Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 29: Two Life-Changing Moments

Wow, so sorry that this has taken me so long! I don't know what was up! But something finally kicked my butt into gear and I wrote most of this last night, well... very early this morning! LOL

Juggling three bags and a smoothie, Mel unlocked the front door of the lake house and hurried inside, punching the alarm code before it could start blaring. Ever since the first morning they’d arrived… she had never forgotten the code. It was the loudest and scariest alarm ever!

A little over a month had passed since she and Sid had arrived from Mexico. It was hard to believe that so much time had gone by, and aside from a couple little fights that came about from nothing more than the fact that it had been just the two of them for a few days here and there, she had been having a great time.

Tonight was going to be different though. Tonight, she was cooking for six. Two were hockey players, well three if you counted Taylor, and then there was Troy and he was a former player, so that made four. She’d had plans for a nice family dinner and then, right in the middle of the freezer section of the grocery store, she’d gotten the call. And how was I supposed to know that Max was coming for a visit? Not that she minded having Max around, but she was getting the feeling that he was a bit restless, wanting to party like a player but not really having the stamina anymore.

Two hands appeared and grabbed the bags from her arm before they could slip to the floor. He is good for that though! She smiled and murmured ‘merci’ as Max took the food into the kitchen. Normally that would be Sid’s job but he was currently upstairs doing a phone interview right now, something about his upcoming day with the Cup or how short the offseason was.

She wanted to tell him about the other phone call she’d gotten while at the store. It would change their lives, well, at least hers! And it wasn’t something she could take lightly. Now that she’d received a definitive answer though, and a positive one at that… she was worried about what he was going to think.

“Max, can I talk to you about something?”

“But of course. What is on your mind ma petit?”

“If… If I needed a place to stay for a couple weeks when we got back to Pittsburgh, could I hide myself in the spare room at your house?”

“Mais oui, you know I would do anything for you, but why would you need to hide at my house?”

Mel bit her lower lip and ran her hand across her stomach a couple times. She had mentioned the possibility of something good happening while Sid had been away for a couple days, shooting a new commercial for Reebok. Max said if it made her happy then it was definitely a good thing, and she had thought so to… in the beginning. Now that it was really going to happen though, she was scared shitless.

“They called back today Max. After looking at all my tests… it’s a yes!”

She gasped and let out a squeal as Max lifted her off of her feet, spun her around and then wrapped her in a giant bear hug.

“Ahhh, that is great news! Are you excited? I don’t even know what the news is and I’m excited!”

“Well, of course I’m excited! But this is a big step Max… what if we aren’t ready for this? I mean, now that I know it’s happening… there’s no going back… I mean, there’s one way to nip this in the bud. But I don’t… I can’t.”

“Then you need to talk to him now, before any more time goes by.”

“Talk to me about what??”

Mel looked up and saw Sid in the doorway, staring at her intently. With a gulp she opened her mouth to tell him her big news, nodding as Max silently motioned that he would give them some space.


What had Max meant, ‘before any more time?’ Sid had been coming down the stairs when he had heard Mel say something about tests and phone calls and there being only one way to nip it in the… Oh. My. God.


“Sid… wait…”

“You’re what?!” Sid turned and saw his dad standing at the back door. His mom had a hand against her chest and tears in her eyes, along with a smile.

“Wait, I can explain,” Mel started.

“I’m going to be a grandma?? Oh honey!” His mom ran past his dad and hugged Melany. Mel just had a blank look on her face. Taylor came up the steps and looked at everyone.

“What’d I miss?”

His dad was the one to answer, and he didn’t look as angry as Sid had expected.

“You’re going to be an aunt young lady.”

“An aunt, OhMyGod! Sid, you knocked her up?! That’s so gross and awesome at the same time!”

“WAIT!” Everyone turned as his girlfriend held her hands up in the air. “I’m not pregnant!” There was a chorus of ‘you aren’t?’ and Sid couldn’t help the pang of regret that settled in the pit of his stomach. He glanced at Mel.

“I did that thing where I jump to conclusions and say shit out loud before thinking again… didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “But at least this time I didn’t smack you. Now, the news I wanted to tell you and everyone else I suppose… is that I got a job at one of the high schools on the Southside. So, I’ll be getting a place in the ‘Burgh. While you were away the past couple days, Max and I were talking about the possibilities.”

“So… Max knew…”

“No, Max did not know. He knew there was something, he knew some generalities, but I wanted you to be the first to know. Well, after my mother.” She leaned in close to him. “Now, don’t get all green on me Kid. We don’t need a repeat of Mexico,” she whispered before she placed a kiss on his cheek. Sid blushed, remembering the incident.

He had made it up to her the rest of the trip though. Sailing, swimming with dolphins, a picnic on the beach at night, surrounded by a bonfire and tiki torches. That part had been his favorite. They’d danced around the fire to music on her iPod. And then they’d made love back in their room. Erin and Amanda had placed candles all around and they had dragged the guys out for the night, giving them some extra privacy.

“What is this Mexico incident that you guys keep referring to each other when you think no one is listening? You didn’t get matching tattoos or something did you?” Sid looked at his mom. He still couldn’t believe that no one had come forward and offered up a video of his singing. It was truly amazing to him. But as far as they’d seen, only Brooks had that footage.

“Actually, I was thinking we could watch that tonight, after dinner.” Sid whipped his head toward Melany and stared at her, his jaw slack.

“You… you have a copy of it?!”

“Of course. Brooks made me a DVD and gave it to me the next morning. Now what did he call it? Oh yeah, leverage,” Mel said with a smile. Sid just groaned as he helped her start to get everything ready for dinner.

Thirty minutes later everything was cooking away either in the dual ovens or on the stove and he poured some of Mel’s Italian wine into a glass, finding her out on the deck with her head almost touching Max’s.

“What are you two planning now? And should I be worried? Have 9-1-1 on standby? Bail money?”

“Oooo, what’s this? For me?” She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips before taking a sip of the concoction in her glass. Then she smiled. “Apples,” she sighed as she leaned against him, the sun warming her face.

“So, honestly… are you two planning something?” he asked, slightly concerned. If she was planning a birthday party or something he might have to kill her.

“No, Max is going to make a call tomorrow and see if there are any houses for rent, or for sale, in the area. Or at least in an area that I wouldn’t have to deal with too much traffic.”

“So you’re definitely taking the job?”

“Mon ami, I’m going to let you two discuss this privately. Mel, what needs to be stirred or turned or switched off?”

Mel mumbled something and Max turned, giving him a hard stare as he walked in the house.


Mel waited until Max had pulled the sliding door shut before turning to Sid.

“Don’t you want me to be closer?”

“Of course! But you don’t have to take the job to do that. You could just move to Pittsburgh anyway.”

“And how do you expect me to be able to pay for my place of residence and food and utilities if I’m not working?” He didn’t say anything for a moment. And then it dawned on her what he might be thinking. She shook her head before stopping anything he was going to say.

“Don’t even think about it. You aren’t moving out of Mario’s yet, and there’s no way I’m going to move into some house that you pay for, living there like it’s my place, but you pay everything, especially if you aren’t going to be living there with me.”

“So, you’d move in with me if I was there?”

Mel paused, wondering that herself. She smiled and stepped into his arms.

“If you were ready to make that move, I’d share a place with you if you were serious. We’ve been living together for a month now, and it’s worked out so far. I like it, being with you. But I still think you should think about what I said last week.”

“About moving into my own place when we move out of Mellon Arena?”

“Yeah. It just makes sense. New arena, new residence.”

“You don’t think that’s a bit superstitious?”

“Ha! Coming from the guy who is going to have a mental breakdown when there’s no ‘M’ for him to tie his laces on in the new arena!”

“Oh god, don’t remind me!!” She looked up at him, smiling at the amused expression on his face. He ran his hand up her arm, goose bumps prickling her skin as she shivered. She closed her eyes as that same hand delved into her hair, tilting her face where he wanted it. “Cold?”

“No, I ju—“ he cut off her answer as his lips came down on hers, his tongue sliding along her lips, seeking entrance. They stood there, her arms around his neck, for what seemed like hours before she finally heard Max yelling that dinner would be ruined if she didn’t come check on everything NOW!

They both laughed at his high-pitched hollering, and she shrieked as Max swatted her butt with a spatula when she walked into the kitchen. Wandering from station to station she finished up certain courses, stirred others and turned on the light to check the main part. She turned and saw Sid staring at her from the doorway.


“This must be what it’s like for you to watch me on the ice during a game.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because you’re like fluid in motion. And you look so comfortable in the kitchen. Why didn’t you go to cooking school?”

Mel thought back on why she hadn’t chosen a culinary career as she mixed up a batter for the dessert. Sid had told her that his dad had a bit of a sweet tooth so she was making something special and homemade for the finale. She hoped Troy would like it.

“I don’t like to cook certain things, and at a culinary school I wouldn’t have a choice. I definitely would’ve flunked the seafood section!” She heard him chuckle and then she shooed him away as she poured the batter into two cake pans and then set about whipping together not only an icing but also a chocolate ganache for the middle.

Maybe I should’ve done that. Subbing is good, I like the kids… but cooking, I love cooking. Mel shook her head, laughing to herself at the thought of going back to school. She’d been in there for almost five years when she received her degree. And thanks to some extremely helpful people, she’d been able to just test out and get her license. And the school had offered her a job. End of story. Right?

She thought about it some more while they ate dinner, so lost in thought at one point that Max hit her in the head with a biscuit to get her attention. She’d glared at him for half a second before smiling and promising retribution after he was completely healed. They were just sitting down to watch the Mexico video when her pocket had buzzed.

Pulling her phone out, Mel stepped into the dining room to take the call.

“Mel?? Mel, it’s Vero. I have a really big favor to ask of you!”

“V? What’s going on chica?! I can’t believe the summer is almost over! How have you been??”

“Good, good. Everything is good! Now, about that favor…”

“Where are you? I can barely hear you!”

“Ugh… hold on!” Mel made a ‘v’ with her fingers to Sid and then a couple hand gestures that had him laughing in the doorway. “Mel-uh-nee?”

“Much better my dear! Now, what did you want to ask me?”

“What are you doing this Thursday?”

“Planning mostly. I’m helping get things ready for Sid’s day with the Cup. Why?”

“Well, Marc’s day is Thursday, right before Sid’s…”

“Okay. I knew that… Spill it Vero.”

“Well, we’re having a special… luncheon… And we would really like you and Sid to come. Really!!”

“Can you hold on for a sec?”

“Oui, I know he’s probably standing there anyway,” Vero said with a smile in her voice.

“Shut up,” Mel laughed as she put her hand over the speaker. She turned to Sid and asked him if he thought that they could wing it. He nodded, telling her that they could grab a private flight back that night or something. She started to tell Vero yes when she heard more loud noise in the background and someone mumbling something in French, along with Vero’s light laughter.

“V?? VERO!!”

“Sorry, so… can you make it?!”

“Yeah, we’ll be there. You said luncheon… do I have to dress up?”

“Oui. Absolument! You remember that dress from your birthday? Did you bring that up with you?”

“I did actually. You want me to wear that? It’s surprisingly dressy and casual at the same time.”

“It will be perfect. Tell Sid to wear black, with a shirt and tie that compliment you. Vest too,” she added as an afterthought.

“Ummm… okay crazy girl! Max is here, you want me to tell him as well?”

“Non. He knows already. But I wanted to ask you, instead of relying on him to remember to do it. That’s why I called you!”

“Well, we’ll come up Wednesday night if that’s okay.”

“Wonderful. See you in a few days! Bye!”

“Bye V!”

She was staring at her phone when Sid told her to hurry up and get in the living room before they started the video. This is going to be a busy couple of days. First Flower’s day, then Sid’s.


Sid looked down at the woman in his arms. They had arrived at Flower’s house after 9p.m. and after a three hour conversation with Vero, in her and Marc’s room, Mel had appeared and told him that she was exhausted. She looked it too.

He’d talked to Marc for a few minutes, but had decided just to come up to the room and relax. There was a balcony off their room and he’d propped up a lounger, letting the breeze from the lake sooth him. Mel had wandered onto the balcony and he’d pulled her down on top of him, rubbing her back gently as she curled in his arms.

He kissed her forehead and heard her practically purr against him. She mumbled something about Vero wanting to get up early to get things ready and he wondered if she’d said why the luncheon was so serious. Marc had just said that they wanted to celebrate in style. Maybe… maybe Flower was finally going to propose!

“Hey, Mel… hun, don’t fall asleep on me just yet. We should get in bed before you crash on me.”

“M’kay,” she responded sleepily as she literally dragged herself up, her eyes partially shut already. He picked her up once he’d stood, carrying her to the bed and placing her at the foot of it. Unbuttoning the damn plaid shirt that Max had talked her into buying, Sid threw it in the corner, her capris and bra following suit. He snatched a tee from their bag and hauled it over her head before pushing her onto the mattress.

“Baby, you need anything?”

Sid didn’t hear any response, just felt her pull him by the hem of his own shirt until he was covering her. Mel smiled and dragged his face to hers, her lips and tongue roaming slowly over his. She mumbled something unintelligible and he chuckled.

“I don’t think we can do this Melany. I’d feel wrong having my way with you if you’re unconscious. I’m pretty sure that’s against the law.” He felt her smile against his lips and she leaned back against the pillows, her eyes opening wide and staring at him.

“I think you’re right. Damn,” she laughed. “Then get your friggin’ pants off and snuggle with me!”

He smiled and obliged her, his arms wrapping around her securely before he pulled the covers over them, burrowing his face in her hair, inhaling her citrusy scent.

Now he was staring at her sleeping form, part of him wishing he had his own place in Pittsburgh. It was going to be so weird to go back to Mario’s and not sleep with her every night. Not share a bathroom with her. Not shower with her, have breakfast with her, just lounge around whenever he wanted to.

Things were going to change. She’d be working Monday through Friday at the school. He’d have practices and games, wouldn’t always be in town. And when he was in town, they wouldn’t be able to spend the night together all the time.

Move out. Ask her to live with you. That would solve most of the problems.

But where would they live? She shouldn’t have to drive like a half hour to and from work every day if he chose a place in Sewickley. But he did love it there. He’d put a lot of thought into the idea of moving out on his own after this season. It made sense. And they would be celebrating a year together before the season ended. It was a perfect anniversary present. He’d talk to her about it this weekend, after the insanity of the two Cup days.

Sid stirred awake to the sound of someone knocking on the door to their bedroom. He groaned and tightened his grip on Mel’s waist. She was attempting to get up and see who was knocking but he refused to allow her to move from the comfortable position they were in. Once again she’d wound up tangled up on top of him, her legs entwined with his and her cheek on his chest.

“Let me up, dork. It’s probably Vero.”

“She can go away until a decent hour.”

“It’s 8:30 Sid, it is decent since we have a luncheon at 12:30,” Mel laughed against his chest.

“Fine,” he grumbled as he pretended to be angry. She smiled and kissed his nipple closest to her mouth, eliciting a surprised gasp from him before moving lightening fast and running over to the door. She opened it and spoke to whoever it was for a moment before shutting it once more and heading into the connecting bathroom.

Twenty minutes later she emerged, hair and body wrapped in fluffy white towels, telling him to grab a shower before Marc came up here searching for him. He threw the covers back and started toward the shower, catching Mel’s wrist and pulling her against him. She giggled a protest that he quickly quieted with a kiss. They were wrapped up in each other when there was another knock at the door.

“Dammit,” he mumbled against her lips. Mel just laughed and told him to go shower and she’d see him in a bit. He agreed, placing one more kiss to her lips before turning and jumping in the shower. When he came back out she was gone, her dress still hanging on the door.

It wasn’t until three hours later that Sid finally saw her. Her hair was piled on top of her head, a mass of perfect curls falling slightly from an up-do, a few fly-aways framing her face beautifully. Someone had done her make-up for her as well and he wanted to devour her before lunch, which he couldn’t wait to start. The sooner they ate, the sooner he could drag her up to their room and ravish her.

“Sid?” He turned and saw Flower and Max walking toward him.

“Hey guys. I never thought to ask, are we eating here?”

“Non,” Marc said. “We’re leaving at noon and heading over to the place that we’re celebrating at. So if you guys wanna go get dressed, I believe the girls are going to wait until we get to the hotel to get dressed.”

“We’re eating at a hotel?”

“Yes… it seemed like a good place. You know what… why don’t we just get our clothes and stuff and head over now? Then we can make sure everything is set up completely.” Sid quirked an eyebrow at the normally calm goaltender.

“Marc, are you going to… are you finally gonna ask her to marry you?” Sid asked in hushed tones. Marc just broke out into a big smile.

“Is that what you think this is about?”

“I do.”

“Well, you’re going to enjoy this then!”

“So, that’s a yes?”

“I’m not agreeing one way or the other. C’mon, let’s go get our stuff. We’ll drive separate from the ladies.”

Sid glanced at Flower, then Max, before shrugging his shoulders and climbing the stairs to grab his suit. He saw Mel in the hall and stole a kiss, making sure she knew the plan. They all met at the front door and he watched her blow him a kiss as she hopped in the passenger seat of the car, driving off with Vero, the two of them laughing about who knows what.

The drive didn’t take long and Sid found himself in a back room, getting dressed with Max and Flower. A few minutes after twelve Marc stepped out for a minute, saying he needed to make sure everyone was seated and that the Cup had made it safely.


“You’re sure that this dress is going to be formal enough?”

“Oh yes. It’s wonderful. And the black belt accents it perfectly. I’m glad I talked you into buying it this morning.”

“Me too V, me too… Now, let’s see your dress. I can’t wait! I bet it’s bright and glamorous!” Vero snorted and unzipped the dress bag. When she took the hanger out Mel burst into a fit of laughter.

“What is so funny Miss Melany?”

“I thought… I thought he was going to propose to you Vero. You’re sneaky. Who else knows?”

“Max. He’s the best man. He’s the only other one. Oh, and Marc’s little sister. Even our parents don’t know.”

“You had me completely fooled! You little witch! Wait, Max is the best man?! Who’s the maid-of-hon… Veronique?!”

“Oui,” her friend asked, her face a mask of innocence.

“Vero, who’s the maid-of-honor?”

“Well, you see… None of the girls could make it. Kelsey isn’t up for traveling all this way. Heather is on the farm with Jordan and spending the rest of her time with Kelsey. I’m not really close with any of the others. And I wanted someone who I knew would be good in a quick situation...”

Mel blinked as tears formed quickly in her eyes. She sniffled once before remembering her make-up and fanned her face, blinking rapidly to keep those tears from falling.

“Are you asking me to…?”

“I want you there beside me, yes. I’m hoping you’ll say yes. Marc’s sister is going to be a bridesmaid, but I wanted someone closer to my age to be there beside me. So… what do you say?”

Vero was standing there, hands clasped in front of her, looking very hopeful. Mel didn’t say anything. She couldn’t find the words right now. So instead, she walked up to the woman who had welcomed her into the group with open arms, never judging her when she appeared, and wrapped her in a giant hug. They both started laughing and crying at the same time.

They only stopped hugging when Marylene, Flower’s sister, came in and told them to hurry it up and get ready. Mel was introduced to the smiling girl and felt an instant bond with the younger Fleury sibling. She laughed and told Mel that she loved how she had finally met Sid. The three were laughing about hockey players when a knock came at the door.

“Alright ladies, are you ready?”

Mel ran over and cracked open the door to talk to Max for a moment.

“Does Sid know yet that this isn’t just a lunch?”

“He thinks that Flower’s going to propose!”

“And neither of you corrected him??”

“No way, it’s too much fun! And you know you want to see his face! Trust me, we’re going to have golden footage! There are three videographers, so believe me when I say that this will be even better than Mexico!”

“Oh god… you have a death wish don’t you!” Mel laughed.

“Perhaps,” Max replied with his own chuckle.

“Well, we’re ready in here. So, if you go get the other two, I’ll give you a couple minutes and then we’ll get into place.”

Mel squeezed Vero’s hands once more as Marylene took her first step into the room, Canon in D playing softly on the strings of a quartet that was seated off to the side of the room. Mel winked at V before stepping out and walking down the aisle toward three of the Penguins.

She smiled at Marc first, laughed as Max let out an exaggerated wink at her and then focused on Sid. He was staring at her intensely, his eyes never leaving hers. She smiled and he smiled back, her mind taking in his suit. She wanted to stand by him, not across from him. Taking her place in the proper spot, she glanced Sid’s way once more. He looked like he wanted to gobble her up. Then the desire was replaced by a smile and he mouthed ‘I love you’ before the Bridal March started to play.

The ceremony was short and sweet, the vows rang loud and clear from both participant’s lips, and the crowd chuckled quietly when Max pretended like he didn’t have the rings. Mel had to wipe a tear from her eye again when the minister presented them as Marc-Andre and Veronique Fleury.

They bounced down the aisle together as husband and wife and she couldn’t help but feel a quick pang of jealousy. It was squashed quickly when Max took her arm and led her down after them. They were waiting for Sid and Mar when he turned to her.

“It is about time, non?”

“You’re so right Max! It’s been how long since they’ve been together?! It’s definitely about time!”

“No, no… you misunderstand. I mean about you and our captain behind us.” Mel looked at him and saw the twinkle in his eye. She heard the seriousness in his tone as well though. He was partially teasing her, while the other part wanted a true answer.

“It’s too early for that Max, at least for us. We aren’t ready for that, not just yet.”

“Okay, okay… perhaps you have a point… he is un petit peux immature!”

“This coming from the guy who ‘lost’ the rings… sheesh!” They both laughed and then Mel felt Sid’s gaze on her. She whirled around, her heel catching, and landed straight in his arms. He smiled down at her as he held her, dipped like they were dancing.


“Falling for me all over again?”

“Guess I just can’t help myself,” he heard her let out in a breathy tone. As he brought her back up slowly, Mel wrapped one arm around his neck, keeping herself close to him. Once again, like the moment he saw her coming down that aisle, everything else disappeared. They were the only two in the room and he didn’t hear the people congratulating his teammate. They didn’t even hear the whispers of some of the guests who hadn’t paid attention to the news that he had a girlfriend.

All he saw were the two of them in a room, surrounded by bright colors, his hand pressed against her swollen belly and her hand against his chest, a solid band on her left ring finger. Someday, someday I’m going to make that a reality. Then, grabbing her hand, Sid led her into the big ballroom, to the main table that sat up, lifted slightly so that everyone could see the newlyweds and the four other members of the bridal party.

They were separated momentarily, Melany taking her place by Vero’s side and Sid standing next to Max. There was a DJ that appeared out of nowhere and asked for the speeches from the best man and maid-of-honor. He saw the fear cross over Mel’s face before she faked a smile and graciously let Max go first. Max of course pulled a paper out of his breast pocket. He started speaking in French and Sid saw the fear rear its ugly head once more across Mel’s features.

Bonjour à tous… This day has been a long time coming I think. These two have been together for what seems like forever, and I know I’m not the only one who has been waiting to see these two lovebirds finally tie the knot. I have many stories that I could tell you, some of them embarrassing, but most of them just little things that have happened over the years that I’ve known both the bride and groom. But I promised Marc that I would keep this short. Besides, I’m really curious to see what the maid-of-honor is going to say, since she doesn’t speak French and has no idea what all I’ve just said. I’m betting she doesn’t repeat anything I’ve said so far!”

The crowd chuckled a little at that and Sid took a peek at Melany. She was whispering to Flower’s sister. Whatever Mar had said must’ve calmed her down though, and must not have been a translation because she wasn’t staring daggers at Max.

“To the bride and groom, may they always be true to one another, and stay the way they are now… Jeunes de cœur et profondément amoureux.” Max raised his glass and saluted the couple. Sid raised his glass as well and murmured congratulations before he took a sip. The mic was passed to Mel and he held his breath. Sid heard Max and Flower betting ten bucks that she’d repeat his speech, only in English.

Je suis désolé… but I don’t speak very much French… umm… Oh screw it,” she said and Sid choked.

“I haven’t known Flo--, Marc, and Vero as long as most of you have. I haven’t watched them grow up, haven’t watched them go from neighbors and childhood friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. I wasn’t around to see the look on her face when Marc was drafted… but in the short time I’ve known these two, I haven’t seen a more perfect couple.” She turned now to Flower and V.

“Now, we all know that no one, and no couple can be truly be perfect… but in this world I like to believe that there is that one person who completes you. And you two are each other’s missing piece. My hope is that you keep that in mind when, down the road, you hit any type of speed bump or pothole that ever makes you think it might not be worth it.”

“Because love is worth it. It keeps you grounded and helps you soar. Be there for each other, tell each other you love one another every day. Fight if you need to, but never go to bed angry. Take care of one another and know that you have a ton of people who would drop what they were doing if you called and needed them. To the bride and groom. Pour vous,” she turned to Mar once more before bringing the mic back to her lips. “Je vous souhaite le bonheur.”

Sid raised his glass with her, giving her a wink and chuckling as she winked back. Yeah, someday she will be all mine. He smiled as Vero enveloped her in a hug, the two laughing about something that he didn’t even want to think about. Flower was applauding her speech and telling her what Max said and their bet.

She punched Max in his good arm before pulling them both in for a hug, laughing about her Frenchie friends. They were laughing too and then she was released, no one left to hug but him. Stepping around everyone, he watched her as she came closer to him, step by step. When she was in front of him, Sid couldn’t keep from pulling her into his embrace.

“I love you Melany, and I hope this doesn’t freak you out… but I hope that the speeches at our wedding are that heartfelt.” He watched her face bloom into a warm smile.

“I hope so too Sidney. I hope so too.”


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