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Chapter 19: The Geno

So, I know that once you all read this, you're probably going to want to beat me for the way I ended it... but you shall just have to deal*
And the next chapter promises to be a riot*
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"Oh my god, did you see that?? I mean, did you honestly see that?!" Mel just shook her head in amazement as her mom nudged her arm before chanting `MVP, MVP, MVP' along with the other 17,000 fans in the Igloo. Yeah Geno, you deserve this buddy. She heard Sid's dad calling out her mom's name.

"Lynne! Lynne! Here, throw this," he yelled as he handed her a hat. "Toss it toward the ice like everyone else!" She smiled as her mom chucked the hat as far as she could.

"Why did I just throw a hat?" she asked with a serious face. Mel and Erin were almost in tears, laughing as hard as they were. The faces Mario and Troy were making were too much. And they were both looking at her mom like she'd grown a second head.

"It's a hat trick Mom," she said in between laughs. "When a player gets three goals in one game, it's called a hat trick. And to show your support, you throw a hat down on the ice."

"But why is it called a hat trick?"

"Because… well, actually, I don't know. Gentlemen?" She turned back to Mario and Troy who smiled and set into an explanation. They had both been wonderful all night. It wasn't that her mom didn't understand the game, exactly, but she was very inquisitive when it came to the rules and terms. Trying to get her not ask things during play had lasted all of the first five minutes of the first period. Fortunately no one in the box seemed to mind her constant questions. In fact, they seemed to like that she was so interested in the sport. Plus, Nathalie and Trina had asked her to share embarrassing stories about her daughter during intermission.

Fortunately Mel knew she'd been a good kid, for the most part, so while it had made her squirm in her seat to have her mother gush while she pulled what seemed like a never ending stream of grammar school photos out of her purse. She'd been thankful when the buzzer had sounded and play had resumed. Now, she shook her head, smiling, as she and Erin stared down at their men as they milled on the ice, watching the ice cleaning team.

"So Troy… I hear my daughter put you in your place after you insulted her." Oh for crying out loud, get these hats cleared up and resume play! Mel begged silently. Thankfully he just let out a big belly laugh and then, nearly making Mel jump out of her seat, he put his big hand on her shoulder.

"I see where you get your spunk from," he said with a teasing smile. Everyone got a chuckle out of that.

It seemed like the rest of the final period was going to be uneventful, until TK scored to add insult to injury. And then there was an insane scrum with only about a minute left. It seemed like you could never expect a team to go away quietly.

After the game ended Mario led them down to the locker room to meet some of the guys. Mom was more excited to meet Cookey than anyone else. For some reason she'd taken a liking to him. Mel introduced her to his wife first, and the two hit it off right away.

Then Max walked out of the locker room. He came over and wrapped Mel in a hug, planting a raspberry on her cheek. Laughing as she pulled away, she introduced the smiling Frenchman to her mom's questioning gaze.

"Mom, this is Maxime Talbot. Maximus, my mother Lynne." Max grabbed her mom's hand and bowed as he kissed her knuckles.

"It is an honor and a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Huston. Your daughter is a magnificent woman and I feel like I'm a better man, just by knowing her." God, could he lay it on any thicker? She thought while reminding herself to I'm poke him in the eye later. "You did a wonderful job raising her by yourself." Then, with that cheeky smile and a nod, he sauntered off toward a group of guys, tackling Kuni in a bear hug.

Her mom was staring at her and Mel just shrugged. He was being silly and just wanted to tell Sid that he made a better first impression. Then he'd be able to tease Sid about it for the rest of his life. A few of the others came over to say hello and Mel could tell her mother was a little overwhelmed by all the giant players telling her good things about her daughter.

"What can I say Mom?" Mel said with a smile, placing her arm around her mom, "I guess I'm pretty amazing!"

"Hey Mel, party at my house tonight! You come! Bring Sid!" She turned at the sound of Geno's heavy accent.

"Well hey Mr. Amazing!"

"Erin tell me that you mother come tonight."

"That's right… Mom, I'd like you to meet tonight's number one star." Her mom smiled and wrapped the big guy in a hug, exclaiming how proud she was that he was able to score all three of those amazing goals. He laughed as she released him and apologized for trying to tackle him.

"No worry Mel's mom… I am ire- irressa- irresistible!" Mel could tell by the look on his face that he was extremely pleased with himself for being able to get that word out. Her mom just continued to gush over him and Erin as well for getting stuck with him. They were laughing when Erin nodded almost invisibly that Sid was finally coming.


Sid answered Dan Potash's final question before heading to the showers. After changing back into his suit he grabbed a Gatorade and headed out to where Mel had promised to be waiting with her mom. She had told him not to be nervous, that her mom was going to love him, but he could keep his palms from sweating. Walking through the doorway, he paused. This is crazy, he thought to himself. But then he'd never met a girl's mom before. Please don't let me make a fool of myself.

Taking a deep breath he walked through the door. He spotted Mel first and she turned as if she'd felt him coming. Flashing him a hundred watt smile that he couldn't help but return, she motioned for him to come over. He took a deep breath and started over to where Geno, his arm wrapped securely around Erin, was attempting to talk with a woman that reminded him of his own mother. He knew that Geno was working on his English with Erin and by the woman's smile, she could understand him just fine.

"Mom," he heard Mel say. "There's one more person that I'd like you to meet."

"It was a pleasure to meet you Evgeni. You played wonderful tonight, just wonderful!"

"Call me Geno… please," his teammate said with a shy smile. Then he and Erin excused themselves, wanting to head out since there was now going to be a party at Geno's and they needed to grab some supplies. Sid held out his hand and then they both laughed as their fists bumped and `exploded.' He was still smiling when Mel's mom turned her attention on him.

"Good evening Sidney."

"Mrs. Huston… it's, it's a pleasure to meet you," he said nervously, realizing his hands had begun to sweat as he wiped them on his pants.

"Lynne, please."

"Lynne," he said, grinning. "I'm sure you've heard this a lot tonight, but you have an amazing daughter. And thank you very much for letting me monopolize a lot of her time recently."

"Nonsense, she's old enough to fend for herself. And besides, she wouldn't spend all that time with you and the boys if she didn't want to. Now tell me something Sidney… how did a young man with such talent like yours, manage to hit my daughter with a puck?"

Sid's face turned beet red and he stuttered as he tried to find an answer. He glanced anxiously at Melany, but she wasn't going to be any help. She was giggling, her face hidden in her hands as she snorted in between the laughter that was bubbling from her mouth. Oh, she's getting it later.

"Well, you see… it was really all Max and Tanger's fault!" Before he could continue he noticed the smile on Lynne's face, and the laughter in her eyes. She was teasing him! Like mother, like daughter I guess! He finally relaxed and started to laugh as he shook his head. "I guess it was just a lucky shot."

They talked for a while longer before his parents came over to say they were getting ready to head back to Mario's if Lynne wanted to ride with them. Sid grabbed for Mel's hand as he tensed up. Here he was, standing amidst his parents, his `other parents' and her mom. But his mom and Lynne were talking with Nathalie about having tea when they got back to the house, and Mario and his dad had those looks that said `do not get into any trouble tonight.'

His eyes widened in surprise when Lynne pulled him into a hug. He dropped Mel's hand as he returned the affection. She had made him feel welcome from the moment she met him. Yeah, like mother like daughter for sure.

"It was wonderful to meet you Sidney. I can see why my daughter is falling for you," she whispered. As she released him Sid could see the honesty in her gaze. "Don't let her get away my dear. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother."

"Yes ma'am, I'll do my best," he told her seriously. After making sure she'd talk to him sometime tomorrow about a birthday present for Mel, the two headed out to his car as the `adults' all piled into Mario's vehicle. Mel told him to stop so they could grab some stuff so her to whip up something for a crowd of hungry players.


Mel opened her eyes, squinting against the bright light that shown through the window. Sid's body was draped over her like a blanket and she snuggled into his chest. He mumbled something unintelligible and she just burrowed into him, inhaling his smell. Whatever he used made her want to attack him. Well, she was pretty sure that she had done that last night after they'd had a couple drinks with everyone else.

Well, they'd had to at least make it look like they were up for a party. Of course, the entire time, all she'd wanted to do was tear that suit off his body and have her wicked way with him. Fortunately she'd gotten the chance when they snuck up the stairs about a half an hour after they arrived.

Mel knew they wouldn't have more alone time until he got back from the two Carolina games, even though she and the girls were flying down for Saturday night's celebrations, and she was about to wake him up for a second round of steamy passion when Max poked through the door and put a finger to his lips. Mel knew she should stop him, or at least wake up Sid, but she bit her lip and nodded gently. Max beamed that grin that she knew meant trouble was coming and he disappeared for a second. Before long he was pushing open the door to their room and coming in. He was followed by Geno, Flower, and Tanger.

Flower had lids for pots, like a pair of cymbals. Geno had a whistle between his lips, Max had a bull horn and Tanger had a video camera. Where did they find a bullhorn?? Why am I even surprised about that? She thought as she watched the gang surround the bed. Max put the thing between his legs and used his hands to ask, rather perversely, if they were clothed. She quirked an eyebrow at him but he just pointed at Tanger, and the camera. She nodded in understanding and rolled her eyes. Mel told him to wait a moment as she brought her hands up to cover her ears and then Tanger hit RECORD.

"SIDNEY CROSBY! WAKE THE FUCK UP DUDE!!!" Max yelled through the bullhorn as the rest of the group made noises with their little toys. She felt Sid jerk and he rolled in confusion, pulling the blankets with him as he fell off the bed and hit the floor with a loud thunk. She heard him cursing through the duvet and couldn't help the laughter as it came forth.

"Good morning mon ami. Breakfast is downstairs," Max said a little quieter and with a smile before he started laughing. Sid was sitting there, his hair an unruly mass of curls and sticking out everywhere and a glare on his face.

"Max," he growled. Mel knew that tone. It was one that promised retribution. She watched him stand up and stretch, and she noticed his stance. He was ready to go after Max. And poor Max was bent over laughing, completely clueless and entirely defenseless. Sid started toward him, hands curled into fists, and Mel decided to warn Max, even though she wasn't sure if he deserved it.

"Run Max!" He looked up and Sid took off, promising to get her later for helping him. They both ran through the door and down the hallway. Tanger followed hot on their heels and the rest heard a crash and a curse in French. Flower tugged Geno out of the room and Mel sat back against the headboard. She heard someone clear their throat and she looked up at Vero. V just shook her head, making a `boys will be boys' face.

"I didn't understand the curse… no one got hurt did they?"

"No, Max was just calling Sid a curly-headed fuck… I'm pretty sure he learned that term from you, didn't he?" The two laughed as V came over and sat down on the edge of the bed. As she stopped laughing, Mel saw the serious look that came over her friend's face. It spoke volumes.

"Alright V, spit it out. What's going on?"

"Are you still in love with him?"

"Still, how can I still be in love with him?"

"Not Sid… this John that I heard about."

"How did… who said anything… Sid talked to Marc didn't he?"

"Oui. I think it was just because Marc and I have been through so much, and been together for such a long time. He just wanted to get the perspective of someone who's been in a serious and committed relationship. It's not that he doesn't trust you, and I don't think he's upset or anything. I think he's just nervous that when you see this guy tomorrow night… I do not know. Perhaps he thinks that you will remember all those feelings that you used to have for him and then Sid will lose you. And I don't believe that's something he wants. So, I ask again… are you still in love with him?"

"Vero… I have been through so much with John. He was my first boyfriend, my first love. And later on… later on I thought that I was still in love with him, but the romantic feelings that had been there " Mel wasn't sure how to put it into words, the way her feelings had just…changed. "I guess my feelings just had tapered out. I wasn't feeling…like I had to have him, you know…the way you just need someone? I wouldn't say that I look at him as a brother now because that would just be creepy… he's more than a friend but he is still just a friend. I mean, yeah, he's that one person that I've always felt I could count on and he's been there for me through a lot of stuff in my life so I guess you could say he's my best friend. We'll always have each other's backs you know? But Sid doesn't have anything to worry about if that's what you think. John married Jess… that's like you and Flower. They'd been together so long. I mean, they broke up, which you guys never will! But they worked it out, and they got married. Now I'm trying to find my own Marc."

"Do you think it's Sid?"

"I don't know," Mel replied honestly.

"Well, I suppose it is a little early to be wondering about that," Vero laughed. "Okay, I promise, no more talk about this. I need to quiz you so that I know what to get you for your birthday. I hear we're having a party!"

"We are! I'm so glad you're coming! Kelsey can't make it, and Heather said she's going to stay up here with her. So I'm really excited that you're coming down! I was thinking it would be a lot of fun for you, me, Amanda, and Erin to stay together. We'll get a big room like the one Sid and I had in Philly!"

"Oh, I love that idea! We could stay until after Game 4! This is going to be fun! And there's no way I could miss the fireworks when Sid meets this man! Now, let's go find out what happened with those two!"


"Say uncle!"

"Get off me!"

"Not til you give up!"

"Get. Off. Me."

"What are you two, twelve?" Sid twisted his head and glanced up at Mel and Vero who were standing in the doorway. Max tried to turn as well, but Sid kept his head pressed to the carpet with his knee.

"Mon chère, please get your boyfriend to move his giant ass so that I can get up!"

"You think he's going to listen to me? I'm the one who helped to give you a chance of escape! It's not my fault that you ran the wrong way!"

She was looking at him and Sid couldn't help but smile at her. With a wink he released Max and wandered over to her, and then, placing his hands on either side of the door she was standing against, he leaned into her, his lips brushing over her forehead.

"Good morning babe."

"Forgive me for helping Max?"

"Of course. I'd have felt bad if he didn't stand some sort of chance."

They were all laughing when Erin yelled down from the dining room that they had better get downstairs or she was going to throw everything in the trash. Geno yelled `We come woman!' which garnered him a cold look from his girlfriend when they had all shuffled down the stairs. Geno just flashed that smile that he always used when he was in trouble.

After eating the group split up. Sid and Melany had gone back to Mario's and everyone else had gone to their respective homes so that they could pack for the road trip. Coach had said the plane was leaving at three o'clock and the girls were flying down later that night. They pulled into Mario's and started up to his room when they were stopped by a trio of voices.

"So how long have they been dating?"

"Oh, since about the beginning of April."

"They really are adorable together."

"Do you think it'll turn more serious?"

"He's taking her to North Carolina for her birthday."

"But it's not a couple's thing, there's a big group."

Sid pulled Melany to him and kissed her before heading to where the voices were. He needed to talk to her mother about a present. Clearing his throat he stepped into the kitchen, where the three women stood talking about his relationship.

"Good morning ladies. Sleep well?" Lynne was the first one to speak up.

"Like the dead! Have you thought more about what you want to get Melany for her birthday?"

"Yes," Nathalie exclaimed, "You should get her some jewelry!"

"She's not that big of a jewelry fan actually. Not that she'd complain, but it's just not her thing."

"What does she like?" his mom asked. Sid turned to Lynne, expectation clearly written on his face.

"Oh my, well, she'll love anything you get her. My daughter's not a snob or anything. If it's thoughtful she'll appreciate it. You could make her a card and she'd love it as much as if you bought her a car. With her, it's the thought that counts."

"But, what does she like? What do I get her that's better than John flying in to surprise her??"

"Is that what this is about? Johnny?" Lynne shook her head and he felt an embarrassed blush rise up to his cheeks.

"Well, I just… I want to… I want to give her something that might… make her feel about me the way I feel about her. I care about her, a lot. And I've never bought things for a woman before. I know that the girls are pitching in together to get her something. And Max has taken it upon himself to be in control of her gift from the guys… which has me very concerned, because it's Max."

"Should I be concerned about this teammate of yours?" Lynne asked with a pointed look. "He seems very charming and rather sly…"

"Ha! Max is one of a kind Lynne. But your daughter is a smart woman. And Max, as flashy and insane as that boy can be, he's one of the most trustworthy guys that I've ever seen my son befriend." Sid smiled a thank you at his mom.

"Alright ladies, I'm going to go… pack. But Lynne, if you could help me think of something that she'd like, please let me know!" He told them all goodbye and took the steps two at a time to get to his room. Checking his watch, he saw that they had a few hours before he needed to leave, and he'd already packed everything but the suit he was planning on wearing.

Opening his door he smiled at the scene in front of him on his bed. Mel must've realized the time they had too. It was that, or she didn't care about making him late. Either way, he planned on giving his woman as much pleasure as he could as an early birthday present. As he stepped over to his bed he pulled his shirt off, trying to quickly match her lack of clothing.

"I set the alarm to give you twenty minutes to pack," she purred as he covered her supple body with his own.

"God, I love you," he breathed into her ear as he sunk inside of her.


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