37: The 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Abridged...

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“Okay, so the three of you are flying out later tonight, right?”

“Oh my gosh, for the millionth time yes. And let me tell you, Erin is extremely pissed that she can’t come out with us.”

Mel chuckled as her friend came into the lounge. There was that glow about her, the one that everyone said pregnant women get. It was true. Mel had never seen her so happy before. Well, okay she was glowing, but she didn’t look happy right now. Max was walking behind her.

“Come now chere, just let me say one thing??”

“Max, stop trying to talk to my stomach. It’s creepy! I don’t even want Geno to do it!”

“Can I touch it then?”

“Oh for the love of… NO! Next person who touches my stomach is getting punched in the face.”

Max held up his hands in surrender and backed away. Erin was grumbling when she finally made it over to where Mel was standing with Sid.

“He only has the best intentions, you know that.”

“I’m going to shove his Frenchie ass into the therapy tub.”

The three of them were talking when Mel saw Geno come lumbering through the doors, a secret smile on his face. He put his finger to his lips so that they wouldn’t give him away. She thought briefly of warning Erin, she didn’t want Geno getting punched, but then again… pregnant women were prone to mood swings.

I’ll bet she didn’t even mean it.

It happened so fast, Mel didn’t have time to react. Geno slid his arm around Erin’s stomach, gently rubbing over the slowly forming baby bump and Erin turned, her fist hitting his right eye and sending him sprawling backwards.

“Dammit Max! I told you not to… Oh geez! Geno!! I’m so sorry!!”

Erin dropped down immediately to her husband and that’s when Sid burst out laughing. Mel joined in, the astonished look on Geno’s face enough to make her double over. Max came back through the doors, saw the scene in front of him, and started laughing as well. Erin helped Geno up and he was still holding his eye when Tanger came in, tossing an ice pack at him.

“What you do that for?”

“I… I told Max… I’m sorry. I thought you were him.”

“Why Max touching you?”

“He’s not. I threatened him. Told him the next person to touch my stomach would get punched. Why didn’t you say it was you??”

“I surprise you.”

Erin and Geno walked off, the two trying to discuss the issue with the language barrier between them. Max shrugged and winked as he and Tanger took off for home. Mel was still smiling when Sid took her hand. They walked out to his car.

He was leaving with the other Olympians in an hour. His bags were already packed and in his vehicle. Her flight was in three hours. She’d already packed her suitcase, it was sitting in the dining room. She just had to shower and change into comfy airplane clothes.

Sid stopped by his door and pulled her close.

“I’ll see you tonight. Last chance to… visit… one another until the Games are over.”

“We’ll talk silly.”

“I know, I mean… last chance to fool around.”

“Horn dog.”

“You have no idea. I wish we were on the same flight,” he told her with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Mel snorted and pulled him down for a kiss. He growled and managed to pull away before they could do a repeat car performance.

She watched him drive away. She didn’t see him that night though. She didn’t see him again until after the first game against the USA had ended. As she watched them skate off the ice she cursed the ‘rules’ about visiting him.

Screw the damn rules. He needs me.

She sent him a text telling him that she was coming up for a visit. She expected a fight from him, something about doing the right thing. Instead, she got a text back that said there would be a key at the concierge and to go up now, he’d meet her once he’d changed.

Oh, this is worse than I thought.


He literally felt sick to his stomach right now.

No, it wasn’t his fault that they had lost, not entirely anyway. But Sid couldn’t help but shoulder a good chunk of the blame. He was Canada’s Son when it came to hockey, right? He should’ve been able to pull off a win for his country tonight, right? His dad had stood there in the locker room, not saying anything, just giving him that look. It was the same look he’d gotten when Detroit had hoisted the cup in 2008. It was the look of a man who was ashamed of his son.

Don’t mind the fact that they had made it that far in the first place, or that he was only twenty years old at the time. No, all that mattered was that when it came down to the moment, he hadn’t been able to lead his team to victory. This past season, when Sid had skated around with the Cup… sure, his dad was happy. But he’ll never forget the look in his dad’s eyes when he’d said, ‘This should’ve been the second time you lifted that.’

So now, battered and bruised from the loss they’d just taken against the U.S.A., Sid sat there in his track suit, his head down, hands laced over top his neck, trying not to lose it. He couldn’t do that even if he wanted to. No, he was Sidney Crosby. Everything rested on his shoulders, and he had to grin and bear it. At least he didn’t have to bear it alone though. This time, he had someone on his side. Maybe if he could just talk to her… maybe she could help him make sense of it all.

Sid smiled as he thought about who was waiting for him at the hotel. She was his rock more often than not. And she gave him hell when he deserved it, and loving when he needed it. Tonight, tonight he needed the loving. Grabbing his lanyard and wallet, Sid stood up and stretched before heading out of the room. He passed Babcock on the way out, and tried to turn away, not wanting to see the disappointment that he knew would be on the man’s face. But a hand on his shoulder stopped him in his tracks. Turning, he looked into the face of the man he’d taken the Cup away from last year. He said the only thing he could.

“I’m sorry Coach.”

“For what?”

“I lost it…”

“Sid… Oh Sidney. You didn’t lose it. You gave it everything you had out there. I watched, I know.”

“But I shoul—“

“No buts. Go get a good night’s sleep. Find that woman of yours if that’ll make you feel better, you know some of the others will. But I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t be the whole team son. Okay?”

“Okay Coach.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon for practice.”

Sid nodded and started back on his way to the hotel.

Please be there already.

Fifteen minutes later he was sliding his room key into the slot, watching for the light to turn green, before he pushed down on the handle and opened the door. The room was almost dark, the only light coming from a desk lamp in the far corner of the room.

“Mel, are you here?”

He kicked off his shoes and stepped into the main part of the room. The Canadian jumpsuit felt heavy on his shoulders and he ripped the zipper open, feeling like a snake shedding his skin. Or a superhero pulling off his costume. Chucking the jacket over the back of the chair he turned to the bed and saw her.

There, in the center of the big, cushiony mattress sat a woman who had managed to worm her way into his life, his mind, and his heart. She was constantly keeping him on his toes. She never backed down from a confrontation, and she had shown him more passion, both personally and at the arena, than anyone he knew. Sid seriously didn’t know what he’d done before she was a part of his life. She brought laughter and spontaneity to his previously peaceful existence.

“Hey baby, no crazy press conferences tonight?”

“I don’t know. I left.”

“You didn’t…” He just nodded his head. “You did.”

“I couldn’t face all that disappointment.”


“I can’t deal with the fact right now that I’ve let down my team and my entire country.”

“Where is this coming from?”

“I saw my dad’s face after –“


“What? I’m just stating facts,” he said.

Why is she getting so upset? She didn’t just lose.

“Facts? Facts according to whom?”

“Were you not watching? We lost by two to the Americans.”

“Yes, and you played hard the entire game. You got a goal to bring it within one; you gave your team the fighting chance. How can you say to disappointed everyone?”

“I should be able to do better than one goal.”

“Listen to yourself! You’re one man Sidney! No one expects you to be the savior of Canada!”

“Yes they do!” He couldn’t believe they were having this conversation. “I thought you believed in me!”

“Excuse me?!” Ok, maybe that was the wrong choice of words… “You don’t think I believe in you??”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Really? Well, let me tell you a couple things mister,” Melany nearly shouted as she leapt off the bed. In two strides she was in front of him, glaring up into his eyes. “Sit down,” she told him as her hands pushed against him. He fell to the bed, looking up at her now with wide eyes. He’d dealt with her temper before, and wondered what had brought on this tantrum.

“I know that look. I’m not having a temper tantrum. But I’m going to try and get something through that thick skull of yours. So you listen to me, and you listen well. Understand?” he nodded. And with that look in her eye, he knew he was in for a good tongue-lashing. Scooting up, he sat against the head board as she came around to the side, sitting on the edge of the mattress closest to him.

“Now, I realize that you just lost a game, and you’re feeling bummed, but we need to clarify a few things I think. First off, you are not a failure to your nation because your guys didn’t get a W today.”

“But –”


“Shutting up.”

“You cannot take on every nation by yourself. There are twenty-three of you representing Canada out there. Together, as a team, you have to face others. It’s not the Sidney Crosby Team. It’s Team Canada. So just because you lost tonight, does NOT mean that it’s your fault. Did you give it your all tonight?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Second thing, and I know this may bug you… the world does not revolve around the opinions of your father. Please don’t misunderstand me; he wants nothing other than the best for you. But he shouldn’t be putting all this pressure on you either. I don’t see him out there busting his ass to try and get Canada to a medal game. He loves you, and you love him, but he can be a completely dick sometimes.”

“He just knows the potential I could be playing at.”

“You can’t play anymore than you already do! You’ll kill yourself in the process. And then what, what good would a burned out, 22-year-old captain be?”

“They’re all counting on me!”

“I don’t care! Listen to yourself! The nation isn’t riding on your shoulders.”

“I’m supposed to be ‘The Next One’ dammit!” Sid blinked back tears of frustration. Men didn’t cry, especially not in front of their girlfriends. He felt like he was going to break at any moment though. Turning away, he blinked a few more times, but he felt her grab his chin, turning him back towards her. Then she was on top of him, her legs on either side of him as she held his face in her hands.

“Look at me baby.” Sid turned, no longer embarrassed of the unshed tears that he knew she could see. He saw her eyes shimmering as well, and he felt horrible for making her feel horrible. Everything was just piling on top of him right now, and he felt like he was suffocating. He didn’t even want to go to the rink tomorrow. He hadn’t realized that a tear had fallen until her thumb brushed over one of his cheeks. She pulled him to her, his face buried in her neck as she ran her fingers through his hair, whispering words of love to him. All of the pressure, the commitment, his father, everything. He let it out.


Melany held him tight, wishing she could just absorb all of his pain. He had so many things to deal with, too many for someone his age. And the whole ‘Next One’ bullshit… it didn’t help matters any. She thought of who might be able to help, and then got angry as she thought about whoshould be helping. Troy. But he was too busy making Sid feel bad to do any good. She’d call Mario in the morning; maybe he could help her figure out how to help Sid.

Pulling back from him, she tilted his face up, drying his face with her shirt and placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Now, you listen here Sidney Crosby. I did not take two weeks off from work, and secretly pack all of this lingerie, for you to sit here and be weepy.” She said the final part with a smile and he chuckled a bit too. “Do you feel any better?”

“I do.”

“Good, because I wasn’t quite finished with my speech.”

“Yes you are,” he told her and his arms tightened around her. “Hold tight,” Sid said as he slid himself onto his back before flipping them over so that he was on top of her, pressed close. “Thank you.”

“But I never got to the part about how much I love you.”

“I already knew that part,” he said as his hands cupped her face. He smiled down at her as his lips descended on hers. It was a kiss that was filled with so many things. She could feel the love and desire he always had for her, but there was also gentleness and some hesitance. Melany felt his tongue slide along her bottom lip and she relented under his touch, moaning as their tongues played Tag.

He kissed her until she thought she’d pass out before lifting his mouth, moving down to taste the flesh above the neck of her t-shirt. And as much as she loved the intimate times they spent together, she wanted to make sure that he knew how serious she was.

“Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?”

“You have.”

“But do you believe me.”

“There’s no one else in the world right now that I would believe over you when it comes to feelings for me. You’ve been a constant in my life and the one person who doesn’t make me feel like I’m not giving my all, all the time. Sometimes I wonder why you put up with me.”


“I’m more moody than a sixteen year old girl. I’m gone all the time. Sometimes when I’m here I’m not really ‘here.’ You have to deal with the crazy fan girls, the media, my father… I don’t know how you handle it all. There are times when I think that you’re so much stronger than I am.” Melany had to blink back tears now. It had been so long since they’d had a conversation like this. Not that she didn’t know how he felt. She did. But it was so nice to hear him explain how much he cared about her.

“I deal with you because I want to. It’s as simple as that. You offered to be mine, and I refused to let you go ever since. I love when you’re on a road trip and then you come home, because the first person you see is me. And it’s like we’re together for the first time again. I love your moodiness, because I get to come up with ways to make you smile. I know that the fan girls want your hot body… who wouldn’t! The media loves to cause an uproar, and your father… I tolerate his insanity because I love your mom and sister. And I know that he just wants what he thinks is best for you. He’d be a bad father if he didn’t. I just think that he pushes too much, too often.”

“I know you two don’t always see eye to eye, but I think he actually likes you.”

“Really? How do you figure that?”

“He talks about you by your name. He doesn’t say ‘that woman’ or ‘your girlfriend’ or call you names. Whenever he asks about you, it’s always Melany or Mel.”

“I didn’t even know he asked about me.”

“I’m pretty sure he likes you a lot more than he lets on. And I feel like the way he acts around you is just that, an act. You scare him. You’re independent, outspoken, and you truly love me. It’s a lethal combination to him.”

“I’m glad you don’t seem so threatened by me,” Melany told Sid, a smile tugging at her lips.

“I’m deathly afraid of you. That’s why I can’t break up with you. See, you’ve made the perfect plan to keep me in your clutches forever.” He looked so serious that she burst out laughing. Sid joined in a split second later and before she knew it they were both nearly hyperventilating, lying side by side on the bed. After a few moments Melany was able to take a couple deep breaths. She turned, stretching out on top of Sid and nearly purring as he ran his hand over her hair and down her back, kneading the skin above the waistband of her jeans.

“Thank you for loving me Melany. There are times that I don’t feel like I deserve it and…” she didn’t let him finish whatever half-assed remark he was going to make. He talked too much anyway. So she stretched up to kiss him soundly as her hand traveled down to trace the outline of his cock through his track pants. He gasped and his hips jerked almost involuntarily. Feeling him start to harden made her juices start to flow as well. Melany lifted up, her lips parting from his and her body moving down his, closer to the prize she sought.

Fishing with the drawstring on his pants, she was finally able to pull them and his boxers down enough to free him from the material prison. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and her mouth moved forward. She held him still as her tongue slid up and down his length. He tasted like soap and Sid. She couldn’t seem to get enough of him though, so her mouth closed over him and she tightened her lips as she bobbed her head up and down. He was groaning and one arm was being used to prop himself up. The other was tangled in her hair, guiding her at the pace he wanted.

This side of him was one of the hottest things in the world. It was the only time she thought he could let all those frustrations out. So he took it out on her. Not that he would ever hurt her! Just the opposite. He was so loving while exerting his dominance. He growled and tightened his grip on her hair.


Mel lifted her head, licking her lips as she sat up. He was a sight, his clothes bunched so that the important part was visible. His hair was completely messed up, sticking out since he’d just let it dry without gel.

She crawled into his lap when he beckoned her forward. He hissed as her denim slid over his cock. But he didn’t stop her. Mel worked the muscles in his shoulders as she slid back and forth deliberately. His hands were like vice grips on her waist. Every movement tightened his fingers and the pressure that had started building with his first kiss reached a new level as he let go of her with one hand and shoved it down her pants.


She let out a surprised moan as Sid went to work quickly on her clit. Her sweet, sticky juices were flowing freely and he pressed hard with his thumb as he angled his hand, shoving two fingers inside her dripping snatch. She jumped but he slid his other hand to the back of her neck, applying some pressure as he pushed her back down.

“No escaping me tonight Melany.”

Two little breaths puffed out as she tried to catch a breath. His fingers massaged her sweet spot perfectly and each jerk of her hips electrified his movements. Hearing her cry out his name snapped his control.

Sid lifted up and tilted her backwards. He didn’t stop his ministrations, but he did move more to her side. Staring down into her eyes, he focused his attention so much on her that when he felt her fingers close around his length he gasped, his member jumping in her hand.

“Fuck. Stop touching me.”

“But I want to tou--”

“I said stop.”

Reluctantly she released him and he took a deep breath. He’d felt ready to burst and didn’t want that to happen, at least not in her hand. He told her to hold onto his shirt or his arm. When she asked why, he forced a third finger between her folds and she screamed before grabbing hold for dear life.

Pushing his fingers as deep as he could, and still rubbing against the massive bundle of pleasure, Sid watched her once more. Her eyes were hazy with desire, her cheeks flushed. As her tongue slid out and licked her bottom lip he flicked his thumb over her nubbin once more. Her eyes widened and he smiled, sliding it back and forth twice. Her mouth opened, his name came out over and over and her hips bucked up as she found sweet release.

He held her to him as she shook in the aftermath. Pulling his hand from her jeans, he brought his fingers up and licked them clean, watching her pupils enlarge and her nostrils flare. Pushing her to the bed, he leaned down, his mouth a breath away from hers. Sid groaned as she brought her mouth up, her tongue darting out and tracing his lips. He knew she had to be able to taste herself as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck.

As they battled for dominance in a kiss Sid took one hand, fumbling with the button on her jeans. Finally he pulled away, huffing out a breath, and reached down to peel the denim and ruined panties off, throwing them across the room. He grunted for her to lift up and he whipped her shirt over her head. It joined the other clothing and then he ripped her bra, much to her dismay, and flung it somewhere.

Mel tugged at the hem of his tee. Tugging it over his head, he heard a rip as it finally came off and sailed through the air. He chuckled as she pushed the waistband of his pants over his hips, loving her enthusiasm. He took a second to stand and step out of them, pulling off his socks too. Then he was back on the bed, pulling her on top of him and settling her over his aching hard-on.

“Do it,” he told her.

He closed his eyes and moaned as she wrapped her hand around him and slid down, encasing his entire length in her honeyed depths.

“Ride me.”

Sid clenched his teeth at her first movement. She lifted herself slowly and then dropped back onto him, taking him all at once. He felt her pussy quiver around him and wondered how long she would last. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out very long. His thighs strained as he lifted his hips, bouncing her as he thrust.

Her hands clawed at his chest, her fingers into his flesh as she moaned and Sid clenched his teeth, his breath hissing out as Mel spurred him on.

“Yes, Sid… Oh god… yes, yes, fuck, fuck, oh shit!”

“Shhhh, you aren’t even supposed to be here.”

He watched her bite her lip, whatever she’d been about to yell now trapped behind her closed mouth. He felt her tighten around him, her body a giant tremor as she ground herself down on him. Sid launched himself up, his arms wrapping around her as he lost himself inside her. He held her close, his own body trembling as she pressed her forehead to his, whispering how much she loved him.

Bringing her down with him to the mattress, Sid wiped her hair from her eyes, smiling as she pressed her lips to his wrist. He shuddered when she nipped his palm. Then she curled against him, her body molding itself to his. They had been lying there for some time when she stopped drawing swirls on his chest and looked up at him.

“Do I need to leave before morning?”

“Fuck… probably. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Is there a roommate who’s waiting to come in and get his sleep?” Sid laughed. “Are you rooming with Flower?!”

“Shhhh, don’t worry about it.”

Mel drug herself out of his arms and tossed the duvet around her body as she searched for all of her clothing. He stayed in bed, propped up slightly against the headboard, and watched her get ready. After dressing, she came back over and captured his lips once more.

“I love you. You’re amazing. No worries, okay? Just go… have fun.”

He nodded and walked her to the door. They made plans for lunch the next day and he took her advice. Practicing with Iggy and Nash, he ‘had fun’ while playing and it was like the good ol’ days again. They started gaining confidence as a team, their lines started meshing together better and he found himself smiling during time outs. They kept up the pace and Sid found himself trying to relax the night before the final day. It was down to them and the USA for the gold medal.

Tomorrow we play hard and fight together to bring home the gold for Canada. We can do this.


Mel wandered around the arena, taking in the sights. Sid and the guys were set to take on Brooks and the US in two hours. Amanda was decked out in all American clothing, and Mel walked beside her, covered head-to-toe in a Canadian track suit that Troy and Trina had bought her for Christmas. They got some weird looks, especially since they were linked arm in arm, but neither one seemed to notice.

Okay, I’m noticing the looks, but if she can ignore them, I will too.

Vero came running up as they were waiting in the concession line and practically leapt into their arms.

“It is great, non?!”

“It is! Wait… what is great???”

“You two did not get the text from Erin or Max?”

Mel pulled her phone out and saw the unread message. Opening it, she jumped, squealing with delight as she read that she was going to have a niece. Amanda was laughing and the three quickly grabbed their drinks before heading over to an open bench.

They sat and talked baby for twenty minutes and then Amanda begged of, promising to see them tomorrow night, back in Pittsburgh. She was sitting with Brooks’ family, a family who had welcomed her with open arms. Everything was starting to fall into place for everyone. Vero was sitting up in the box with Marc today, and Mel knew she was anxious to get up there.

“Go be with him. I’ll go find the Crosby’s. Tell them the good news as well!”

“I will see you after the game. We will compare the boy’s gold medals!”

She wound through the throngs of people, some recognizing her, high-fiving her and asking for photos. When she finally made it to her seat, Trina was smiling and holding out a hand. Taking it, they all settled in for the game.

It was a hard fought battle, and in the third period, Canada was up 2-1. Mel tried to remember to breathe as the teams exchanged hits and shots, neither one able to break the other. With less than a minute left, she started to let out a sigh of relief and suddenly the arena was quiet as Parise was tackled by his teammates.

No… no, no, no, no!! They were that close!

With twenty-five seconds left, the United States tied the game up at two apiece. They went into overtime, both wondering who’s shot was going to end it. Mel looked over at Troy. He was sitting still as stone, and his fingers were repeatedly drumming on his knee.

At the start of the OT period, each came out, looking for the fight of their life. It was weird to watch Sid playing on lines with people he was usually checking or shooting against. She watched him tap Luongo’s pads like he usually did with Flower after a huge save by the Canucks goalie, and she wondered how Marc and Vero were doing up in the box.

Centering her focus back on the game, she held her breath as Sid broke into the offensive zone. He drove down toward Miller but had no shot, and no chance to pass to anyone. Dipping back around the net, he faked a pass to Jarome and then took a random half-assed shot.

And the arena erupted.

The look on Sid’s face was hilarious and scary and Mel barely made out the image through her tears. Troy looked like he was going to smother his wife with a hug and Taylor was jumping up and down and screaming bloody murder. The entire team came out and tackled Sid on a group hug. It was, aside from the Cup, the greatest hockey moment she’d ever witnessed.

Watching them all receive their medals was hard, the USA players looked broken and defeated. Sure, they’d lost, but they made it farther than other teams. In the end though, that probably made losing even worse. They played the Star-Spangled Banner and Mel couldn’t stop herself from putting her hand over her heart and humming along.

But when the Canadian players got their gold, and the flag started to raise, her heart stopped for a moment. Sid had the biggest grin on his face, standing next to Nash, and he was looking around. No doubt he was trying to see if he could find her and his family in the thousands of people. O Canada started to play, the guys all singing along with the music, and she found herself antsy to get out of the arena and find Sid.

The closing ceremonies were already starting when she finally wove down into the area for family. The press was insane, cameras and recorders everywhere. She tried to look nonchalant but she was humming with excitement. When Sid broke free from a group of people and noticed all of them standing there, waiting for him, he jogged over.

His family wrapped him in a huge group hug and Troy even grabbed onto her arm, including her in the festivities. She laughed as they all surrounded him and congratulated him. When he was finally able to breathe and talk, he spoke to his family, but never let his eyes drift away from hers. Trina coughed and told them that they’d give the two of them a moment alone, pulling Troy away before he could put up an argument.

“You are, by far, the most amazing man I’ve ever met. And of course, it would have to be you that saves Canada.”

“I am pretty awesome, aren’t I?”

“And cocky.”

“And in stupidly in love with an argumentative woman.”

“Who loves you right back.”

He tugged her against him and she smiled into his chest as he seemed to just take a moment and breathe her in. Mel closed her eyes, completely content in this moment they had. There were cheers all around, champagne and those weird flowers flying everywhere. But to her, it was bliss.

“Let me get changed, tell my family goodbye, and we’ll go across to the ceremony, okay?”

Mel nodded and let him go, walking back over to her adopted family. Sid was back in no time and he hugged each family member before taking her hand and shuffling over to the opposite arena along with the others.

They arrived in time to hear the last few notes of Neil Young singing and saw the Olympic flame being extinguished. As the crowd died down some, the lights shut off and she wondered if they had missed everything. But then a spotlight came on and she recognized Michael Bublé… dressed as a Mountie.

Oh. Dear. God.

Everyone started laughing and he broke out into song, belting out his own rendition of “The Maple Leaf Forever.” There were scantily clad girls in versions of Mountie uniforms, dancing along to the music and they stripped him of his uniform, leaving him in a tuxedo. He crooned and swayed and Mel found herself swaying along with him.

Sid was standing behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She knew he was smiling, but she turned to make sure. He laughed when some giant inflatable moose came out, and she kissed his cheek. Michael started a medley of his songs and as his voice poured out the lyrics to “Home,” Sid turned her around in his arms.

“Today was perfect Sid. It can’t get any better than this!”

He stared at her, one hand coming up and slowly moving across her cheek. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled his hand back out, a beautiful antique ring between his fingers. It glittered in the stage lights. She stopped swaying, stopped moving completely, and stared at him.


“Marry me.”

It wasn’t a question. He didn’t get down on one knee. There were no roses or candles or violin music. He was just standing in front of her, love shining in his eyes, telling her to marry him. It was so like Sid. And she loved him for it.

“Marry me Melany.”

“Why do you think I became Canadian,” she whispered. Then she threw her arms around him and screamed ‘YES’ before planting her lips on his. She poured her heart and soul into the kiss, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist.

A few of the guys hollered for them to get a room, someone whistled, and from the corner of her eye she saw Flower and V watching them. Sid lifted up and grabbed her left hand. She wrapped her right arm around his neck tighter and a single tear slid down her face as he slipped the ring on her finger. Mel heard Vero scream ‘FINALLY’ as they made their way toward her and Sid

“Now,” he whispered as he kissed her tear away, “now today is perfect.”


Okay, so... I changed the closing ceremonies around... Michael didn't do a medley as far as I know, but hey... my story right*

There will be more about the ring in the next chapter, and I hope you guys are happy that they're finally engaged!! Only... S-I-X more chapters and an epilogue to go... How will it end???? Who knows*


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