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Chapter 7: Oh, Bite Me Talbot!


I know, the title seems odd since it's a story about Sid... Go with it ok? I promise, by the end of the chapter it will all make sense* Happy reading!!

Oh my god, his lips are seriously the most blissful thing to kiss. This was what was going through Melany’s head as she had her mouth plastered against Sid’s. He was against the door while she was leaning into him, her hands fisted in his shirt again like they’d been down in the kitchen. She just felt like she couldn’t get close enough to him. She didn’t know how they could be any closer unless they were naked, but she didn’t want to rush this! Instead, she released his shirt and ran her hands under the hem, moving them up his chest, feeling the muscles and smooth skin. Fuck this; hopefully I’ll have a chance to take things slow later!

Mel pulled back much to her own displeasure and tried to get Sid out of his shirt. He wouldn’t lift his arms though and she growled in her throat when he snatched her hands and pulled her back against him. One hand let go of hers, sinking into the hair at the base of her skull. She watched his face, waiting for the tug that would tilt her head for better access. But instead she felt his fingers start a gentle massage and she couldn’t help but let out a groan as her eyes fluttered closed. As he worked some magic of relaxation Melany tried once again, to no avail, to rid him of his shirt.

“Ugh, Sid… lift your arms! I want this out of the way!”

“In a hurry?”




“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Why aren’t you?!”

“I like to thoroughly enjoy myself.”

“Well, so do I! But it’s been a while, and I want you… badly! So how about helping me out here…”

Sid chuckled. He looked down at her hands on his shirt and then really took a look at the one she was wearing. Yeah, it was a Pens shirt, but she’d taken it apart and re-designed it, tying it down the sides like you would for one of those fleece blankets. At least I know an easy way to get her out of this, he thought as he took hold of her shirt, one hand on each side of the ties.

“No, Sid don--”


He watched her face go from angry to worried to angry in the blink of an eye. Then she looked up at him.

“If you wanted my shirt off so bad, you could’ve just said ‘take it off’ and I would’ve whipped it over my head in a heartbeat!”

“I just wanted to help you since I was being so difficult.”

“You could’ve helped me by taking your shirt off, you know.”

Sid smiled and whisked his tee over his head and threw it on the floor. He saw another look of anger cross her face. But then she smiled and one hand reached out to trace over his chest. He wasn’t as ripped as some of the guys were, but he felt like he looked better now than he had during that photo shoot back in…

He jerked as one of her fingers ran along the waistband of his jeans. Ok, no more thinking while she touches me. Glancing down, he smiled when he noticed she was biting on her lower lip as she stared at his body.

“You wanna make things even here?”

Sid noticed the smile on her face as she grasped her shirt and brought it over her head. It was thrown in a flash to join his and then he focused on the sight before him. He just stared at her, not knowing what to say. His eyes drank in the teal cups holding two decent-sized breasts and how her body flared out like an hourglass, smooth skin everywhere and… what was that on her side? A tattoo? Hmmm, a bad girl at heart perhaps.

She seemed to realize what he was looking at and her hand went down to try and cover it. He smirked and took hold of her hand, peeling it away from her side. He looked in her eyes.

“I want to see it,” Sid said as he turned his attention to the area of flesh that was covered in ink. It was a pretty big tattoo taking up most of her right side. It started beneath the material of her bra, and the bottom was perfectly in line with her jeans. Why would someone get a tattoo of a ship, he wondered. It was beautiful though. There was so much detail. He ran his fingers over masts, sails, rigging, planks, even portholes. All that was missing were cannons and a pirate with a sword. His eyes came back up to her face and he knew she could tell what he wanted to ask.

“After, ok? I’ll tell you anything you want to know about me.” He liked the sound of that, so he smiled and pulled her to him for another kiss. As his hands skimmed over her body he felt hers go back to his jeans. She had her fingers in his belt loops and was tugging him over toward the desk. They moved in unison until he felt his butt hit against the side and she stopped kissing him to drop down to her knees.

With a certain amount of force Melany undid Sid’s pants and started to get them down his legs. She kept her eyes on his package, straining against the material of his briefs, and unconsciously licked her lips. Is this really happening or is this just another dream, she thought as she lifted shaky fingers to the elastic above the bulge that she couldn’t wait to see. She felt him lift away from the desk so that the material would slide over his butt and as she pulled she continued to stare as inch after inch of skin appeared from beneath the black boxer briefs.

And then he was standing before her, naked except for his pants which were down around his ankles. And he was gorgeous. His body seemed proportionate and she thanked her lucky stars that whoever had seen fit to gift him with that giant ass, decided to make it even and give him a matching front. No, he wasn’t massive, but he was more than she’d had before. And she was very excited about all the things she could do to him. Better not waste any time.

Mel slipped her left hand around his length and as she gazed up at his face she slid her hand up and down him a few times, noting the his sharp intake of breath and the intensity in his eyes as he stared at her hand. There were things that she should probably say right now, but everything sounded stupid in her head. So instead of saying the wrong thing, or making a fool of herself, she decided to let her actions speak for themselves.

She felt him tense as he slid into her mouth and one hand instantly latched onto her hair. Melany kept her eyes on his and wondered if the emotions flying through those hazel orbs were what he could see mirrored in her brown ones. She could see the intense amount of desire that he was holding in check right now. And that was fine… for the moment. But she didn’t want him to hold back. She didn’t want this to be like an interview, with no personality. She wanted to see him just being… what was the word… carefree?

Her tongue moved over him as her head started bobbing and she smiled around his dick as she heard him let out a groan. His hand turned into a fist and she felt a spiral of desire course through her body. Not that she wasn’t into taking charge, but dominant guys… they just… she just let out a corresponding moan. Sid reached down and grabbed her arm, pulling her up flush against him.

As much as he wanted to feel her lips wrapped around him, Sid could feel his control slipping and didn’t want to act like a virgin… yeah, sure, he hadn’t gotten any in a while... but there’s no reason he should act that way right? Her mouth just brought out those animal instincts he only let loose during a game. That had never happened before. He’d always been able to keep that part of himself in check.

Now, leaning against the desk, feeling his dick rub against the denim of her jeans… all he wanted to do was turn her around, bend her over and ram himself home. God, she’d freak if she knew what I was thinking right now. Get a hold of yourself Crosby. He hooked his arms around her, keeping her close. He wanted this to be better for her.

“Maybe we should stop this now before it’s too late.”

“You’re standing there with your pants around your ankles and I’m topless… and you want to stop??” He tried to stop her but she pulled out of his arms too quickly and if he moved fast he’d probably trip over his own two feet. She was taking his words the wrong way.

“No, I want to do you… this… more than you can imagine. But this isn’t… I didn’t plan to… there’s no freaking bed! Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Ummm… honestly? Some of the best sex I had didn’t include a bed. It’s not about where you do it; it’s about who you do it with. I don’t think anywhere we chose to fuck would be bad. Now, can we go back to what I was enjoying doing please?” Sid just stared at her.

“We can stop if you’re that uncomfortable Sid. But I don’t want to.” She brought her hand up to his cheek, turning him to face her. Looking into her eyes he saw nothing but desire and trust. Then she smiled at him and he thought for sure he’d get down on one knee and propose to her. Just to see that smile every day. Dear God, don’t say that or she will seriously bolt!

“As long as you’re comfortable… I’d be happy to use this desk to please you.”

He watched her eyes light up and she jumped into his arms. He fell back onto the desk and just stayed there as she leaned down to place kisses all over his face. Before he could blink her lips were on his neck and making a trail up to his ear. She bit on his earlobe and in a breathless voice told him what she wanted from him.

“Just bend me over the desk, and we’ll go from there, ok Crosby?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Melany let out a throaty laugh against his ear at his answer and backed off of him. He came off the table and pulled her to him once more, finding her lips for a deep, passionate kiss that left her sighing and made her toes curl. As his tongue moved with hers his hands wound around her and unclasped her bra. After finishing the task he skimmed up to her shoulders and slowly slid the two straps down. She shivered as the material moved slowly down her arms. He threw the lacy get-up over toward their shirts. Then his hands were cupping her breasts.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as he pulled his mouth away. She closed her eyes and just let the sensations wash over her. His hands were so big. His fingers splayed across her chest and thumb stroked over one of her nipples. It hardened right after and it sent a twinge down to her panties. They’d never been this sensitive before had they? Maybe my ex just wasn’t as great as he’d thought. Why are you thinking about him right now??

As if reading her mind Sid pinched the hardened bud between his thumb and forefinger. She sucked in a breath at the unexpected feeling and then moaned when he twisted his hand slowly, deliberately. Sid spun them around so that she was now leaning against the desk. He put both hands on her waist and tugged up. Realizing what he wanted she hopped onto the wooden frame. Her eyes met his and this time he smiled as his head moved, almost in slow motion, toward her. But instead of finding her lips he ducked lower, latching onto one of her breasts and drawing a long moan out of her as she arched, giving him better access.

“Sid… Sidney…” She wasn’t sure which one he’d rather be called. He sucked hard as his fingers toyed with the other nipple and she decided she would call him anything he wanted as long as he never stopped. When his teeth grazed over the tip Melany let out a ragged breath and grabbed his head, holding him against her body. He would probably never understand just how much she was enjoying this moment in time.

“That… it feels… uh, Siiid…” She felt him smile against her skin and then she yelped as he switched it up and ran his tongue over the other nipple before biting down and eliciting another moan. He brought his body back up and Melany thought she might cry in frustration. She couldn’t yell at him though because he was pushing her shoulders back, forcing her to lie across the desk. Sid stepped between her legs and bent over her, trailing a path with his tongue from her collarbone, straight down the middle of her chest, and twirling around her navel while his fingers worked on the button and zipper of her jeans.

Her initial reaction was to close her eyes and just let herself feel… but she had no idea what exactly he was going to do so she propped herself up on her elbows and watched in fascination as he peeled the denim down her hips. He took a step back and tugged them down her legs. The teal lace panties were left on though, and he pushed back between her legs. As his hand ran up from her ankle to her thigh she could only think of one thing, thank God I decided to shave my legs! Biting her lip, she looked up at Sid.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Do you have protection?”

Sid smiled at her question. He stepped out of his pants and then bent over to retrieve the foil packet from his back pocket. He held it up and saw her visibly relax. Good, she’s not just trying to use me for a baby. Geez, where in the hell did that thought come from?! I need to stop listening to my dad when he gets on one of those ‘girlfriend’ rants.

He ripped open the packet and slid the piece of rubber over his erection. He turned up to look at Melany and saw her lick her lips as she stared at his cock. Nothing like a predatory look to make a man’s ego t sky rocket, he thought. Reaching over, he spread her legs more and stepped between them, pushing the panties aside and rubbing himself over her slit a couple times. She was still propped up and he watched her hands clench, her eyes pleading with him to stop teasing before she looked away.

“Look at me Melany.”

She stared into his eyes as he slowly thrust himself inside, feeling her muscles flexing as he leaned in, pushing farther until he could feel her pressed against his groin. He wanted to stay in that position forever. He wanted to pull out and do it all over again. He wanted to push her down on the desk and slam her into the wood until she was screaming his name. He felt like yelling, shouting from the rooftops. She felt that good. Tight, wet and hot.

“Sidney, I need… you should stop teasing me!”

He chuckled and pulled his hips back, stopping when just the tip was still inside her. He held the lace away from her body and when she whimpered again he thrust back in, hard and deep. She screamed an ‘Oh Jesus’ as he brought his hands up to her knees. Pushing them apart he started fucking her. Slow, deep thrusts started out as his tempo. That didn’t last long. Her words egged him on, making him want to please her even more.

“Harder Sidney. Yes! Just like that baby… fuck me just like that!” His grip tightened almost painfully on her thighs but he couldn’t make himself do anything more than smile at the thought of leaving his mark on her. His pace started to pick up as she clawed the top of the desk and told him, in no uncertain terms, what she wanted him to do to her. She was very explicit and very thorough with her wants and needs.

He ran a hand over onto her pussy and as his cock slid in and out his thumb pressed onto her clit, rubbing in circles. She moaned, reaching down to grab onto his arm that wasn’t currently busy. He started fucking her faster but his thumb kept that lazy pace, sending her slowly to the brink of insanity and pleasure.

Sid watched her, amazed at the open expressions on her face. He could tell she was getting close but he didn’t feel like being nice right this second. As she got really close to her peak he pulled out completely, taking a step back and biting the inside of his mouth and she pulled herself onto her elbows and glared at him. In a breathless voice she started to yell at him. He stopped her in midsentence and pulled on her hand.

“What are you--”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence before Sid pulled her up and turn her around, pushing on her shoulder blades and bending her into almost a ninety degree angle. She held her breath as he peeled her panties off. Sliding them over her ass he pushed them down her legs to her ankles. Taking the hint Melany stepped out of them and spread her legs as Sid’s hand traced some shape on her lower back. She flipper her hair over to the side and turned to look at him.

“Please Sid. I need to feel you inside me.”

“Ask me nicely.”

“Are you kidding me?!” She nearly screamed as she faced away from him. Ask him nicely… who does he think he is? Melany started to ask him just that but when she looked back at him she could tell that he was trying really hard to hide a smile. Oh, so that’s his game. Well, two can play at this. She pushed off the table and spun around. One hand went down, fingers running over everything but what she really wanted to touch, the other to his arm to steady herself. Her head tilted toward his and she bit down on her lip.

“Please fuck me Sidney. I want it so bad… I need to feel you pounding into me. Those big, strong hands digging into my hips as you thrust against me.” She moved her right hand over to his chest, skimming along his skin until her thumb brushed over his nipple. She felt him tense. Almost there.

“Don’t you want to feel me wrapped around you, hear me scream your name as you push deeper, bringing me over the edge. I know you want to fe--” Melany couldn’t finish her sentence before she was turned around once more, pushed over the desk, and felt him thrust deep inside.


It was quite literally the only thought that would come out of her mouth. She could do nothing but hold onto the edge of the desk while his inhibitions let loose. His death grip on her hips reminded her that he might leave imprints on her skin and she shivered at the thought . Oh, to be marked by this man.

She moaned as he found a steady pace, rocking into her like he had a beat in his head. With each thrust she could feel the jumble of emotions worming their way from her head, to her heart, and down farther, all coming to rest in a bundle of nerves. She wanted to reach down and touch herself, to feel that fire that would run through her veins. But her arms didn’t want to move from their current position.

Sid was in heaven, that was all there was to it. No one had ever made him feel this way before. He felt like an animal, like he just couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t get deep enough, and that if he held on just a little tighter… He heard her moans, her words of encouragement. He wondered if he might be hurting her but she didn’t complain as he pounded her into the desk. No she seemed to be enjoying herself as much as he was.

He wanted, no, needed to feel more of her. Relinquishing his grip on her hips, he brought his hands up higher and pulled her back so that she was almost standing and he could feel her pressed entirely against him. His hands roamed over her body as he continued to thrust, one curling around her waist to support her and the other moving south, his questing fingers finding that sweet spot that would push her over the edge.

She bucked against him as his fingers played with her, and he was rewarded with a low moan and a curse that would make a sailor blush. He decided to slow down the tempo of his thrusts before he lost control completely, but his fingers toyed faster, and he could feel her inner muscles tighten around him, knew she was getting close like he was. He brushed her hair aside with his face and leaned in close to whisper against her ear.

“God Melany, I can feel how close you are. You want to come don’t you? I want to feel you fall apart in my arms.” She gasped and her left hand came up, wrapping around his head to curl into his hair, keeping him close. The other hand held onto his arm for dear life and he chuckled. He heard her whimper and knew she was almost there.

Picking up the pace again, he started to ram against her, his thrusts matching the pace his fingers were going and he could hear her breath coming in short pants.

“Sid… yes. Oh god, fuck me.”

“ Yes.”

“Harder baby.”

“I want to feel you come around me Melany.”

“I’m gonna come. Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop fucking me…”

He tilted his head and ran his tongue down her neck, stopping for a moment to nibble none too gently on her before continuing down and over her shoulder. He could feel the moment she let go. Her entire body tensed and she clenched around him. He thought he was going to die from the sheer pleasure and as his orgasm came over him he bit her shoulder to keep from screaming out like he wanted to.

Sid felt her fingers turn into a death grip on his arm and hair and she finally let loose a scream that must’ve been building for a while. He brought his hand up and covered her mouth, trying to muffle at least some of the sound. He knew that everyone downstairs could probably hear them but he didn’t want them to think he was killing her.

Melany finally felt herself come down from that glorious high and she became aware of everything. His hand covering her mouth, his arm keeping her against him, his sweaty body pressed against her. And all she wanted to do was collapse on the floor and pass out. Her body wasn’t wound tight anymore and she could feel her legs shaking.

“Sid, we need to sit or something before I fall down.” She felt him laugh against her shoulder. Her shoulder which hurt. Why did her shoulder hurt?

“Alright, let’s lay down then. I don’t think Geno would want our bodies all over the desk after that.” Mel heard him taking care of the condom as she dropped down to her knees. Turning to look up at him, she giggled as he looked around for somewhere to dispose of the piece of rubber. He finally snatched a blank piece of paper from a stack on one of the bookcases and crumpled it up inside before throwing it in a trash can by the door. He walked back over and sat down, leaning back against the desk.

She crawled over and practically collapsed against him. She’d never just sat with someone after sex. She felt exposed lying against him naked. If they were in a bed it’d be different. But here, here she felt shy. She looked around for something to cover herself with and grabbed the two things closest to her. Not exactly what I wanted, but it’ll do. Melany heard Sid laugh again as she shoved his shirt over her head and pulled her panties over her hips in record time.

“I felt naked.”

“You were naked.”


“I liked you naked.”

“Well, I like you naked.” She watched him glance down at his still nude body before looking back up at her.

“This isn’t fair.”

“Oh fine, ruin all my fun.” Hopping up, Melany wandered over to the pile of clothes, bringing it back over for them to go through. She threw his briefs and jeans at him. “Party pooper.”

“You’re the one who put something on first,” she heard him say as he stood up to get dressed. She grabbed her bra and pulled his shirt off while she hooked it back on, slipping the straps over her shoulders once more. Which reminded her… “Why does my shoulder hurt?’

“Ummm… I may have been a little too ‘Interview With a Vampire’ and bit you.”

“Ahhh, that would explain it,” she said with a smile. They were both standing there sans shirts and she couldn’t help but admire his chest and abs again.

“Stop looking at me like a piece of meat.”

“But I’m still hungry.”

“Then let’s go get that dessert we never had.”

“I don’t know, I think that what I have up here is just as yummy Crosby.”

“If we don’t go downstairs, I won’t let you out of this room for a week.”

“I would be very hungry by that time. But very, very happy.”

They looked at one another and smiled, both imaging all the things they could do in a week’s time. But she knew he was right. And then her stomach grumbled, making up their minds for them.

“Here’s your shirt,” he said, tossing it her way. She started to put it on when she realized there was a problem, and that if they hadn’t before, everyone was going to know what had gone on up here. “Give me your shirt.”

“Why can’t you wear--,” he looked up to see her holding the ripped shirt for him. Oh yeah, I forgot that I did that.

“Somebody was being entirely too helpful when I was attempting to get out him out of his clothes.”

Sid just smirked and tossed his tee toward her.

“I’ll go across the hall and grab something out of Geno’s closet. Then we can head downstairs.” She nodded at him and pulled his shirt over her head once more. Then, picking up her ruined one, she walked over to the door with him. When they opened it and stepped into the hallway they could hear laughter and the TV.

“Well, they obviously found something to do without us. Maybe they didn’t hear… everything….”

“Would you regret it if they did?” He held his breath while waiting for her answer. She looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Are you serious?! No! I’ll just be a little embarrassed. I wouldn’t regret this… ever!”

He smiled at the sincerity in her voice and pushed her against the wall to plant a kiss on her lips. She moaned and brought her hands around him, lightly scratching down his back as he pressed her against the wall. Pulling himself away, he leaned down, his forehead against hers.

“I should go grab that shirt before I rip this one and we have to borrow two!” He had to force himself to turn around. He jogged down the hall and into another room, coming out a few seconds later and pulling a Reebok tee over his head. He was pretty sure this one was his anyway. Coming to a halt beside her he smiled once more, then took her hand in his and they started toward the stairs.

After walking down to the first floor they stopped in the doorway to the living room. Geno and Erin were on the loveseat, Max was sprawled out along the couch and Tanger laying upside down in one of the overstuffed recliners. He was the first to notice the two of them and brought himself upright, throwing the game controller he had toward Max. Max turned to see what was up and saw them standing there.

“Well, glad to see you guys could finally join us. Were you showing her around the house mon cap-i-tan?”

Melany spoke up before he had a chance to defend himself.

“Oh, bite me Talbot!”

“Looks like someone already took care of that for me,” Max said with a smile. Sid watched Melany’s hand shoot up to her neck before she blushed and turned toward him.

“Do you want to go get that dessert now?” she asked as quietly as possible. Max overheard her though.

“Getting some energy for round two Melany?”

Sid couldn’t help but smile and the rest of the group started to laugh. Melany blushed but laughed too as she buried her face in his chest.

“Still no regrets right?” he whispered against her hair. She shook her head no and he could feel her smiling.


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